More Coronavirus questions---4th installment


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More Coronavirus questions---4th installment


Hello again everyone!

I’m still here answering your questions and hopefully giving you some peace of mind.  This is affecting ALL of us, and I want you to know that I pray for your safety and health every single day.

Here are today’s questions:

1) What do u think of the pneumonia vaccination? I don’t have any health issues other than osteoporosis & diverticulosis. Thankfully don’t create problems other than a very odd flare up of diverticulitis. With the Corona virus around & being 71 years was wondering should I get it? 

Here are some facts about the pneumonia vaccine (and vaccines in general) that you may not be aware of:

No vaccine has ever been proven to prevent a single viral infection.  It is only assumed that the presence of a (forcibly, artificially created) antibody confers immunity.  But since immunity is a highly complex process (of which an antibody is but one component), and our history has shown outbreaks of “vaccine preventable” illnesses in highly or 100% vaccinated populations (we’ve seen this recently with the mumps), it is reasonable to question vaccines’ benefits and effectiveness. 

What is NOT in question (even according to the Supreme Court of the US) is their ability to harm.  Vaccines were declared unavoidably UNSAFE by the US Supreme Court in 2011. Nearly $4.3 billion dollars has been paid out by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (i.e.: Vaccine Court) to victims or their families for vaccine injuries and deaths.  Source:

The Vaccine Court was created following the passing of 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, whereby the US federal government absolved vaccine manufacturers of ALL liability arising from injury or death due to vaccination.  Since drug companies can’t be sued if vaccines harm or kill someone in the US, this court was established to address the damages.

That being said, even if the pneumococcal vaccine is truly safe and effective, a vaccine that contains a specific virus cannot “magically” create antibodies to another virus.  So if coronavirus is your concern, getting the pneumonia vaccine will do nothing for it.  In addition, all vaccines depress immune function for several days up to several weeks, which makes you even MORE susceptible to catching another virus (including COVID-19). 

A smart approach to help fight ALL viruses is to pamper your body’s natural virus protection—your brilliant immune system—in these 7 ways:

  • Take a daily multi-strain probiotic formula like Super Shield. (This will help with your diverticulitis too!)
  • Nourish your gut with lots of fresh vegetables and fermented foods.
  • Drink 8 glasses of filtered water per day.
  • Get enough vitamin B12, vitamin C and vitamin D.
  • Destress and get a good laugh every day.
  • Get 7-9 hours of sleep each night.
  • Avoid sugars and refined carbs, including soda.

2) After much research, I think that an N95 Rated Face Mask could provide some protection from possible viruses. For the most part the US health officials say they are no good but the Chinese say they are so what is your recommendation?

The N95 mask is, as its name suggests, designed to block 95% of floating particles, such as sneeze droplets.  In order for the mask to provide this protection, it must fit properly, and many times facial hair compromises the fit.

The FDA has suggested that the average person really does not need an N95 mask for two reasons.  First, N95 masks are primarily necessary and designed for people who are knowingly and continually at high risk for exposure to airborne viruses, such as hospital and nursing home workers.  Second, if ordinary citizens buy up all the N95 masks, that will leave none for the healthcare workers that have the greatest need for them. 

Ordinary citizens can get reliable protection merely by practicing social distancing, washing their hands, and staying away from people that are sick.  Talk to your doctor to get his/her input too.   

3) I am a 72 year old female with no major pre- existing health issues but I want to protect myself as much as possible.

In addition to using common sense—distancing yourself from others, staying away from people who are sick, staying in if you feel sick, washing your hands frequently and having a healthy diet, keeping your immune system in tip-top shape is one of the most important things you can do.

See number 1 above for ways you can strengthen your immune system function.

4)  I heard a doctor in Calgary say that reducing Gluten and sugars in your diet and fasting is the quickest way to starve off the Corona Virus and keep the virus from spreading in your body.  The fewer receptor cells the fewer corona cells to hook up to....In fact, a low carb diet or even a KETO diet is ideal to keep the corona virus from spreading through our bodies. Please comment. Thanks, Robert

Sugars and refined carbs (including wheat) feed harmful yeasts and bacteria in the gut, which in turn impairs immune function, since 70% of the immune system is located in the microbiome.  So in that sense, I agree with what you have quoted. 

