Feeling angry? Your statin may be the reason


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It never ceases to amaze me when people find it surprising that bad things happen when you rely on dangerous chemicals (aka prescription drugs) to create “false health.”

Statins are a perfect example. 

Statins aim to reduce the amount of cholesterol floating around in your bloodstream.  Elevated cholesterol levels are one of the several factors that can come together to create a “perfect storm” in your arteries and increase your risk of heart disease.

Notice I said elevated cholesterol is merely ONE factor—inflammation is the primary culprit—but statin manufacturers would like you to believe cholesterol is the only one so you become a customer for life. 

Statins “work” by reducing your liver’s production of cholesterol. They block an enzyme called HMG-CoA Reductase that your liver uses to manufacture the waxy substance.

And if you don’t think monkeying with your liver is going to have any serious consequences, there’s a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

The latest statin consequence—aggression and rage

The better-known side effects of statins include death (the ultimate side effect), muscle pain and weakness, incapacitation, kidney failure, type 2 diabetes, memory loss, pancreatic inflammation, sexual dysfunction, gallstones, poor digestion, low energy and abnormal heart rhythm.

Well, now thousands of statin users (or their loved ones) are reporting statin-associated behavioral changes including:

  • Aggression
  • Irritability
  • Hostility
  • Paranoia
  • Homicidal ideation
  • Road rage-like behavior
  • Depression
  • Suicidal ideation

    Why in the world?

    You may be wondering why statins could be causing behavioral changes such as these.

    Well, the answer is quite simple. 

    First of all, cholesterol is not an optional, or worse yet, “bad” substance in your body—it is a crucial part of your overall health from head to toe and you can’t just flick it off like a light switch! 

    In your body, cholesterol functions as an antioxidant protects you against cancer, repairs wounds, and tears in your arteries, it’s vital for your brain and nervous system, and it’s needed for your body to make hormones, vitamin D and serotonin, to name a few.

    In this case, it plays a role in the signaling between your cells.  All of your cells have what is called the Golgi apparatus, which controls vital cell interactions. Scientists have found that cholesterol helps provide a sort of "scaffolding" protein which is crucial to the control of signaling pathways within the Golgi apparatus.

    Researchers have observed that when cholesterol was lowered by any means, degradation of the Golgi signaling pathways resulted…which can ultimately affect your state of mind and behavior!

    A smarter, FAR safer approach

    The good news is you can safely and naturally help promote a healthy cholesterol level in your body—a level which is not dangerously excessive, but at the same time will help support strong physical and mental health!

    And remember that the real culprit behind increased heart disease risk is inflammation in your arteries, so that’s something you should concentrate on if that’s your concern.

    Here are some measures that can help you achieve these important goals:


    Start with your diet.  Eat wholesome REAL foods and ditch the refined carbs and sodas.  And don’t buy into the “all saturated fat is bad” BS either—that was created by vegetable oil companies who make a lot of money selling you their rancid creations and toxic kinds of margarine.  Your body needs saturated fats, so go ahead and have a 3-4 oz. serving of meat (preferably organic) or butter on your vegetables.


    Make sure you have adequate levels of anti-inflammatory omega-3 essential fatty acids by supplementing with a top-quality fish oil formula.  (Be sure to talk to your doctor first if you’re on a blood thinner like Warfarin.)


    Get regular exercise.  Nothing is more effective to help control your blood pressure and your weight (other common heart disease risks) than working up a sweat at least 3-4 times a week.  Just be sure to get your doctor’s OK—trust me, he or she will be thrilled.


    Supplement with probiotics.  Your liver naturally controls your cholesterol level by eliminating old, worn-out cholesterol through the intestinal tract, but in order for it to effectively do so, a healthy intestinal environment and regular bowel movements are crucial.  Supplementing with probiotics can help support your body’s efforts by encouraging healthy BMs and repopulating your supply of helpful intestinal bacteria.

