This is either your path to great health…or an early grave


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This is either your path to great health…or an early grave


I’ve got a little story to tell you today. 

Someone very dear to me was diagnosed with breast cancer about 5 years ago and after her doctor explained the surgery and chemotherapy process, she asked if we had any questions. 

I asked, “Why do you think she got the breast cancer to begin with?” 

You should have seen the doe in the headlights look that I got! 

“Well, we don’t know what causes cancer,” was her insightful response.  

I said, “How about sugar or processed foods in her diet?  Or a high stress level?  Or a low Vitamin D level?  Or excess estrogen that wasn’t properly eliminated?” 

Let it suffice to say my comments were not widely appreciated.   

So that’s why I’m telling you this story today to help you realize that YOU have got to take control of your own health.   

And the single most important factor that will determine whether you have great health or are on a path to an early grave is: YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM! 

Trouble is, many of us are unknowingly abusing our poor immune systems and undermining their efforts, thereby opening the door for sickness and disease to take hold.   

Here’s how: 

How we mess up Nature’s perfect plan 

Here are some of the ways we mess up Nature’s perfect plan and wreak havoc with our immune systems: 

Using acid reducers 

One of your immune system’s defenses is your stomach acid—it kills dangerous pathogens you may ingest with your food. 

But when you shut down your stomach’s acid production with medications, you are lacking the acid’s protection and opening yourself up for a variety of food-borne illnesses. 

Using pain relievers for fevers 

Contrary to popular belief, most fevers are good guys. 

An initial rise in your body temperature is a sign that your immune system is “rising up to the challenge” of an infection or virus—and your temperature allows it to function at a higher level. 

As your core temperature rises, it activates immune cells called lymphocytes that can destroy cells infected with viruses (as well as cancer cells too!). 

The increase in your temperature also activates neutrophils, which are immune cells that target bacterial infection.  Plus the temperature increase also helps create an internal environment that is unfriendly toward harmful microbes. 

But when you artificially lower your fever with pain meds, you are ruining your immune system’s efforts and making it likely that you will become even sicker! 

Generally, fevers only become truly dangerous when they get up over 103° and/or last longer than three to four days.   

Eating a nutrient-poor diet  

Your immune system must have proper nutrition in order to function and protect you. 

That means getting a variety of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and phytonutrients from real foods. 

But the nutrition issue is a double-edged sword.   

You see, not getting needed nutrients is bad enough, but if you aren’t eating real foods, that means you are eating refined carbs, sugars, processed foods and/or fast foods.  

Not only does this junk not nourish you, but it can feed the harmful bacteria in your gut (where 80 percent of your precious immune system resides).  Eventually the harmful bacteria can overpower your protective gut flora, which weakens your immune functioning. 

In addition, processed foods are extremely difficult for your body to break down.  This can result in poorly digested food molecules seeping into your bloodstream through the intestinal wall and taunting your immune system into overreacting.  (This is how many allergies and food sensitivities are created.) 

Overuse of sunscreens 

Vitamin D helps regulate your immune system activity by calming excessive, inflammatory immune responses. 

Unfortunately, Vitamin D deficiency is widespread, due to our fears of the sun and slathering on sunscreen—thereby not allowing our skin to produce Vitamin D from sunlight like it was designed to. 


The theory behind most vaccines is to give you a small dose of a virus to “fool” your immune system into thinking you’re sick and trick it into developing antibodies to that virus. 

But everyone’s system is different, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility that certain people’s immune systems might not react as expected, and/or may be hyper-stimulated and launch an inflammatory response.    

Using antibacterial products 

By trying to germ-proof our world with antibacterial products like soaps, wipes and hand sanitizers, we are not exposing our immune systems to microbes and allowing them to develop natural immunity. 

Instead we are encasing our immune systems in a sort of “plastic bubble,” preventing them from functioning as they were designed to. 

Now the flip side—Immune system support 

Now that you know some of the ways you’re pulling the rug out from under your immune system, here are some surefire ways to help keep it strong and healthy! 

1- Nourish it properly 

It's crucial for the health of your immune system (and your overall health) to eat a nutritious diet of real foods and promote sound digestion.    

When you focus on consuming good carbohydrates (like fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes), get enough fiber, and have healthy sources of fats and proteins, you not only encourage better digestion but also you help nourish all your immune players!   

2- Engage the power of elderberry 

Elderberry is a natural anti-viral superstar that contains high concentrations of powerful antioxidants! 

One of the most well-studied features of elderberry is its powerful immune-boosting properties. The berries contain chemical compounds called anthocyanidins, which have been found to have strong immune-supporting features. 

To engage the power of this natural immune boost, look no farther than our Elderberry Immune Blend

Elderberry Immune Blend is a vegan, non-GMO gummy supplement that combines the impressive immune-supporting actions of elderberry extract along with Vitamin C and zinc—two other nutrients that are crucial for sharp, strong immune function!   

3- Get unprotected sun time 

While it’s never a good idea to get a sunburn, 20-30 minutes of unprotected time in the sun will help your body produce Vitamin D.   

In addition, sunlight also builds your immune system. Your immune system’s white blood cells (lymphocytes) increase with sun exposure, and these cells play a major role in defending your body against infections. 

And to make sure you maintain immune-supporting Vitamin D levels all year-round, Optimum DK Formula with FruiteX-B is your ticket.   

4- Use ordinary soap  

Ordinary soap and warm water are all you need to clean your skin.  Be sure to wash your hands often, especially after handling food or being out in public. 

5- Carefully consider medications and vaccines 

Most medications, including vaccines and especially antibiotics, can affect your gut health and immune function.   

Read package inserts for ALL drugs and vaccines, use medications only if absolutely necessary, and talk to your doctor about alternatives.  If he or she is unwilling to discuss the matter with you, find another who will. 

Treat your precious immune system like the gold it is, and it will return the favor with strong protection against disease. 

To your health, 

Sherry Brescia 

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