There are several different versions of “low carb” and no one diet is right for everyone.  But as long as someone is minimizing sugars and refined grains, that’s a huge step in the right direction.  I myself stick to mainly proteins and vegetables, with an occasional slice of homemade bread with a bowl of soup.

Intermittent fasting is fine and many people have achieved great results with it, but I would caution against fasting for long periods of time, as your body needs a consistent flow of nutrients to support immune and general health. 

As far as whether the virus can spread to the body, that’s a reflection of the strength and efficiency of the immune system. 

5) I have 29% lung capacity and have Celiac disease.  What do you suggest?

The presence of lung disease is considered one of the higher risks for coronavirus.  That’s not to say that you have a greater risk than anyone else of catching the virus.  Instead it simply means that you may be more likely to have complications due to COPD and possibly a less robust immune system.

Also, celiac is considered an autoimmune disease.  My professional concern about autoimmunity is that it is evidence of an immune system that is hyper-sensitive and reacting where, when and how it shouldn’t.  It is not unreasonable to suspect that the immune system may be overtaxed in this process, and thus less able to defend the body against viruses and infections like it should.

In addition to the recommendations being published by the medical community—washing hands, social distancing, avoiding people that have symptoms, staying home if you are not well, etc.—beefing up your immune system could help stack the deck in your favor to be able to fight corona or any other virus you may come into contact with. 

See number 1 above for some immune-boosting suggestions, and of course consult your doctor if you have any concerns.

6) I go to an Aquafit class at the YMCA.  Does the chlorine in the water kill off any Coronavirus germs that a class member may currently have?

According to The Pool Water Treatment and Advisory Group (PWTAG), it is “generally safe” to go swimming, as water and the chlorine in a swimming pool will kill the virus. 

7) My 90 year old sister is in the cardiac ward of the hospital recovering she is very ill.  My husband  & I are now hesitant to visit. We are both well as far as we know.  Should we risk visiting her at the present time.

Considering her recent health history, and how a heart condition is considered a high risk with coronavirus, erring on the side of caution and avoiding visitation would probably be wise at this time.  She can check with her doctor as well.  

8) What can you take to boost your immune system?

See number 1 above.

9) My husband is 94, I am almost 90.  Please any suggestion as to the most easy and practical help to prevention.  We live in Jamaica, where 2 cases have been confirmed.  Thanks for your help over many years.

In addition to the recommendations being published by the medical community—washing hands, social distancing, avoiding people that have symptoms, staying home if you are not well, etc.—beefing up your immune system could help stack the deck in your favor to be able to fight corona or any other virus you may come into contact with. 

See number 1 above for some immune-boosting suggestions, and of course consult your doctor if you have any concerns.

10) What is the best prevention for kids? What supplements and vitamins do you recommend for kids?

Since kids are little adults (LOL!) similar rules for adults apply to kids—social distancing, hand-washing, avoiding people who are sick, etc. 

A healthy diet is a must—limit the sweets and snacks, and push fresh vegetables, meats, eggs and healthy fats.    

As far as supplements go, a kids’ probiotic formula is a good idea,  as well as vitamin D and elderberry.

Lastly, make sure they are getting enough rest.  Kids need more sleep than adults—typically 10-12 hours or more, depending on age. 

11) How does the corona virus spread?  I was on my way home from work on the train. I saw 2 people run to the next car. I did not realize or notice a sick person in my car with a runny nose who looked really sick (I was told by one of the 2 people that went on to the next car). Now I’m worried that I could catch the virus.  What do you suggest?  Thank you!!

The most common method of transmission is respiratory—inhaling droplets from the cough or sneeze of an infected person.  Understandably, you’d have to be in close proximity to that person and certainly if they coughed or sneezed on you, you’d probably know it!  So if you did not even see anyone who appeared sick on the train, (and weren’t coughed or sneezed on!) chances are good you didn’t inhale anyone’s droplets.

In addition, according to the CDC, it may be possible to get coronavirus by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching your own mouth, nose, or possibly your eyes.  However, this is not the typical way the virus spreads.  As long as you avoided touching your face while on the train, and washed your hands as soon as you arrived home, you are likely fine. 

Consult your doctor if you are still uneasy or develop symptoms. 

12) Do you get the cough first or the fever?

Either/or.  Since the virus’ target is the lungs, most people experience cough, fever and shortness of breath either concurrently or one symptom may appear before the others.  There is no set pattern. 