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    • I am having vertigo…can you tell me something natural that will help. Thanks darlene

      Darlene Keeter on

    • Nearly 10 years ago I was put on Crestor after having a stent inserted in my mid 40’s, which was debatable so much that the Dr. doing the Angiogram said what do you want because you are only 50% blocked over 6 mm of the LDA and shouldn’t feel a thing! Well since he was in there I did it, after being told it was there for life and would only help. The CAT scan had lied showing a 75% blocking in one part only although my total calcium count for the whole heart was very low. My blood pressure has always been low ranging from 90/60 to 110 / 70 with a pulse of 54.
      So I took these Crestor along with Plavix for the two years recommended following a stent. My Cholesterol hardly moved! It was around 230 with high LDL at 190 and low HDL, but it only dropped a few points. I went on boring diets and cut out virtually all fats. Nothing worked but I did get some increase in the AFP ‘s on my Liver count, which another Dr said was a side effect of these drugs. I had aches, confusion, low sex drive and the anger cycles which were hard to control so I decided to stop and just watched my diet, supplementing it with Vitamins, Fish Oil and exercised as much as poss. Years later I had a test and my Cholesterol was through the roof…277 and LDL at 216! HDL still low. A new heart guy insisted I went on Lipitor 40 mg, but within a week all the aches and pains came back, plus I felt really lethargic! I was so depressed I gave up on the Diet and just thought lets live and eat what I want! I kicked out all the margarine and ate butter! We cooked with Butter or bacon fat, I virtually stopped all Sunflower oils for cooking that we used before and went 100% Olive Oil, for cooking, on salads and on toast. Lots of it! I ate some things I liked such as nice cheeses and salamis, not lots but enjoyed it, but made sure I got lots of raw veggies at the same time. I started having a shot of fine Glemorangie Scotch a couple of times a week before bed, which helped me sleep like a baby. 6 months later my Cholesterol had dropped from 277 to 2013. The LDL had dropped from 2016 to 177. For the first time in 8 years it was below 200 and also my HDL was up into normal limits. Triglycerides were down from 137 to 98…everything was in the right direction…except my brain! I was confused that I had virtually stopped doing all the Dr’s had said and improved! The result…the Dr still encouraged me to take a Lipitor of 20 mg for 3 months to see if the Cholesterol will come down to what “They” call normal. He just smiled when I said I had reintroduced ‘natural’ fats to my diet??

      Peter on

    • I’m taking Red Yeast Rice instead of a standard Statin. Could that be problematic as a pharmaceutical Statin ?

      Danny on

    • Should I stop taking simvastatin?

      John Vander Wal on

    • I sure can relate to your station theory causing probs. I am a 64 yr old woman who has been on Vitorin for 4 yrs. my doctor put me on it when I was 60. My cholesterol wasn’t overly too high but she felt with having three brothers with heart attacks ( there is 10 of us in the family) should be on a statin. I said no I do not want drugs she told me my chances of a heart attack with my family history was huge and she showed me a chart of a women over 60 with family history and it was just ff the chart so I took it….4 yrs later I go on holiday to Vietnam on a tour and get sick on and off for 6 days I’m vomiting etc so,I do not take the pill guess what…..I have no muscle pain ( which was always huge pain) my memory was better I had more energy…..when I got back I saw the doctor and she said oh yeh that will be the statin ….it’s terrible for that I tried it myself and could hardly walk ….this was my doctor telling me this!!! She said oh have we tried this other one I said NO I do not want a statin after telling her several times she said ok let’s see what happens in 3 mths get a test see how your cholesterol is …I’m having a blood test within this week and I shall keep you posted but I refuse ever to take a statin….again I have more energy I walk every day first thing for about 3 kilometres and walk faster and I am on my feet all day at work my memory is great I am feeling better in myself and have very little to no pain it’s amazing I cannot believe it !!! And to think I was blaming age for how I have felt for the last 4 yrs…

      Maureen on

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