How to beat the holiday blues


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How to beat the holiday blues

Dec 04, 2020 0 comments
How to beat the holiday blues


Now that Thanksgiving is behind us (and I hope yours was happy!), it’s full steam ahead to Christmas, New Year’s, Hanukkah or whatever holiday you may celebrate! 

For many of us, that means trimming a tree, lighting the menorah, baking, shopping, wrapping gifts, cooking galore, and if you’re like me, hanging lights on your trees and shrubs. 

This is good for a laugh--here’s a picture of me hanging lights on my pine trees that are getting enormously taller each year!  Good thing I invested in an extension pole this year.   At least I had the rare fortune of a sunny 80-degree day in Central NY last month when I was decorating—usually I’m facing bitter cold, wind and snow! 

Sadly, for many people, what should be a (hectic but) joyous season brings on or worsens depression.  

Back in my insurance career in the 80s and early 90s, I remember seeing many cases and medical records where a person’s antidepressant medication was either switched or the dosage was upped around the holidays.  Very sad indeed. 

But it doesn't have to be that way!   

Because there are other safer answers...and the great news is, the psychiatric community is also coming around more and more and endorsing their effectiveness!   

Here's an example: 

Move that depression far away from you!

A study reported in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry showed that when people suffering with depression who were not getting adequate results from antidepressants added regular exercise into their daily routine, they improved dramatically. 

To the tune of 30 percent achieving full remission of their depression! 

Plus let’s not forget the obvious here—regular exercise is also a great way to help avoid packing on the holiday pounds as well as losing excess weight or maintaining your weight 365 days a year.  

That thought should brighten anyone’s mood! 

Other answers

Of course, exercise is a GREAT way to combat depression, but it's not the only one. 

Treatment with a skilled therapist is another.  Note that just because someone has MSW, PhD or MD after their name does not make them "skilled."   

Just as in ANY profession, there are good and not-so-good therapists.  If you are working with a therapist and it isn't helping or all they want to do is push drugs at you, find another.  There are a great number of therapists out there who truly care and will find a way to help you, and they deserve your business.  

In addition, there are three other approaches you can take to help beat depression safely, naturally, and with no harmful side effects. 

Here they are: 

Natural depression remedy #1: Food 

There is a definite connection between food and mood. 

Many people who suffer from depressive disorders are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals, especially B-complex vitamins, zinc and magnesium. 

The typical diet most people have (lots of processed foods, fast food and refined carbohydrates) is inherently deficient in those and many other nutrients.   

Plus a diet like this creates lots of acid wastes, which not only makes it harder for your body to absorb whatever nutrients you are taking in, but can also affect the health of your organs--including lowering your thyroid gland functioning--which can also bring on depression!  

History has certainly helped to prove the food-mood connection.  Over the last 50 years or so, our reliance on packaged and fast foods has increased dramatically... and so have reported cases of depression. 

That's no coincidence, my friend. 

The great news is that increasing numbers of people are seeing a DRAMATIC improvement in their depressive symptoms once they start eating more real foods (and decreasing the acid wastes in their body). 

When you make food your primary medicine, plus help your pH to be more alkaline and get the nutrients you need, your body and mind can function SO much better! 

You can accomplish these important goals simply by following the guidelines in the Great Taste No Pain health system. 

Great Taste No Pain is not a diet--it's an eating lifestyle that helps you attain a healthy acid/alkaline balance and efficient digestion. 

There are just a few simple meal planning principles to remember, and I explain it all in a very straight-forward manner.    

Natural depression remedy #2: Vitamin D 

Studies have shown that people with low vitamin D levels are FAR more prone to depression.   

This is very common in the northern hemisphere, where our exposure to sunlight is greatly limited throughout the year. 

And let’s not forget our recent quarantines and orders to stay indoors have most assuredly caused Vitamin D levels to plummet throughout the country!   

To help ensure you have health-supporting levels of this vital nutrient 365 days a year, in addition to getting 20-30 minutes a day of unprotected sunlight exposure (when possible), it’s wise to supplement with an outstanding product like Optimum DK Formula with FruiteX-B. 

Optimum DK Formula provides a therapeutic 5,000 IUs of vitamin D3 in each capsule, as well as vitamins K1 (500 mcg) and K2 (50 mcg), and the mineral boron.   

This effective blend of super effective nutrients works synergistically to support strong mental health, as well as bone, immune and cardiovascular health too! 

Natural depression remedy #3: Fish oil 

The Omega-3 essential fatty acids Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are critical for brain health and proper brain function.  Your brain's neurons (the cells that transmit messages) are extremely rich in these Omega-3 fatty acids, especially DHA.   

On the other hand, deficiencies in these EFAs have been linked to schizophrenia, decreased memory and depression

Unfortunately, in addition to our typical diets being deficient in B vitamins, zinc and magnesium (like I talked about above) they are also grossly lacking in Omega-3 essential fatty acids.   

That’s why daily supplementation with Omega-3 fish oil can be so helpful to so many people. 

Fish oil supplementation can give your brain a dose of the Omega-3 EFAs it so desperately needs to help maximize its functioning, help protect against dementia in your older years and help fight depression. 

And our VitalMega-3 fish oil formula is the perfect answer to this very important concern!   

VitalMega-3 provides an impressive 1,200 mg of Omega-3s in each daily two-capsule serving, including 600 mg. of the EPA and 400 mg. of DHA that is so highly recommended by health experts.   

The holidays will soon be here--and what a difference it makes to experience the true joy of the season! 

If you or someone you love suffers from depression, don't think that dangerous SSRIs are the only answer...or that you're destined to feel miserable over the next month and a half. 

Try the safe, natural approach and see how much better you can feel, both physically AND mentally, both during this holiday season, as well as 365 days a year. 

To your health and happy, depression-free holidays, 

Sherry Brescia 

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