13) Outside of common sense, what are extra precaution should I take on the plane that I need to take in Calif. I will be spending a few hours waiting in L.A. and going the other was in S. F.. Then 2 days later I will be flying over night out of L.A. airport to a pre-arranged vacation in the Antarctic for 9 days.  I plan on sleeping on plane. So I plan on using a breathing mask, because I see people asleep with their mouth open. I feel that might be the only problem in this flight. In your opinion do you feel I will be doing the sensible thing, and enough to be safe?  Of course I wash my hands very often, and carry Baby wipes as well an sanitize. I use the baby wipes the most, I have been caring then for about 10 years now when I travel.  

With respect to traveling, experts are recommending that people bring disinfectant wipes onto airplanes, buses and trains to wipe down your entire seat area, as well as wash your hands frequently while in the airport or bus/train station.

As far as masks go, not all are created equal.  An ordinary surgical mask will not protect you against other people’s germs—they are designed to keep YOUR germs to yourself only.

An N95 respirator mask may block up to 95% of floating particles around you, but they are primarily designed for healthcare workers who are at a very high risk of infection being in close quarters with confirmed sick people.  (See number 2 above.)

14) What can I drink or eat if I have to stay indoors, what can I buy to make the virus in my body better thank you.

Now more than ever it is important to have a diet of nutritious real foods, like fresh vegetables and fruits, meats, poultry and wild-caught fish, eggs, bone broth, and healthy fats like olive oil, real butter and coconut oil.  Wholesome foods like these will help give your body the nutrients it needs to support good health and strong immune function.

At the same time, avoid sugars, refined grains and soda at all cost—these do nothing but nourish harmful yeasts and bacteria in your system and actually deplete your body of nutrients!

15) If I get sick once is it a chance to get sick on the next days again?  After sickness do I have immunity to the virus?

The reports on this seem to change almost daily, and there still is no clear-cut absolute, but here is the latest:

Some reports out of countries like China and Japan suggest that people who have tested positive for COVID-19 have tested positive again after recovering.  But it is unknown whether they truly contracted the virus again, or maybe there were testing errors that made it appear they got the virus twice in a row.

Since the drug industry is attempting to create a vaccine, that would suggest that they support that immunity is a possibility. 

Generally speaking, it may not be impossible, but highly unlikely, that reinfection could occur, especially soon after initial infection.   


It can’t be over soon enough, that’s for sure!

Based on what I have seen, I strongly suspect that we are seeing the worst of it now, and it will begin to subside.  New cases in China have already fallen off.  This may eventually turn into a new “seasonal” virus similar to the flu.

To see a very well-researched and informative video by an independent journalist, check out The Highwire With Del Bigtree on Facebook—Del did an outstanding job in his March 19th video laying out the facts and advising what we may expect.    

17) Dear Sherry: What about being pregnant is there’s risk to the unborn baby? And evidence yet if they will be ok? Many thanks for all your amazing information kind regards Linda

The jury is still out on that.  The main avenue of transmission is respiratory, which would not apply in the womb. 

According to the CDC, it's unknown whether a pregnant woman with coronavirus could pass the virus to her fetus before, during or after delivery.

There have been a few recent cases of infants born to women with coronavirus, and in those cases, none of the infants tested positive for coronavirus. 

In addition, a small study of nine pregnant women in Wuhan, China, with confirmed COVID-19 found no evidence of the virus in their breast milk, cord blood or amniotic fluid.

18) Why has there been no talk or reference to NATURAL IMMUNITY? Does the CDC feel it no longer exists or is worthy of mentioning? I get the feeling that CDC and BIG PHARMA appear to be setting us up to assume vaccination is the only way to prevent diseases! 

I can’t say I disagree with you.  But they can’t have it both ways—either you can achieve immunity, or you can’t.  I’m seeing reports that state that a small number of people in China were re-infected after recovery…which would lead you to believe immunity is not possible, yet at the same time, a vaccine is in development.    

If immunity (and I use that in the LOOSEST sense of the term) can be “achieved” via vaccination, it would follow that it should also be able to be achieved (i.e.: REAL immunity) through natural infection.

My two cents.

That’s it for today!  More will follow.

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

The information in our articles are NOT intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and are not intended as medical advice.

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