Don’t be deceived or manipulated—consider these points


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Don’t be deceived or manipulated—consider these points


Now more so than any other time in our history, it is crucial to be well-informed.

Things are changing at lightning speed in our world today, and it’s vital to have accurate facts and make up your own mind about various issues.

But the problem is, the news outlets providing the information that is disseminated to the world are not exactly free of bias and undue influence.   In fact, they’re largely bought and paid for, and true independent journalism is practically non-existent.

As such, the “news” you hear on your TV or radio, or read from a newspaper, magazine, website, social media or email may range from being slightly factually incorrect to downright lies, and/or it may omit truly important information in the interest of keeping its sponsors happy or returning favors.

Here are five health-related points for you to ponder and assess whether you really have the whole story, or if you have been deceived or manipulated.  They are in no particular order.

When and how did Bill Gates become a health and nutrition expert?

Bill Gates is a prominent figure in the development of vaccines, being heavily invested in the pharmaceutical industry through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Heartfelt photos have been published showing him administering vaccines to children in poverty-stricken areas of Africa.  

“Philanthropy” at its finest. 

He also has played a significant role in the creation of genetically engineered foods, pushing them as a way to increase our sustainability and meet ever-increasing food demands with so-called “nutritious” GE Franken-foods.

Make no mistake, my friend.  Bill Gates is a computer developer who has neither a health nor nutrition degree.  He is an investor, period, and all of his philanthropic, “save the world” ideas line his pockets very handsomely.

Why do most doctors fail to question people about their diet, exercise habits, sleep patterns or water intake prior to prescribing medication?

Proper nourishment, movement, sleep and hydration are all vital to health and the prevention of disease.

So why do our doctors, who are supposed to be health “experts,” ignore those crucial factors and instead push medications that in the vast majority of cases do nothing but cover up symptoms?

I’m living proof of this.  I was diagnosed with IBS in 1989 and my gastroenterologist’s answer (after poking and prodding me every which way to Sunday) was to give me Donnatal, an antispasmodic. 

I asked if he had any diet suggestions and he looked at me like I had two heads.  Then he mumbled something about seeing if any certain foods bother me and to avoid those foods.  How brilliant.

So I took it upon myself to research what diet changes would help (the same diet tips that are in my Great Taste No Pain system!) and subsequently ended my IBS, much to my delight.    

When I went back for a check-up and told my doctor I didn’t need the medication and instead changed my diet and was feeling great, he fired me from his practice.

I won’t say that medications are never necessary because certainly they are helpful at times, but the fact that lifestyle habits are thrown to the wind and the prescription pad is the first train of thought is a bloody disservice to countless people.

What do we have to show for 50 years of a “War on Cancer?”

When President Nixon declared war on cancer on December 23, 1971, it was hoped that a cure would soon be discovered and we could say goodbye to that dreaded disease forever.

Cancer was the second-leading cause of death back in 1971, and even though 50 years have passed since that time and over $200 billion spent on the cancer war, it STILL remains the number two cause of death.

Sure, we’ve gotten more sophisticated with detection methods, and new, stronger chemotherapy drugs are in the pipeline, but we are still GETTING cancer at about the same ratio as 50 years ago.

Part of the reason for that may be related to point number 2 above—mainstream medicine’s lack of focus on healthy lifestyle habits and prevention.

Why are well-proven treatments like acupuncture vilified?

Most mainstream doctors will roll their eyes if you bring up the subject of “alternative” treatments like acupuncture and poo-poo their effectiveness.

Funny thing is, acupuncture has been around since about 2,500 BC, while modern medicine is only about 150 years old.

Which one do you think has the more proven track record?

And again, speaking from experience, I have been helped FAR more by acupuncture (and chiropractic too) with my running and karate injuries than I ever was with the anti-inflammatory drugs given to me by an orthopedist.

Why do we only hear fear-instilling stories about viruses for which there are vaccines?

With the barrage of signs saying, “Get your COVID/flu/RSV/shingles vaccines today!” that hit you as you enter any pharmacy, it’s easy to get caught up with fear.

But here’s an interesting point:  There are over 320,00 viruses in existence that can infect mammals.  Every one of them has the potential to be dangerous, especially for people with weak immune systems. 

Why don’t we hear about any of those?

And why aren’t we hearing about ways to strengthen our God-given immune systems (such as taking probiotics like Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula and the Vitamin D3 in our Optimum DK Formula), to better fight off all kinds of viruses, as well as recover successfully and develop natural immunity if you do get sick?

This is just a drop in the bucket

There are many, many other examples of questions we should be asking, but these are among the issues that affect the most people.

In closing, I will stress that it’s crucial to seek out independent, non-biased sources of information.  These include: Sharyl Attkisson (a former award-winning CBS journalist), Del Bigtree and his High Wire show, Dr. Mercola ( and Children’s Health Defense.

Also, remember your doctor works for you and not the other way around.  Ask questions.  Press him or her for safer, natural answers, and if they refuse to treat you, find another.  Every day I am thankful that I had the guts to let my gastroenterologist fire me.  Who knows how sick I’d be now?

Lastly, do your part.  Remember the four crucial health factors I mentioned above—good nutrition, regular exercise, sound sleep and drinking enough water.  The more you can improve your lifestyle habits, the better your chances of living a long, disease-free life.

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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  • Full agreement with you. I can look back on 94 years of life and counting and chalk up the longevity by avoiding presription drugs and following a lifestyle as you have described. Yes and shall continue to follow that path using your products.

    Elmer Kauk on

  • Thank-you for sharing these thoughts.
    Trying to find a Dr. that will listen to your point of view is not easily found. Also the medical insurance community is also very much in pushing Rx! Please keep posting!!

    Paula Sinacori-Adam on

  • Thank you for your words of wisdom. If I read all the emails that come to me; I would not eat eggs, dairy, meat, chicken, vegetables, or fruit because the emails say they are bad for you. Oh and forget about drinking water!
    Yours is wisdom in the midst of the stupidity war on holistic medicine or eating well.

    JoannM. on

  • Love your articles. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    Jean on

  • Fantastic article you said it all.
    Americans need to open up their eyes and see how we are being manipulated.

    Madelyn Bujeker on

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