Half of US adults have this COVID-19 risk factor—do you?


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Half of US adults have this COVID-19 risk factor—do you?


According to the American Heart Association, currently about 103 million Americans have high blood pressure—that’s nearly HALF of adults in the US! 

High blood pressure is the number one cause of heart disease and stroke, plus it raises your risk of heart failure and heart attack too.  It can also damage small arteries, resulting in kidney failure or vision loss, and raises your risk of dementia.

And most recently, it is a co-morbid condition that exponentially increases your COVID-19 mortality risk!

Do something about your high blood pressure now!

The good news is, high blood pressure can be reduced safely and naturally!  Here’s how:

Avoid packaged foods, fast food and refined carbs

Avoiding packaged foods, fast food and refined carbs (like bread, pasta, chips, sweets and soda) helps you naturally eliminate two of the biggest dietary culprits behind high blood pressure—salt and sugar.

Get enough Omega-3 essential fatty acids

Omega-3 essential fatty acids have been proven to lower blood pressure, but sadly most Americans are deficient in these crucial fats.  Our food supply doesn’t have nearly the Omega-3 fats that it used to, and even much of the fresh fish that was a significant source of Omega-3 EFAs is now farmed and toxic.

The best way to engage the natural anti-inflammatory power of Omega-3 fats to help lower your blood pressure is to take a pharmaceutical-grade fish oil supplement that includes EPA and DHA, which are crucial to heart health.


Squeeze in some exercise

Regular exercise has been shown in countless studies to help lower blood pressure.

You don’t need to get fancy or join a gym!  You can walk in your neighborhood or on a treadmill, join a class, or use DVDs in your home. 

Reduce stress

Stress and hypertension go hand in hand, so do whatever you need to do to reduce stress in your life.

Regular exercise is a natural stress reducer as well as a great way to lower blood pressure, so that’s another good reason to dust off those sneakers. 

You can also try meditation, acupuncture, deep breathing, prayer and even adopting a pet.

Now you can start on your way to healthier blood pressure and improved overall health!

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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  • Hello Elizabeth,

    Many of our clients who have diabetes benefit from Omega-3 Fish oil. When you have a deficiency of anti-inflammatory Omega-3 EFAs combined with too many inflammation-stirring Omega-6 EFAs (like most people with a typical modern diet do), you’re encouraging inflammation, as well as not being able to eliminate old worn-out cholesterol as well as you should.

    But when you bring the balance closer to the ideal 3:1 range of Omega-6 to Omega-3, they can act in harmony to keep inflammation low in your body (including your arteries!) and help you get rid of excess cholesterol without elevating glucose.

    Melanie at Holistic Blends on

  • Can someone with prediabetes (A1C of 5.7) and normal cholesterol levels (controlled with medication) benefit from taking Omega 3 supplements, or is Omega 3 one of those things that elevates glucose levels?

    Elizabeth on

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