Study: Acid reducers cause liver disease


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Study: Acid reducers cause liver disease

The dangers of acid reducing medications (aka proton pump inhibitors or PPIs) seem to be never-ending!

These drugs have already been linked to increased risk of heart attacks, chronic kidney disease and dementia, increased susceptibility to fractures, greater vulnerability to infections, impaired digestion, an unhealthy gut microbiome, vitamin B12 deficiency, food borne illnesses, and a greater overall death risk.

Well, add liver disease on to the list. 

Research performed at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine suggests that suppressing stomach acid (which is how PPIs “work”—if you can call it that) may result in liver injury and disease, as the result of the unhealthy changes in the gut microbiome caused by these medications.

It ain’t no surprise

At this point, it would not be unreasonable to say that practically ANY disease can be caused or contributed to by PPIs!

Let’s face it—when you are crippling one of your body’s innate functions---and one as important as stomach acid secretion—the effects can range far and wide and get uglier and uglier.

If your stomach cannot do its preparatory work properly, you are absolutely rolling out the red carpet for digestive problems. 

And then there are the secondary problems that stem from this bad digestion!  Like impaired immune function, poor nutrient absorption, inflammation, weight gain, diverticulitis, leaky gut, you-name-it.

But wait!  There’s more. 

Because there are tertiary problems that come from the secondary problems from bad digestion!

For example, poor nutrient absorption causes deficiency disease and fractures; impaired immune function means everything from chronic infections to increased cancer risk; leaky gut can trigger food sensitivities; and inflammation is a leading cause of heart disease.

Get to the root of the problem!

If you have acid reflux, know this: dangerous, health-destroying PPIs are NOT your only answer!

When you take measures to help your body accomplish digestion like it’s designed to, acid problems can quickly become a non-issue.

When it comes to improving digestion, there are two crucial steps:

1. Change what goes in and

2. Help what goes on

Changing what goes in, yes, means changing your DIET.

In other words, eliminating the junk, fast foods, processed foods and soda, and instead concentrating on real foods, plus structuring your meals so they’re easier for your system to tackle to begin with.

Easy, logical and very effective.

Let Great Taste No Pain show you exactly what to do.

Great Taste No Pain gives you the scoop on all of the dangers of poor digestion, plus a collection of scrumptious, easy to prepare recipes and a wealth of information on how to put together delicious, nutritious, easy to digest meals.

Many of our clients report seeing improvements in their digestion in as fast as the first few days!  And that can include YOU.

Helping what goes on means giving your body enzyme help if needed.

Many people have gotten tremendous relief from digestive issues by simply giving their body a little boost with an enzyme formula like Digestizol Max.

Digestizol Max’s complete, effective blend of 15 plant-derived enzymes works alongside your body’s own enyme resources to help make sure all of your foods are broken down like they need to be!

That means better nutrient absorption, less constipation and gas, and bye-bye acid reflux!

And now is the perfect time to put the power of Digestzol Max to work for you, because you can save $7 a bottle TODAY ONLY!

Work with your body—not against it

When you work with your body to help it accomplish that which Nature intended it to—instead of suppressing one of your body’s most crucial functions—a whole new world of feeling better can open up for you FAST.

Embrace the power of sound digestion and all that it can do for you.

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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  • hi sherry Brescia, I been to the doctors , they have
    prescribed me esomeprazole 20mg for acid reflux.
    I have had gastro-resistant before, I am not keen on taken them because they don’t always work for me. what should I try digestzol max

    jerena beasley on

  • Hello Andreas! Your Super Shield expiration date should be printed on the bottom of the bottle, or on the label. This depends on the batch. With Digestizol Max, the expiration date should be printed right on the label as well. The printing is often on the edge near where the two ends meet. We hope this helps!

    Melanie at Holistic Blends on

  • Hello Rosalin! Yes ,our Digestizol Max contains a small amount of peppermint leaf. It is known as a carminative herb, meaning it helps tone the digestive tract both by relaxing the surrounding muscles and promoting the elimination of gas. There has been no evidence that it weakens the LES. Here is a great article that Sherry wrote about hiatal hernia, that we’re sure you’ll find helpful:

    Melanie at Holistic Blends on

  • Hello Naomi! Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your story. We’re sorry to hear of your struggles with LPR. LPR (Laryngopharyngeal Reflux) is associated with excess stomach acid production and GERD and occurs when the upper esophageal sphincter muscle in the esophagus is weakened or does not function properly. The LES (lower esophageal sphincter) is what permits stomach acid to slide up into the esophagus when it has been weakened, and the UES allows that acid from the esophagus to go up into the throat and larynx (voice box).
    People who have both a weak LES and UES usually don’t get heartburn because the acid must stay in the esophagus for that to occur – and they instead can have constant throat clearing, difficulty swallowing, raspy voice, difficulty taking a breath, wheezing, etc. because the acid is more in the throat area.
    We have seen people with silent reflux heal and prevent further damage via changes such as eliminating caffeine and alcohol and not eating late at night when you’ll be laying down for bed soon after. It can take time for your healing to occur.
    Consider Great Taste No Pain; Sherry’s food combining program. It will show you what foods are naturally acid-creating versus alkaline, and which ones digest better together in meals by working with—not against—your stomach acid and other enzymes. When you eat foods that nourish your body and meals that are easier for your system to break down, your body can respond very quickly.
    If you’ve eaten a typically hard to digest diet (the standard American diet) for quite some time, you may have expended more digestive enzymes than Nature intended you to. As a result, your body’s ability to produce adequate enzymes may be weakened greatly or even diminished…and this can be a major contributing factor to poor digestion and acid reflux! Plus as we age, our bodies’ ability to produce enzymes naturally decreases.
    If you suspect low enzymes are a concern for you or have out and out been told you’re low in stomach acid, then Sherry’s digestive enzyme blend, Digestizol Max can help at mealtime. It’s 15 plant-derived enzymes and 5 herbal soothers can give your body a boost to help keep your digestion nice and smooth — and help make acid reflux, GERD and heartburn a thing of the past for you.
    We hope this helps! If you have any other questions, please let us know. We hope to hear you’re feeling better soon!

    Melanie at Holistic Blends on

  • Sherry, ,I’m on anti acid, call protonic, 40 mg. Also have light case of gastritis and reflux and small hiatal hernia ,, the 40 mg don’t help by themself so Dr, pit me on Zantac also 150, and tums in between vocal cords are inflamed, ,something is always burning in my throat, one Dr said it was call silent reflux..I’m so tired of this…
    By the way I take good probiotic, and enzyme’ and some acidophilus, ,drink water and lemon because Im probably very acidy , took tons of ant-biotic last year for bladder infection that wouldnt go away..
    I’m back on your book about eating habits.
    Thanks, please give me some feedback

    NaoMI alvear on

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