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Cedar Patchouli Essential Oil Blend

$ 24.97

An earthy and woodsy blend of cedar and patchouli, our carefully distilled blend. Works well with many citruses, mint, lavender, lemongrass, and eucalyptus. Name: Patchouli  Method of Distillation: Cold Pressed Part: Peel Name: Cedar  Method of Distillation: Cold Pressed Part: Wood

Bugs hate it—you love it Oil

$ 20.97

This special blend developed by Mooseberry that repels bugs from mosquitoes to black flies to jiggers and more. Place a small amount around the area where you are, or dilute with olive oil or another carrier oil and dab on clothes when hiking, camping or gardening.Always try on a small...

Ocean Lavender Oil

$ 20.95

A popular pure cosmetic grade lavender distilled, especially for our products. It is strong but not overwhelming and works well in soaps and candles. An affordable lavender. Blends well with almost all other oils. Try on a small patch of skin first. 1 oz

Rosemary Essential Oil

$ 19.97

Rosemary essential oil is a sweet herb that does well in soap making and body care products. It blends well with herbs such as eucalyptus, thyme, and sage. Wood oils and lavender, peppermint and tea tree blend very well with rosemary. It is a versatile and herbaceous oil. Name: Rosemary, CamphorMethod of Distillation:...

Blackberry Vanilla Oil

$ 24.97

Blackberry is fruity and sweet. Combined with our pure vanilla bean oil. Dab on and go!Try on a small patch of skin first. 1 oz

Peppermint Essential Oil

$ 19.97

This peppermint essential oil is very strong and sticks well in soaps and candles. Blends well with citruses, herbs like eucalyptus and florals like lavender and geranium.Name: PeppermintMethod of Distillation: SteamPart: HerbCountry: India 1 oz

Lavender Mint Essential Oil

$ 19.97

The combination of lavender and mint strong and invigorating, yet surprisingly calming. Works well in soaps and candles. A great combination. Always try on a small patch of skin first. 1 oz

Glass Diffuser with Diffuser Sticks

$ 14.97

Glass Diffuser Container Comes with 4 diffuser sticks.


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