Dirty little secrets I bet you don’t know


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Dirty little secrets I bet you don’t know


Today’s blog is going to take a different twist. 

Because I’m not going to talk about a health issue and how to naturally feel better. 

But I am going to impart crucial information that you might not know, but must know, because it can affect your decisions, your health and quite possibly your life. 

I’ll start with… 

The dirty little secrets of pharmaceutical companies 

Pharmaceutical companies would love nothing more than to have everyone believe that they are in the business of helping people, and their objective is to create health. 

What a crock. 

Pharmaceutical companies create customers, not health.   

With the exception of an antibiotic’s ability to destroy a bacterial infection, not a single drug in existence cures anything.   

All they do is alter, suppress, impair or destroy one or more of your body’s functions to create a desired result, usually the masking of a symptom or making your lab test appear in the desired area on an arbitrary chart (the design of which was heavily influenced by said drug companies). 

And the only way to keep getting that desired result is to keep taking the drug (and suffering side effects to boot, which may require more drugs)! 

Tell me, does that sound like “health” to you? 

But it gets worse. 

Because every drug company is a CONVICTED FELON, having been fined multi-millions for lying, fudging or destroying safety studies, sweeping side effects under the rug, or downplaying the risks of their products. 

Every. Single. One.   

I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t have a warm fuzzy feeling. 

Now let’s look at… 

The dirty little secrets of the mainstream media 

The mainstream media receive between 70-90 percent of their advertising revenue from the pharmaceutical industry.   

Let that sink in for a moment. 

If you were a major news station, would you want to keep your top source of revenue happy (so the money continues to flow in), or would you run the risk of making them angry so they would take their millions elsewhere? 

That is precisely why you will NEVER hear any negative information about a pharmaceutical product on the news.  Ain’t gonna happen.  Droves of people could drop like flies from a certain medication and your slick, well-groomed news anchor will look the other way. 

Also, keep in mind that Bill Gates is closely connected to the mainstream media, and he too is heavily invested in the pharmaceutical industry.   

We don’t want to bite the hands that feed us, folks.  Too bad on you. 

Lastly, here are… 

The dirty little secrets of the CDC 

Contrary to what most people think, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is not a government agency—it is a privately-owned company! 

As such, it technically has no authority whatsoever to dictate what you should or shouldn’t do for your health.   

And it too is cozy with pharma—in fact, instead of “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,” CDC should stand for “Consultant for Drug Companies.” 

While the CDC claims that it does not receive funding from special interests, it DOES, in fact, receive millions in corporate donations through its government-chartered CDC Foundation—which in turn funnels the money to CDC after deducting a fee. 

According to information gathered by several watchdog groups, CDC accepted $79.6 million from drug companies between 2014 and 2018 alone. 

Plus CDC owns over 50 vaccine-related patents…while at the same time increasing the number of recommended vaccines for both adults and children. 

If you don’t see an enormous conflict of interest here, you’d better check your pulse. 

What to do? 

Now more than ever before, you MUST QUESTION EVERYTHING and do your own research. 

Turn off the news—it will do you no good whatsoever to watch those handsome, highly-paid puppets brainwashing you with propaganda and fearmongering.  Seek out independent non-biased sources of information.  Trust me, you will be astounded, and the difference is amazing. 

Don’t just blindly accept what your doctor tells you either.  Remember his or her medical school education was heavily influenced by pharma.  Get second opinions on their recommendations, or better yet, try to find an integrative practitioner who will embrace the idea of natural measures to address health issues. 

And lastly, do your part too!   

Here are 5 ways you can support good health and help increase your chances of staying sickness- and disease-free: 

1) Have a healthy whole foods diet 

Keep your meals simple.  Pair proteins with non-starchy vegetables and healthy fats (like butter, coconut oil or olive oil) for optimal digestion.  Choose organic meats, chicken and eggs whenever possible, and opt for wild caught (not farmed) fish. 

Minimize grains and sugars.  Even though grains (including pasta, rice and breads) do provide nutrients, they also turn to sugar upon digestion, which causes imbalance in the gut microbiome, gas and bloating and weakened immune function. 

2) Drink enough water 

You should aim to drink at least half the number of pounds you weigh in ounces of filtered water each day. 

So, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should be drinking 75 ounces of water each day. 

3) Optimize your Vitamin D level 

Although all nutrients are beneficial, Vitamin D truly stands out because of its supportive actions on your immune system.  Remember your immune system protects you against sickness and disease, so Vitamin D is crucial to good health! 

To ensure you have optimal levels of this nutritional superstar, supplementation with our Optimum DK Formula with FruiteX-B is the way to go. 

Optimum DK Formula provides a therapeutic 5,000 IU dose of Vitamin D3, as well as its nutritional partners Vitamin K and the mineral boron.   

4) Get enough sleep 

Lacking sleep lowers your immune function, worsens pain and depression, and accelerates aging! 

So, it’s vital to make sure you’re getting at least seven to nine hours of sleep each night. 

If you have trouble falling sleep or staying asleep, our Soothing Zzzz’s Blend Gummies can provide an effective 5mg of melatonin to help pave the way for a restful night’s sleep. 

5) Engage in some form of exercise 

The benefits of regular exercise are almost limitless and include weight loss, a stronger cardiovascular system, less arthritis pain, and lower blood pressure and blood sugar!   

So pick an activity, get your doctor’s OK and get going. 

No excuses allowed!  I’m 60 years old and do martial arts or run 6 days a week, and if I can do it, so can you. 

To your health, 

Sherry Brescia 


The information in our articles are NOT intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and are not intended as medical advice.

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    Isabella Lucas on

  • Yes. Scary. Thank you for tellin’ it like it is!

    Eight years ago I went to see a doctor about a sudden back pain (turned out to be something like gout after having been living on chips and salsa after a large tomato harvest…but I had to figure this out myself!)

    After asking me a few questions, the doc decided I had osteoarthritis and prescribed me anti-inflammatories and told me I’d likely have to take them for the rest of my life. I didn’t buy it…I never filled the prescription….I got x-rays to confirm or rule out osteoarthritis (negative!)….the back issue resolved once the tomatoes were finished…and all other mild but somewhat chronic joint inflammation was handled with simple changes to my diet. In the 8 years since then I’ve been doing better than ever! I can’t even begin to tell you how many people I know who truly believe they should just “listen to the doctor”….“do what he/she tells you to do”…..“he/she has been through years of medical training”.

    I don’t automatically just “throw out” everything the doctor has to say, and I do appreciate the information that various tests can provide, but I ALWAYS run it through my own “filters”…and ALWAYS look for the balance between risk vs. potential payoff of trying alternatives to pharmaceuticals FIRST. I take none (yet) and I think I’m healthier than 99% of the people I know in my age group.

    Leslie Warren on

  • Goodmorning Sherry, Thank you so much for keeping us update and Informed on All the propaganda. The world we’re living in is Truly Scary. We Hear You.. and Appreciate all the Information you send..
    Linda Scott

    Linda Scott on

  • Thanks Sherry: you are always on the spot. We appreciate your help.

    Glenn on

  • You NAILED IT!!
    Thank you for sharing this information. It is the absolute truth.

    Dorothy Dessauer on

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