What’s causing your “Monster breath” and how to stop it


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What’s causing your “Monster breath” and how to stop it


I think it’s safe to say that most people have fears of spiders, snakes and public speaking.

Well, we should add bad breath on to that list!

Just look in the “oral care” aisle of most stores—you’ll see an ocean of minty toothpastes, rinses and mouthwashes, all promising to tame your “Monster breath.”

But using mouthwash for bad breath is like putting a Band-Aid on a broken leg.  Sure, your mouth might feel clean and fresh for a short time, but unless you address the underlying cause of “seeing your breath in the summer,” it will continue to rear its ugly head.    

Let’s look at some of the common and the not-so-well-known causes of halitosis and how you can truly sweeten up your “oral emissions.”

Let’s start with the mouth…and move south

Although foods like onions and garlic can give you temporary bad breath, what we’re talking about here is regular, chronic dragon breath—at all times of the day (not just the morning).

Halitosis is most commonly caused by dental issues such as inadequate dental hygiene, a tooth infection, or gum problems (including gingivitis and periodontal disease).  It can also be the result of sinus problems or tonsillitis. 

But what most people don’t realize is that halitosis can also start further down in your GI tract!

That’s right—bad breath can also be caused by:

  • Pylori infection in the stomach
  • Low stomach acid production
  • Imbalanced microbiome/Candida overgrowth
  • Pancreatic insufficiency
  • Constipation (Please don’t ask me to elaborate on that)


How to sweeten the air for everyone around you

The key to getting rid of bad breath is to figure out what might be behind your “doo-doo mouth” and DO something about it!

Here are some measures you can try:

Start with your mouth

The first place to start is a dental check-up.  Your dentist can determine if you have a tooth problem, gingivitis or periodontal disease, and can set up the proper treatment plan.

You also have to do YOUR part too—and that means regular brushing and flossing! 

In addition, you might want to consider replacing any amalgam (silver) fillings you may have, and here’s why:

Contrary to what people believe, “silver” amalgam fillings are only silver in color—they actually contain 50 percent mercury.

Mercury is a potent neurotoxin which not only can cause brain damage but also make you more susceptible to periodontal disease—which causes bad breath! 

Studies have shown that once amalgam fillings are removed, several mouth problems can be eliminated or vastly improved!

The trick here is you need to locate a dentist who is experienced in amalgam removal.  Check out mercury-free dentists in your area.

Next: Nourish your teeth

The health of ALL your body parts (including your teeth!) depends on you getting a consistent supply of essential vitamins and minerals.

There’s no way around it—you cannot exist on processed junk, fast food and soda and expect to have healthy teeth and gums.

Concentrate on eating REAL food—and stay away from the crap in boxes, packages and cans, and drive by the drive-thru.

Also, since our food supply is not a nutritious as it once was, the only way you can be 100 percent sure you’re getting all the nutrients your teeth and gums need is to take a top-shelf, complete multi-vitamin and mineral formula like Super Core

In addition to a full array of crucial vitamins and minerals, Super Core goes WAY beyond your typical multi-vitamin and provides antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. 

Consider any ENT issues

If you get repeated sore throats, strep throat or sinus infections, it’s a good idea to get checked out by an ENT (Ear, nose and throat) doctor just to make sure there are no underlying problems. 

Explore any issues down south

As I mentioned above, H. pylori infection, low stomach acid and pancreatic insufficiency can ALL cause bad breath.

If you suspect any of these may be an issue for you, see your doctor and get the appropriate tests.  Hint: if you regularly suffer from bloating, acid reflux, belching, burping and can play the Star-Spangled Banner with your flatulence, it’s pretty likely you have some kind of digestive issue going on.

If you feel you are running short on stomach acid or pancreatic enzymes, a complete digestive enzyme formula like Digestizol Max can be a Godsend and support your body where it may be lacking. 

Digestizol Max’s thorough blend of 15 plant-derived enzymes can help your body carry out digestion like it’s supposed to…and that means goodbye gas, bloating and heartburn for you!

Move even further south

An unhealthy gut microbiome is a common culprit behind bad breath…and a good number of digestive problems too (including constipation)!

In addition to eating nourishing fiber-rich real foods, it’s important to help maintain a healthy population of beneficial bacteria through probiotic supplementation.  Because contrary to what most people think, your friendly gut bacteria are not “permanent residents”—they only “vacation” inside of you for about 12 days.

So, you need to constantly make sure their numbers are strong!

And for the very best probiotic there is, nothing beats Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula!  Super Shield’s full-spectrum blend of 13 well-studied, potent probiotic strains is ready to provide the support you desperately need and help ensure your gut microbiome is in a healthy state.

In addition, if you suspect Candida overgrowth is an issue for you (symptoms include fungal nail infections, chronic sinus and allergy issues and cravings for sweets and starches) then our Optimal Yeast Support Blend can counteract Candida and help restore a healthier bacterial balance in the gut.

Get to the bottom of what’s causing your bad breath now and you’ll certainly have something to smile about!

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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