Nutritional & Digestive Coaching Services


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Nutritional & Digestive Coaching Services

Sherry Brescia, MSHN

My Approach:

If you are ready to naturally start feeling better, improve your diet, lose weight, increase your level of fitness, lessen the need for medications or all the above, then it’s time to book a coaching session!

Everything starts with our initial session wherein we’ll: 

    • Talk about what’s going on - and what you’d like to be different.
    • Uncover issues, and factors that could be holding you back from feeling as good as you deserve to feel.
    • Discuss what you’ve tried so far and why it might not have worked long term.
    • Outline a plan of action striving to resolve your symptoms and help you reach your health goals!


Everyone is different, so I will tailor my recommendations based on YOUR unique needs and what will work best for you!

The number of follow-up sessions we’ll have depends on where you’re starting from, your goals, and your consistency in carrying out the plan.

I am here to support you every step of the way in achieving your goals, and you are welcome to continue for as long as you are benefiting from the sessions.

Follow-up sessions will focus on your progress:

    • Ideas for easy healthy meal preparation and planning, even on a budget.
    • How to make healthy choices at a restaurant or social gathering.
    • Overcoming and breaking through barriers or limitations you may encounter.
    • Exercise strategies that keep you excited and motivated.

 $120 per hour


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