Beyond strong bones—ALL that vitamin D does for you!


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  1. It helps regulate blood glucose and insulin levels, lowering your risk of Type 2 diabetes.

  2. It prevents depression by helping to regulate your hormones.

  3. It protects you against cardiovascular disease.

  4. It helps prevent cancer.

  5. It protects you against autoimmune diseases like MS, lupus and psoriasis.

  6. It supports healthy teeth and gums.

  7. It boosts your immune function and helps your body fight infections and viruses.

  8. It helps with learning, memory and concentration.

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  • Can Vitamin D or D3 be toxic if taken too much or is it water soluble?

    Carol on

  • I have more questions rather than comments. Discussing B12 and vitamin D3 would these also be beneficial for early onset or prevention of Alzheimer’s ? I have talked to many seniors with this concern. I lost my sister from Alzheimer’s . So have many concerns. Thanks. Would appreciate your comments on this. I treasure all articles I receive from you.

    L. A. Basarab on

  • Everyone on the planet must take vitamin D every day now because of the lack of sunlight, our immune systems need that sunlight to fire up our natural bodies defenses so thanks for the advice.

    Tony Browne on

  • I was diagnosed with R/R MS in June 1995. The neurologists could not say conclusively that I have MS but wanted to know which of the three medications that were available did I want. Since I was suddenly affected with MS symptoms 1 day following my 47th birthday in April, and came out of the crisis without medication and even before the doctors diagnosed me, and since the tests (MRI) could not say conclusively that I had MS I chose to not take any medication because they all had side affects that seemed worse, in most cases, than what I experienced during the initial onset. I read, and researched and joined a class on advocating the management of chronic illness and ironically the instructor (lay person) I studied under, had a mentor/neighbor who was a Dr. and had been diagnosed with MS. She told me that he took vitamin B-12 and D-3 and was doing well. I did further research for almost a year after that and embarked on the regimen in 2014 after experiencing severe pain in my hips to my feet while attending a 4-day conference on health. I could barely walk to the parking lot to my car at the end of the first day. After 4 days of this excruciating pain, I saw massage and physical therapist and a physical therapist. They worked together as a team and after about 2 months of massage and PT and taking B-12 and D-3 the pain went away. Recently, I ran out of both for more than 2 months and the same pain returned. I have started the B-12 and D-3 supplements ( high quality) and once again, I am walking almost normally and the pain is slowly subsiding and not keeping me awake at night. The foods I eat also affect my symptoms – I experimented just to see if this was the case and what I eat has a serious impact on how I feel. My Neurologists refuse to chart MS and last June I had an MRI w/contrast and w/o contrast and there were NO lesions on my brain. Next month I go for an MRI on my spine to see if there are similar results for lesions on my spine.

    Marche Clarke on

  • Hello, I have Osteoarthritis I started taking vitamins calcium+D with Actonal, Well I ended up in hospital thinking it was my kidney and it was my liver. Plus I accumulated a calcium build up in my inner thumb which is dreadfully painfull so I quit all the calcium put together.

    Jenn on

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