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My bold prediction for 2018

Jan 02, 2018 1 comment
My bold prediction for 2018

Happy New Year to you!

Now that 2018 is upon us it’s time to look ahead!  We all have hopes and dreams for the new year, and in that light, I would like to make a bold prediction for this year.  

I didn’t come about this lightly, but I truly believe that this is something you can count on over the next 364 days….

My bold prediction for 2018

My very bold prediction for 2018 is this: 

There is going to be a major shift in people’s thoughts, attitudes and behaviors, especially where health is concerned.

People in increasing numbers are going to stop being “Sheeple”—instead they are going to start questioning everything, following the money when claims and statements are made (especially where pharmaceuticals are concerned), and exploring safe, natural options and alternative health care more than ever before.

Here is why I say this.

A harsh reality

As much as I wish I could say otherwise, we are at a point in time where our states of health are about as abysmal as they can be.

Nearly half of all Americans have at least one chronic disease, and that includes children for the first time EVER!  Our children are walking around with anaphylactic allergies requiring Epi-pens, asthma, ADHD autism, learning disabilities and autoimmune diseases in record numbers.

Seven out of 10 of us takes at least one prescription medication each day…so in other words, being medicated is our “normal.”

Seven out of 10 of us are overweight or obese.  Back in 1950, the average dress size for a woman was a size 8—now it’s a 14.  And sizes have also expanded during that time, so it’s much bleaker than it appears.  A size 8 back in 1950 is like a 2 nowadays.

And for the first time in our existence, our children are not expected to live longer than their parents.

What’s going on?

The reason we are so sickly is that there are several factors around us that are paving the way for that to happen.

But the two biggest factors are Big Pharma and Big Food.

Here is the scoop on both of those, and how they are paving the way for you to spend your days overweight and sick.

Big Pharma

Prior to the early 1900’s disease was viewed as an imbalance in the body that could be helped by making dietary and lifestyle changes. 

Well, now we’re at the point where nutrition and diet are largely ignored or seen as quackery by the medical community. 

Sickness and disease are viewed as some mysterious force that is not well understood and for which the symptoms MUST be suppressed with medications—there are NO OTHER OPTIONS.

I can’t think of anything more lucrative than making trillions of dollars creating chemicals that cover up symptoms, but never actually cure anything.

Trillions of dollars create DEEP pockets—that dictate the content of our medical schools’ curriculums, sway our doctors with bonuses, infiltrate every single magazine, medical website and network TV station with direct-to-consumer advertisements, and even control what is (and more importantly, what is NOT) reported by the mainstream media.

Let me bring you to reality here:  Drugs are chemicals that your body was NEVER meant to ingest.  They produce a result (such as lower blood pressure or pain relief) by altering, suppressing or downright destroying one or more of your body’s natural functions or processes.

For example, acid reducers cripple your stomach’s ability to produce acid for digestion. 

Statins impair your liver’s ability to manufacture cholesterol.

Antidepressants prevent your brain’s little “vacuums” from cleaning up excess serotonin like they are supposed to.

Tell me, does any of this sound “healthy” to you?

And it appears the drug industry is using their influence to have even more and more people dependent on medications.

That’s why we’ve seen changes in the guidelines recently that define the threshold of what is considered high blood pressure.  Lowering the cutoff means more people to medicate, and it’s only going to continue as the drug industry pressures the medical community to adopt these guides.

Big Food

The original aim of food processing was to help make food more widely available to all people without worrying about spoilage, but we’ve gone way beyond that! 

Now in grocery stores you are barraged with tens of thousands of boxed, bagged, jarred and canned items vying for your attention.

Just like drug companies, food companies also have very deep pockets and bombard people (especially children) with ads for their “stuff” (I won’t even call it food).

Don’t be fooled by the ads or claims.  Because what they should say is “Jam-packed with health-wrecking chemicals that make you sick and fat and us rich.”

And the newest abomination coming out of the food industry is genetically modified foods.  Now we’ve gone beyond processing and adding chemicals, and are outright altering the DNA of plants—cross breeding them with bacteria, viruses, pesticides, herbicides and animals (including mice).

Fifty years ago this would have been an idea for a cool horror movie, but now it’s reality as found on our grocery store shelves.

And if you don’t think that these Franken-foods have any effect on our disease rates, there’s a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you. 


I predict that 2018 is the year that people stop being Sheeple, and will wake up and say, “We’ve had enough of this garbage!”

And then start to create real health—the way Nature intended.

Here is a good way to start on YOUR path to real health:

- Have a diet of actual “food”—things that don’t come with a bar code and chemicals you can’t pronounce.  “Food” also includes drinks—so ditch the soda, energy drinks, sports drinks and other liquid garbage. 

- Make sure your meals are structured so that your body can easily digest them!  This will help ease digestive conditions like acid reflux, gas, bloating and constipation.  My Great Taste No Pain system will show you how easy this is to do, plus you’ll get a collection of scrumptious, easy recipes that you’ll love.  (Note: this is how I ended my irritable bowel syndrome—IBS—26 years ago, never to return!)

- Take a daily probiotic supplement like Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula.  This is especially important if you’ve been pumped with antibiotics or acid reducers—I guarantee your friendly gut flora is practically non-existent.  Super Shield’s 13 strains of robust, helpful bacteria will help bring your microbiome into a healthier balance, and that will help with everything from digestion to proper immune function, depression prevention and even lowering cholesterol!

- Consider supplementing with VitalMega-3 fish oil formula.  Inflammation is running rampant in our society today thanks to our diets heavy in processed foods, and meat and milk from grain-fed animals (which are inundated with inflammation-stirring omega-6 EFAs, but have little or no anti-inflammatory omega-3 EFAs).  Most of us are seriously lacking these crucial fats, and unless you eat fish 7 days a week, that probably includes you too!

- Get regular exercise (with your doctor’s OK).  This is especially vital if you are facing insulin resistance and are overweight or obese.  There is no need to get fancy—even brisk walking is helpful and just about everyone can do that. 

- Ask questions.  Don’t just blindly accept that medications are the only answer to your health issues! If your doctor is not willing to answer your questions, or out and out refuses to treat you if you won’t take his drugs (like my former gastroenterologist did with me back in 1992 when I told him I alleviated my IBS with my diet), march out and find one who will be your trusted partner in your care.

Get on the road to better health now!

To your outstanding health in 2018,

Sherry Brescia


The information in our articles are NOT intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and are not intended as medical advice.

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