A disturbing trend that has to stop


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A disturbing trend that has to stop

May 16, 2017 0 comments
A disturbing trend that has to stop

As a nation, we’ve reached a very disturbing point in our history.

Sickness and disease are now our norm and not the exception—even in our children!

Seven out of 10 of us take at least one prescription medication daily, and one out of five of us takes at least two each day.

Half of all adults and 45 percent of children have a chronic condition.

Nearly 7 out of 10 of us are overweight or obese.

Clearly, we have failed miserably in the area of health, despite the fact that we spend more on “health care” per capita than any other country in the world.

While there are many factors behind our abysmal states of health, the two biggest ones are:

Big Pharma and Big Food.

Let’s look at those.

Big Pharma

Prior to the early 1900’s disease was considered intrinsic—meaning an inner imbalance in the body that could be helped by making dietary and lifestyle changes. 

Drugs, although available at the time, were typically the last resort.

Well, we’ve certainly done a complete 180 there, haven’t we?

We’re at the point where nutrition and diet are largely ignored or seen as quackery by the medical community. 

Sickness and disease are viewed as an extrinsic force that is not well understood and for which the symptoms MUST be suppressed with medications—there are no other options.

I can’t think of anything more lucrative in the world than making trillions of dollars creating chemical concoctions that cover up symptoms, but never actually cure anything.

Trillions of dollars create DEEP pockets—that strongly influence the content of our medical schools’ curriculums, sway our doctors with bonuses and trips to exotic resorts, infiltrate every single magazine and network TV station with direct-to-consumer advertisements, and even largely control what is (and more importantly, what is NOT) reported by the mainstream media.

Let me bring you to reality here:  Drugs are chemicals that your body was NEVER meant to ingest.  They “work” to produce the desired result (such as lower blood pressure or pain relief) by altering, suppressing or destroying one or more of your body’s innate functions or processes.

For example, acid reducers cripple your stomach’s ability to produce acid for digestion. 

Statins impair your liver’s ability to manufacture cholesterol.

Antidepressants prevent your brain’s little “vacuums” from cleaning up excess serotonin like they should.

Tell me, does any of this sound “healthy” to you?

Plus drugs are not like little missiles that cruise through your body with pinpoint precision until they reach their desired destination.  Instead, they travel through your GI tract, into the bloodstream (which goes everywhere in your body), are “detoxed” by your liver and eventually maybe complete their desired result—leaving a wake of mayhem behind them.

That’s why side effects are a certainty and can affect your entire body.

And let’s not forget drug interactions.  The more drugs you take, the more you risk dangerous and possibly fatal interactions between the various chemicals you are ingesting.

Now let’s switch to…

Big Food

The original aim of food processing was to help make food more widely available to all people without worrying about spoilage. 

We’ve gone WAY beyond that, haven’t we?

Now in grocery stores, you are barraged with tens of thousands of boxed, bagged, jarred and canned items vying for your attention.

Just like drug companies, food companies also have very deep pockets and bombard people (especially children) with ads for their “stuff” (I won’t even call it food).

Don’t be fooled by the ads or claims.  Because what they should say is “Jam-packed with health-wrecking chemicals that make you sick and us rich.”

The food industry currently uses over 2,000 different food additives including enormous amounts of salt and sugar.

Sugar is one of the most health-destroying substances in existence, contributing to obesity, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, fatty liver, cancer and practically everything else in between.  And of course, excessive salt can drive up your blood pressure and increase heart disease risk.

Plus the additives in processed foods don’t just “sail innocently” through you and become part of your next BM—similar to drugs, they get into your bloodstream and stress your liver to detox them out. 

And they create acid wastes which can stir up inflammation and disease.

It’s all up to YOU

When it comes to creating real health, it’s all up to YOU.

When you realize the creative marketing by Big Pharma and Big Food and understand that all that matters is their bottom lines—your health be damned—then you can become inspired to take the steps you need to turn around your health.

NOTHING can replace the effects of a healthy diet and proper nutritional support!

Here is a good way to start on YOUR path to real health:

Have a diet of actual “food”—things that don’t come with a bar code and chemicals you can’t pronounce.  “Food” also includes drinks—so ditch the soda, energy drinks, sports drinks and other liquid garbage.

Help your gut heal and support proper immune function with Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula.  This is especially important if you’ve been pumped with antibiotics or acid reducers—I guarantee your friendly gut flora is practically non-existent.

Consider supplementing with VitalMega-3 fish oil formula.  Inflammation is running rampant in our society today thanks to our diets heavy in processed foods, and meat and milk from grain-fed animals (which are inundated with inflammation-stirring omega-6 EFAs, but have little or no anti-inflammatory omega-3 EFAs).

Get regular exercise (with your doctor’s OK).  This is especially important if you are facing insulin resistance and obesity.

Ask questions.  Don’t just blindly accept that medications are the sole answer to your health issues. If your doctor is not willing to answer your questions or discuss alternatives, find one who will.

Get on the road to better health now—I’m rooting for you!

Sherry Brescia

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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