Is this what “health” has become?


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Is this what “health” has become?

Apr 20, 2017 1 comment
Is this what “health” has become?

When you see ads on TV and in magazines for prescription drugs, they always feature attractive, vibrant actors who smile and laugh as they are having fun with their loved ones.

Reality is quite a different picture.

I have met with a number of heavily medicated clients, and trust me, none of them are “vibrant and laughing.”

More like the walking dead.

And all I can think to myself is, “Is this what ‘health’ has become? Spending our days in a drugged state, popping thy daily meds, putting on weight and suffering countless side effects?”

Here is an example of what I’m talking about:

A disheartening meeting with a client

I once met with a female client who was a walking pharmacy.  She was suffering SO greatly there were tears in her eyes when she asked me if I could help her.

Here is a synopsis of what she told me:

She had gastric bypass surgery five years ago and lost 120 pounds, but put 100 of it back on.  Her doctor told her to limit her daily intake to 1,500 calories, and avoid saturated fats.  This is difficult because she constantly feels hungry.

Her doctor told her not to exercise because she has foot problems from an old injury.

She takes Metformin® for Type 2 diabetes, and uses Equal® and Splenda® for sweeteners (per her dietitian’s advice). 

She has chronic constipation for which she takes Colace® every day.  She also uses laxatives and/or enemas several times a week. 

She takes Nexium® for acid reflux. 

Her bone density scans have been showing signs of osteoporosis so her doctor prescribed Fosamax® and calcium.

She takes diclofenac (a NSAID) for arthritis.

Where do I begin?

As I tried to hide my shock and frustration for this poor lady, I told her my observations:

A 1,500 calorie diet combined with no saturated fats could not sustain a bird let alone an adult woman, so it’s no wonder she’s always hungry.  Plus calorie restriction causes the body to go into starvation mode, and at that point, you’d need a chisel to get any more fat off your body.

Equal® and Splenda® are chemical poisons that have been linked to cancer and numerous other health problems.  Why they continue to be recommended by so-called dietary “experts” is beyond my comprehension.  She’d be better off sprinkling ant dust in her coffee.

Regular laxative and enema use makes chronic constipation even worse because the bowel becomes “lazy” to the point where you can’t have a BM without them.

The Nexium® is no doubt contributing to her constipation, as it shuts down the stomach’s production of acid which in turn ruins the entire digestive process. 

Nexium® is also most assuredly not helping her bone problems, as PPI use has been shown to increase the risk of fractures.  Yet another consequence of ruining your digestion—you don’t absorb the minerals your bones need!

Both Fosamax® and diclofenac cause constipation which is one of her primary complaints, and there are warnings for potentially dangerous drug interactions between the two (although she was not aware of this)!

And lastly, Fosamax® slows bone resorption (breakdown), but does nothing for healthy new bone development.  So eventually her seemingly “denser” bones will become weaker, in the long run, increasing her risk of fractures.

On the road to healing…and real health[[end]

I strongly urged my client to take my summary of observations to her doctor and ask for some answers…as well as discuss tapering off the drugs or finding alternatives.   

Then I gave her the following suggestions to help her body begin to heal naturally:

Her diet

Instead of counting calories, avoiding fats and using fake poisonous sugars, I suggested she concentrate on proteins and vegetables, being sure to have healthy sources of ALL fats—including saturated fats like meat, eggs, real butter, avocado and coconut oil.  These foods will fill her up, nourish her and keep her satisfied longer—the perfect recipe for weight loss.

I cautioned her about starches.  Starches turn to sugar upon digestion so they’re best avoided as much as possible by a Type 2 diabetic. 

In addition, avoiding starches and instead eating protein-vegetable meals will help encourage better digestion, which can help curb her acid reflux and promote better absorption of nutrients.

Plus the fiber from the vegetables will help her constipation, and vegetables are an anti-inflammatory food which is good for her arthritis!

If she needs a sugar substitute, a safer option is stevia.


I suggested she consider the following supplements:

Super Shield probiotic formula to help encourage easier bowel movements and better nutrient absorption—both of which are crucial needs for her!

Optimum DK Formula with FruiteX-B to help support bone health.  Her doctor told her to take calcium, but never mentioned vitamin D which is just as important.

VitalMega-3 fish oil formula as a natural anti-inflammatory to counteract her arthritis.


I explained to my client that although her foot problem may be limiting her ability to walk or jog, there appears to be no reason why she can’t swim, use free weights or do yoga. 

Drink eight 8-oz glasses of water each day

She admitted to not being much of a water drinker, but I stressed how water will help her joints, her constipation and help fill her up between meals so she’s less likely to snack—a win-win-win!

Am I talking to you too?

If you saw yourself in any of the points I mentioned above, it’s time for you to put your foot down and demand better “health”—not just one bloody drug after another. 

Help create REAL health from within, naturally.

It’s never too late and you’ll never regret it.

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

The information in our articles are NOT intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and are not intended as medical advice.

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