This “fearless foursome” protects against COVID


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This “fearless foursome” protects against COVID


Over the last year, it has become abundantly clear that there is a nasty new respiratory virus in our midst, joining the ranks of pneumonia, influenza, bronchitis, croup, Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and H1N1, among others. 

And while the COVID-19 virus (aka SARS-CoV-2) is “new” to us, viruses in general have been around since the dawn of time. 

Believe it or not, currently there are about 200 different viruses hanging around that could potentially infect someone’s innocent, unsuspecting respiratory system.  COVID has understandably gotten all the current media coverage, but that doesn’t mean the others have taken a hiatus and headed for the hills.

Man vs. virus

Viruses have the uncanny ability to morph and mutate—that’s why they have forever been such a challenge to man.

Like it or not, they are survivors, and they will do anything they can to get around whatever measures we might come up with to try to snuff them out.

But you know what?  There is a very effective, expertly designed “shield of protection” that not only helps prevent someone from contracting COVID-19, but also all the other viruses, plus bacterial infections and even diseases that we share our world with.

It’s your humble immune system.

But the catch is, the strength of your immune system dictates how effective it will be at protecting you from illness…and sadly, many of us have been unknowingly compromising our poor immune systems and leaving them waving the white flag of defeat.

However, it’s never too late to help turn that around!

The human body is incredibly resilient and very responsive to measures that help it heal, strengthen it, and support its proper functioning.

You just need to know what to do and what not to do!

Here are six strategies you can take to the bank that will help beef up your awesome immune system so it can do its best job to protect YOU!

Awesome immune boosting strategies

Engage the power of the “Fearless Foursome” of nutrients

When it comes to supporting your awesome immune system, nutrients are not optional—they are absolutely VITAL.  

And the “Fearless Foursome” of nutrients that are especially supportive to your immune system in helping it fight respiratory viruses (including COVID!) are Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc and Vitamin B1 (thiamine).

All four of these superstars are in our Super Core multi-vitamin and mineral formula!

Super Core provides health-supporting doses of these four key nutrients, as well as a wide variety of other essential nutrients. 

Plus, Super Core goes WAY beyond other multis by also giving you natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. 

Free radicals and inflammation also compromise your body’s ability to fight illness and disease, so Super Core helps counteract those harmful forces too!

Have a healthy diet

Sorry, but this nutrition coach is not going to let you off the hook about your diet.

Because you can turn around and undo the helpful effects of vitamins and other supplements with a poor diet!

So be sure to incorporate lots of vegetables (other than potatoes and corn) into your meals, have a tossed salad with dinner, and enjoy meats, poultry, fish, nuts, eggs, dairy and real butter too.

Lastly, make sure you’re drinking at least 8 glasses of filtered water a day.

Avoid sugar and refined carbs

Sugar (that includes soda too) and refined carbs (like bread, pasta and pastries that turn to sugar upon digestion) is literally poison to your immune system.

Sugar feeds harmful microbes in your gut, which is where 80 percent of your immune system is located.  When it is overrun by harmful microbes, your immune system simply cannot do its job as effectively as it should.

Chill out

Stress causes harmful changes to your gut and weakens your immune system functioning…and heaven knows we currently have no shortage of stress.

So do as much as you can to chill out!

Try regular exercise (with your doc’s OK), infrared sauna, massage, acupuncture, meditation, deep breathing, yoga or whatever helps you de-stress.

Get your Zzzzz’s

Just one poor night’s sleep can compromise your immune function by up to 30 percent!

So, if you regularly lack sleep, you are rolling out the red carpet for sickness to come knocking.

Turn off the late show, get off social media, and hit the sheets.  Make sure you’re getting 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

If you have trouble sleeping, reduce stress like I suggested above.  Also try taking a warm bath, darken your room, sip chamomile tea and avoid sugar and alcohol before bed.

Lastly, lavender essential oil has been shown to be helpful, and our Ocean Lavender essential oil is a favorite among our clients!

Beef up your intestinal army

The beneficial bacteria in your microbiome help fight off dangerous pathogens, but they can only do so if there are a strong number of them.

That’s why supplementation with a multi-strain probiotic formula like Super Shield is a great idea for just about everyone!

We all face challenges to our gut microbiomes—from environmental toxins, medications, sugar and stress, among other things—and these can weaken our populations of helpful microbes!

But a full-spectrum 13-strain probiotic blend like Super Shield can help ensure that your microbiome is well-supported and better able to do its job at protecting you!

One of Super Shield's 13 superior friendly bacteria strains, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, has been shown to stimulate immune antibody production.

Super Shield also contains Bifidobacteria Lactis, which has high adhesion to human mucus.  That means it will stick to your colon wall to keep it strong and protective, which helps keep dangerous toxins, viruses and bacteria from leaking into your bloodstream and making you SICK!

Now you are on a path toward effectively fighting ALL viruses, bacterial infections and diseases using the incredible power of your incomparable immune system.

To your health,

Sherry Brescia


The information in our articles are NOT intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and are not intended as medical advice.

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  • What are your feelings on the mRNA vaccines? I have a history of asthma and allergies, just had a sinus surgery in the fall, BUT I’m feeling great, my asthma is completely under control and my sinuses are clean and clear. My weight is perfect. 107 lbs at 5 ft 2 in. I eat great, organic and non GMO as much as possible. My hubby got vaccinated, and NOT pressuring me. My friends are all getting the jab. I just have some misgivings about what an emergency use vaccine is going to do to us over the long haul. Will it cross the blood brain barrier? I’ve tried to educate myself, but misinformation, disinformation and the truth all get very confusing after a while. I’m in this sweet spot of health right now, (I’m also gluten intolerant, eat no dairy, as little sugar as possible and no processed foods if possible too) and because I’m supersensitive – have had drug reactions in the past – am apprehensive about the vaccine. But I miss my friends and family so much. I feel like I’m ostracizing myself when I don’t have to…..just on the fence, waiting for a sign. Soooooo grateful to everyone who has stepped up and got vaccinated in order to create herd. But what happens down the line? For me? I don’t know. Tired of being alone in my bubble with the hubs and the kitty… Canada (BC – where our numbers are 100 new cases a day and declining). Any tidbits of advice would be welcome Sherry. I so respect everything you write about, and I look forward to your information. I have Great Taste No Gluten – thank you for that. Warm Regards – Kim

    Kim McClelland on

  • I have lung cancer. After 6 Chemotherapy and 35 radiation treatments-what should I do now? Tumor is shrunk to about one-half of size at start.

    ralph gines on

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