Could Crohn’s or colitis relief be this easy?


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Could Crohn’s or colitis relief be this easy?

It’s a sad reality that at a time in our history when advances in medicine are being made every day, as a nation we’re getting sicker and sicker! 

One type of condition in particular that is rocketing into the stratosphere is autoimmune diseases

With autoimmune diseases, your immune system is triggered into overreacting and strikes out against your healthy cells and organs, eventually harming them to the point where they can’t function properly or at all.

And one form of very painful autoimmune disease that is really topping the charts with over 3.1 million people affected is inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)—namely ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

Colitis vs. Crohn’s

Both colitis and Crohn’s each spell MISERY in their own way.

Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a continuous inflammation of the inner lining of the colon and/or rectum.  This chronic inflammation leads to poor digestion, explosive bowel movements (as many as 30 or more a day!) rectal bleeding and pain. 

Unlike ulcerative colitis which is confined to the large intestine, Crohn's can strike ANY area of the digestive tract from the mouth to the anus, but it usually affects the lower section of the small intestine (called the ileum).

Like UC, the most common Crohn's symptoms include abdominal pain and explosive diarrhea.  You can also get fevers lasting 24-48 hours, canker sores in your mouth, clubbed fingernails and be prone to intestinal blockages.

And since your small intestine is where most nutrient absorption takes place, having Crohn's lurking in there reduces nutrient absorption and makes you susceptible to weight loss, malnutrition and deficiency diseases.

Why so many inflamed guts under fire?

So what’s causing our immune systems to go haywire and attack our guts to the point where 3.1 million of us are suffering with regular abdominal pain and explosive diarrhea?

Here are some possibilities to consider:

1) Using acid reducers

Your body has several natural barriers that prevent dangerous pathogens from getting into your bloodstream and aggravating your immune system.

One of your most important natural barriers is your stomach acid.

But when you use antacids or acid reducers, you are crippling this natural barrier and inviting dangerous organisms to get into circulation and taunt your immune system.

2) Intestinal dysbiosis

Dysbiosis is an intestinal environment where your harmful bacteria outnumber the friendly ones...and since this is where 70 percent of your immune system resides, that opens up the door for immune problems.

Numerous published studies link dysbiosis to autoimmune diseases, especially IBD.

3) Poor digestion

Improperly digested food molecules that aren't broken down completely enough like they should be can bully their way through your intestinal wall and get into your bloodstream.

Because they're too large to be used for nourishment, your immune system can see them as an invader—even though they're food -- and trigger an inflammatory response.

4) Vaccines

Vaccines are designed to provoke your immune system into creating antibodies to the particular virus(es) in the shot. 

But this is not the way in which your body was designed to create immunity.  Immunity is a complex, multi-step process involving your skin, saliva, and respiratory and digestive systems, and only when the virus passes through these filters is your immune system compelled to create antibodies.

So to inject a virus directly into your bloodstream (which would never occur in Nature), bypass all the other levels of immunity, and “force” the immune system to develop antibodies may serve to confuse the immune system in the long run and trigger it into overreacting.

Get ready to feel a whole lot better--FAST

The good news is you can safely and naturally help “put out the flames” of IBD and feel a whole lot better—FAST!

Here are two extremely helpful measures you can try:

1- Support proper digestion

Having proper digestion can make all the difference in the world to someone with colitis or Crohn’s!

When you support your body’s efforts to break down foods like it should, you are naturally helping to prevent painful IBD attacks and the dreaded diarrhea that comes along with them. 

And the best part of all is that it’s easy to do!  All it takes is a few simple modifications to how you structure your meals. 

My Great Taste No Pain system will tell you everything you need to know about creating meals that are a breeze for your system to digest.  Don’t worry—you’ll still be able to enjoy the foods you love, plus you’ll fall in love with the scrumptious recipes in Great Taste No Pain too!

Thousands of our clients with IBD have been pleasantly surprised to downright shocked to see how effective it can be to help your body along by just making a few simple tweaks to your meals!

See what a difference eating the Great Taste No Pain way can make in YOUR digestion—and brace yourself for less heartburn (and less need for acid reducers!), less gas and bloating, and more pleasant BMs!

2- Encourage a healthy gut microbiome

Having a strong population of friendly gut bacteria also helps pave the way for smooth, regular, pain-free bowel movements—music to the ears of someone with IBD!

Plus a healthy, robust gut environment provides a better home for your immune system, encouraging more of its anti-inflammatory T-cells to form, which help tame those overzealous autoimmune reactions.

When it comes to gut health, nothing beats supplementation with Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula

Super Shield’s army of 13 robust, well-proven probiotic strains help repopulate your supply of friendly intestinal microbes so they can protect you like they should, support comfortable BMs, and be a good home to your immune system.

Fight back against colitis and Crohn’s safely and naturally, and start feeling a whole lot better now.

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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  • I have colitis and have had it for yrs .I had section my colon removed because of diverticulitis

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