What are Ulcers?


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What are Ulcers?

Ulcers form when damage occurs to the inner tissue that lines the esophagus, stomach and/or the upper part of the small intestine (known as the mucosa).

When the damage occurs in the esophagus, it is an esophageal ulcer, in the stomach it is known as a gastric ulcer, and in the small intestine it is called a duodenal ulcer. Esophageal, gastric and duodenal ulcers are collectively known as peptic ulcers.

Causes of Ulcers

It used to be thought that ulcers were caused by stress, and although stress does play a role, research now shows that most ulcers are caused by Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection.

Ulcers can also be triggered by frequent use of anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). In addition, eating a nutrient-poor diet high in processed and fast foods can cause inflammation and increase the risk of ulcers.

Symptoms of Ulcers

The most common symptoms of ulcers include abdominal pain, a burning sensation, bloating, dark stools, heartburn, gas, nausea and vomiting. Ulcer sufferers may also experience loss of appetite, weight loss, bloody stools, fatigue, diarrhea and an inability to sleep due to pain.

Long-term effects of Ulcers

If left untreated, long-term complications of ulcers can include bleeding; perforation (when the ulcer causes a hole to form in the stomach or intestine that allows bacteria, food and acid to leak out); peritonitis (a potentially life-threatening abdominal infection); and blockage in the stomach or intestine which prevents food from passing through like it should.

Remedies for Ulcers

Food combining has been shown to help promote more efficient digestion, which in turn can help curb ulcer symptoms. Food combining centers on pairing foods together that require similar digestive enzymes to ease the overall burden on the GI tract and promote better digestion.

Digestizol Max Digestive Enzyme Formula works to help support the body’s digestive enzymes and pave the way for more complete, comfortable digestion.

Gastro BeCalm Blend provides four very effective herbs, including mastic gum (which can kill H. pylori bacteria) plus three others (ginger, DGL licorice and marshmallow root) that safely and naturally soothe stomach inflammation and ease indigestion and heartburn.

Quitting smoking, avoiding excess alcohol consumption, reducing stress and limiting the use of NSAIDs can also help. Also, avoiding highly processed and fast foods is essential.

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