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Adirondack Forest And Sage Oil Blend

$ 24.97

Deep in the Adirondacks, smell the woodsiness of this blend with a touch of sage. Match with your favorite Adirondack Forest and Sage Soap or Body Wash. Always try on a small patch of skin first. Not for oral use.1 oz

Anise Essential Oil

$ 19.97

Anise Oil. Blends well with citrus, florals and other spice oils like cinnamon and clove. Masks other scents. Invigorating, Livening and Stimulating to the senses.Add charcoal for a rich dark color to your soaps.Antiseptic and calming.Always try on a small patch of skin first.Name: Anise Oil, Star Method of Distillation:...

Balsam Pine Essential Oil

$ 20.97

A pure Peruvian Balsam Pine essential oil that blends well with other citruses, lavender, wood oils, spice oils and even black pepper. Woodsy; Natural Bug Repellent1 oz

Blackberry Vanilla Oil

$ 24.97

Blackberry is fruity and sweet. Combined with our pure vanilla bean oil. Dab on and go!Try on a small patch of skin first. 1 oz

Bugs hate it—you love it Oil

$ 20.97

This special blend developed by Mooseberry that repels bugs from mosquitoes to black flies to jiggers and more. Place a small amount around the area where you are, or dilute with olive oil or another carrier oil and dab on clothes when hiking, camping or gardening.Always try on a small...

Cedar Patchouli Essential Oil Blend

$ 24.97

An earthy and woodsy blend of cedar and patchouli, our carefully distilled blend. Works well with many citruses, mint, lavender, lemongrass, and eucalyptus. Name: Patchouli  Method of Distillation: Cold Pressed Part: Peel Name: Cedar  Method of Distillation: Cold Pressed Part: Wood

Digestizol Max Digestive Enzymes

$ 39.97

15 plant based enzymes to help you digest your favorite foods without suffering later This comprehensive enzyme formula helps support healthy digestion of proteins, carbs, sugars, fats and more. Also includes a unique blend of herbs that help soothe digestive distress.  There’s no question that enzymes are critical for healthy...

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

$ 19.97

A pure herbal essential oil that blends well many other oils. Fruits, mints, florals, citronella, and citrus. Name: Eucalyptus, GlobulusMethod of Distillation: SteamPart: Woods and LeavesCountry: ChinaAlways try on a small patch of skin first.1 oz


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