Could these be crawling around inside of you?


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Could these be crawling around inside of you?

Here’s something to think about today, as it could happen to you, or maybe already has.

Let’s say you went to the doctor complaining of some or all these symptoms:

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Memory loss
  • Mental confusion
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Mucus membrane irritation
  • Eye and skin inflammation
  • Muscle and joint pain

The doctor would probably do bloodwork and other tests, but what if they all came back negative?

Well, you’d probably walk out with at least one prescription to mask the symptoms, such as an anti-inflammatory, a pain reliever or maybe even an antidepressant!

But there is a sneaky cause of ALL these symptoms that I bet my bottom dollar you (or your doctor) haven’t even thought of.


Here’s the scoop on…

Your internal creepy crawlies

Most of us deal with various sources of internal toxins—it’s almost impossible not to. 

But when the average person hears the word “toxins,” things like pesticides, chemicals, pollution, food dyes and preservatives usually come to mind.

However, a big source of your inner toxicity is from microorganisms

Yes, these creepy crawlies inside of you can stir up illness in two ways.  First, just like you, microorganisms have waste products too, and their “number one and number two” can make you very sick!

In addition, your body may also have an allergic reaction to the proteins in the body of the microorganism itself.

Here are the most common little buggers to look out for:

Bacteria: Bacteria contain and produce toxins that can damage your tissues, nerves, immunity and endocrine function (hormones).

Parasites: Toxic substances released by parasites destroy your tissues and migrate throughout your body, burrowing themselves deep into your organs.

Viruses: In addition to the illnesses that viruses can cause themselves, they also trigger your body into producing toxic chemicals in response to their presence.  They can also alter the way your cells function, which in turn can compromise your health in countless ways.

Yeasts: Yeasts can cause infection and hypersensitivity reactions in the body.  They also produce numerous toxins that cause both physical and mental symptoms.

Molds: Some molds produce mycotoxins that can cause bleeding and are potent liver toxins.  They can also cause bruising, rashes, vertigo, convulsions, heart swelling, brain cell destruction and even death!

Fungi: Fungi are very potent allergens and generate toxic substances as they are trying to convert your healthy tissues and cells into nourishment for them.

Show the creepy crawlies who’s boss

You can take the bull by the horns and fight back at dangerous microorganisms, as well as minimize their harmful effects on you!

Here are some very effective strategies:

1- Get enough vitamin C and zinc

A healthy diet of wholesome real foods is a must, concentrating on lots of fresh vegetables and leafy greens.

Now, if you’d rather stick needles in your eyeballs than to eat vegetables, or if you just want to make sure all your nutrient bases are covered, then supplementing with a complete multi-vitamin and mineral formula like Super Core is your ticket.

Super Core contains a therapeutic blend of essential vitamins and minerals, plus the added bonus of natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.  So it helps curb two of the most disease-creating factors known to man---free radicals and inflammation!

2- Get regular exercise 

This is yet another great reason to get off the couch and into action—exercise helps your body eliminate toxins!  Even just brisk walking can be extremely helpful. 

Be sure to get your doctor’s OK first, especially if your only exercise of late has been 12oz. curls or sprinting from the couch to the refrigerator and back during a commercial. J

3- Sit in a sauna

Saunas can be very helpful with eliminating toxins.  Many facilities such as fitness clubs, resorts and wellness centers provide sauna services.  Infrared saunas are especially effective.

4- Limit refined carbs and sugars

These foods feed the harmful organisms in your gut, especially yeasts.

Note that this goes beyond the obvious sugar in your sugar bowl or cookies, candy and cake.  Many processed foods contain high fructose corn syrup and other hidden sugars, so read labels carefully (or stick to fresh real foods!).

This also includes starches like breads and pastas—because they turn to sugar upon digestion. 

And please, try to completely avoid the most toxic, damaging substance in the world—SODA.

5- Beef up your population of helpful organisms

Your beneficial gut bacteria fight back at dangerous microorganisms, but they can only do so when there is a strong enough “army” of them.   So having a healthy diet helps here too, as fresh vegetables and fermented foods nourish your gut microbiome.

In addition, a full-spectrum probiotic formula like Super Shield is a must.  Many factors can damage your friendly bacteria, including medications, stress and environmental toxins. 

But Super Shield’s effective blend of 13 potent beneficial bacteria can help make sure your intestinal flora population is where it needs to be—so it can better protect YOU against dangerous inhabitants, and support strong immune function against viruses and bacteria!

6- Keep your digestion running smoothly

Your colon has the job of eliminating toxins, but if your digestive process is not-so-great (this is especially true if you’re prone to constipation), those toxins can remain inside of you and even be reabsorbed into circulation. 

Super Shield can be a big help here too, because its friendly bacteria can help your body break down starches and fiber as well as ease constipation.

In addition, what foods you eat together in your meals makes a big difference in your digestion too.  The Great Taste No Pain system can teach you how to create meals that are a cinch for your body to break down. 

When you make your system’s job easier with the right foods, you pave the way for easy, pain-free, comfortable digestion and smooth, regular BMs.

Imagine—no more gas, bloating, belching and heartburn after meals!

7- Drink filtered water

Nothing is more helpful for your liver and kidneys (your main organs of detox) than to drink at least eight 8-oz. glasses of filtered water a day.  Note I said filtered and NOT tap water—tap water contains additives and contaminants such and chlorine and fluoride which will make you even MORE toxic. 

See how much better you can feel when you take charge of your internal inhabitants, and help to support a strong, healthy gut environment!

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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