A new deadly side effect of antibiotics


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A new deadly side effect of antibiotics

May 18, 2018 4 comments
A new deadly side effect of antibiotics

The medical and scientific communities are becoming increasingly aware that although antibiotics have saved lives, they also have a very dark side.

Studies have shown that long-term antibiotic use can disrupt your friendly gut flora to the point where your immune functioning is dramatically reduced, making you more susceptible to infections and disease. 

They’ve been implicated as a cause of Crohn’s disease due to the inflammation they stir up in the intestinal tract.

Plus now we’re seeing an explosion of antibiotic-resistant bacteria which sadly, has been fatal in many cases. 

Especially dangerous are Clostridium difficile (C. diff), which causes life-threatening diarrhea, Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE), which causes bloodstream infections that are fatal almost 50 percent of the time, and Neisseria gonorrhoeae that cause gonorrhea.

It’s not just long-term antibiotic use anymore!

Up until recently, the focus has been on long-term use of antibiotics as the problem, with the belief that the gut can recover sufficiently from individual short-term rounds of treatment.

However, now studies have shown that one single course of antibiotics is potentially strong enough to disrupt your protective gut microbiome for UP TO A YEAR!

And there’s more—increased risk of bowel cancer

The latest additions to the growing rap sheet of antibiotics are an increased risk of developing colon polyps as well as colorectal (bowel) cancer.

Research published in the journal Gut, which examined data from more than 16,600 women aged 60 years and older, showed that women who had used antibiotics for at least two months had an increased risk of developing colon polyps—up to 36 percent!

Colon polyps are precursors to colorectal cancer, but that’s not the only way antibiotics are tied to bowel cancer risk.

Apparently researchers have also observed that not only do antibiotics alter the gut microbiome in both the diversity and number of bacteria (reducing its protection against harmful bacteria), but also bacteria that require antibiotic treatment may be a source of inflammation--another risk factor for colon cancer!

Reduce your need for antibiotics!

The best way you can help minimize your chances of antibiotic-related problems (including antibiotic-resistant infections and bowel cancer) is to support and nurture your gut and your immune system.

That way, you are far more likely to not need antibiotics to begin with!

Here’s how:

Start with your diet

Limit sugars and refined carbs, as these feed the unfriendly microbes in your gut which can eventually overcome your army of good guys. 

Make sure you get plenty of whole foods, especially fresh vegetables and healthy fats like real butter, coconut oil, olive oil and avocado. 

Try to choose organic meat and milk, as animals raised on conventional farms are injected with antibiotics (to make them grow faster), which in turn make their way into YOUR body.

Put the 1-2 punch of probiotics and vitamin D to work for you


Contrary to what most people think, your beneficial gut bacteria are not “permanent residents”—they only “vacation” inside of you for about 12 days.  So it’s essential to make sure you consistently support a strong population of these helpful good guys.

In addition to a healthy diet like I mentioned above, one of the best ways to encourage a strong gut microbiome is with probiotic supplementation…and Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula is as good at it gets.

Super Shield’s “army” of 13 strains of potent, well-studied probiotic bacteria can give your gut a much-needed boost and help encourage a healthful, protective flora balance.

Not only does this mean stronger immune protection, but also less gas, bloating and constipation too!

Vitamin D:

When it comes to strong immune function and cancer protection, nothing beats vitamin D. 

Our Optimum DK Formula with FruiteX-B gives you a therapeutic 5,000 IU dose of vitamin D3, plus its partners vitamins K1, K2 and boron, all of which work synergistically to provide strong immune, bone and cardiovascular support!

Reduce stress

Stress causes unhealthy changes to your gut microbiome, making it less able to defend against harmful infections and viruses…so it’s crucial to reduce the stress in your life. 

You can try deep breathing, yoga, meditation, prayer, acupuncture and massage therapy.  Even adopting a pet has been shown to help—so visit your local animal shelter if this is right for you.

Aromatherapy with essential oils is gaining popularity as a stress reducer too!  Particularly helpful are lavender and rose essential oils.  We carry those and other fragrances as part of our line of Mooseberry essential oils.

Get regular exercise

Exercise has been shown to significantly reduce your risk of bowel cancer and many other diseases too!

So get your doctor’s OK, put on your sneakers and get moving!  Even brisk walking is a great start, and now that summer is around the corner, the weather will cooperate too.

Quit smoking

Smoking is associated with an increased risk of colon cancer.  Although many people connect smoking to lung cancer, the harmful contaminants in cigarettes make their way to your intestinal tract too.

There are many great smoking cessation aids and programs out there.  Pick the one that’s right for you and put that deadly habit behind you for good.

To your (antibiotic-free) health,

Sherry Brescia

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  • Hello Marilyn! Thank you for reaching out to us. We’d recommend that you consider increasing your Super Shield dosage before and after your dental procedure. This can give your immune system the added boost to hopefully keep enough good bacteria in your system to prevent a UTI. It is ideally taken 2 hours after your antibiotic, so they can each do their jobs. We do hope this helps! IF you have any other questions, please let us know! support@holisticblends.com

    Melanie at Holistic Blends on

  • Hello Mary Kaye! Thank you for your kind feedback. If you have any questions in the future, please don’t hesitate to let us know! support@holisticblends.com

    Melanie at Holistic Blends on

  • THANK YOU! I needed this info. I am always in shock at how routinely, off-handedly anti-biopics are prescribed for procedures, as a precaution, without a thought! . It takes months to recover, & you say 12 months! This is a very long time. I do take your products. Thank you. This info will save many from suffering!

    Mary Kaye on

  • I am required to take a big dose of amoxicillin before a dental procedure due to 2 mechanical heart valves. They won’t do anything dental unless I take it. About a week later I will get a UTI so then a different antibiotic to clear that up. However, the last time I got a UTI the antibiotic didn’t clear it up and I still have it. I take your probiotic, but since I take Coumadin I can’t take the Vit. K supplement. What do I do?

    Marilyn on

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