My special 4th of July message to you


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My special 4th of July message to you

Jul 04, 2019 0 comments
My special 4th of July message to you

Happy Independence Day to you!

As we celebrate the birth of our country, this day will be filled with barbecues, parades, outdoor activities and of course, fireworks!

But I’d like to reflect on a little deeper meaning here.

Our founding fathers were tenacious and dedicated as they fought and sacrificed greatly for this country that we call the United States. 


Because they had a vision of a great country with freedoms and the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone.

And who knows what things would be like for us if they didn’t bother trying at all, or quit when things got tough!

Know what?

The same can be said for you and your health goals.

Most of us want good health, a slim body weight and to be pain-free, but aren’t motivated to try to make those things happen, or give up as soon as it gets a little tough. 

If that sounds like you, then take some inspiration from our founding fathers…and do what you need to do!

Now don’t get overwhelmed!  Take this one step at a time and…

Start with little changes to your diet

You don’t have to do a complete dietary overhaul—even little improvements can make a huge impact!

Here are some good places to start:

  • Eat a tossed salad every day. You don’t have to get fancy—if all you like is lettuce and dressing, that’s OK!  Lettuce is an anti-inflammatory food and its fiber will help ease constipation.
  • Substitute a glass of water for one soda or sweetened drink each day. Reducing sugar is good for your weight, blood pressure and gut microbiome, and water helps prevent constipation. 
  • Concentrate mainly on clean proteins and fresh vegetables in your meals.
  • Have scrambled eggs for breakfast at least one day a week instead of cereal, muffins, toast or bagels. You’ll be shocked at how you’ll stay full until lunchtime.
  • Opt for protein snacks—a handful of nuts, a cube of cheese or a hard-boiled egg—instead of chips or crackers. This will help keep you full between meals and even out your blood sugar.

Get some decent rest

Most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep each night, so if you are typically getting fewer than that, it’s time to improve your sleep.  You can try these tips:

Strive to go to bed at the same time each night, and get up the same time each morning. 

Avoid coffee, soda and alcohol before bed—these can all disrupt your sleep.

Try putting some lavender essential oil on your pillow—it has been shown to be very helpful with sleep.

A deficiency in Omega-3 essential fatty acids can cause poor sleep.  If you do not regularly eat fish (the primary source of Omega-3s) consider supplementing with a pure fish oil formula like VitalMega-3.

Take a walk

Taking a walk will do wonders for your stress level, help reduce aches and pains, improve your mood, support your digestion, increase your energy level and of course help you lose weight!

Support strong gut health

Your gut truly determines your health from head to toe—it absorbs the nutrients your body needs to survive, eliminates wastes and toxins and houses 70-80 percent of your immune system!

But your microbiome is always taking a hit from things like sugar and refined carbs, medications, lacking sleep and stress.  Plus your friendly bacteria are not “permanent residents” to begin with—they only “vacation” inside of you for 12 days or less! 

So it’s essential to keep your friendly gut flora population strong and healthy—and the best way to do that is with an outstanding probiotic supplement like Super Shield!

Be proud of yourself and ignore the nay-sayers

This is arguably the most important tip of all.

Celebrate every little improvement you experience, and be proud of yourself.  You did this, and you are on the most rewarding journey of your life—back to good health!

Ignore the nay-sayers that say you can’t make a difference, or you’re too far gone, or why bother.

They are either ignorant or jealous or both!  Prove them wrong.

And lastly, remember…

You didn’t get here overnight

Remember that health issues don’t POOF! come out of nowhere.  It’s usually a gradual process and happens over time….and therefore reversing it will also take time.

Don’t get frustrated when you’re trying to make changes and you don’t see instant results. 

Patience and perseverance, my friend.  That will help ensure your success!

Just like our founding fathers reached their goal of establishing this precious nation of ours, YOU can reach your goals too.

I believe in you, I am rooting for you and praying for you.  You CAN do this. 

Your partner in great health,

Sherry Brescia

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