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The supplement that you should be taking

Supplements are typically a reflection of individual need—based on a person’s diet, their body’s unique requirements (called “biochemical individuality”) and their current state of health.

So in most cases, there is no “magic supplement” that is right for everybody.

Except one...


Specifically Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula!

Here’s why probiotics are so crucial for everyone and why Super Shield is as good as it gets:

Little guys with big jobs

Everyone has TRILLIONS of bacteria in their guts—they outnumber your body’s actual cells by about 10 to 1!  That should give you an idea as to how significant they are. 

Make no mistake--without your helpful intestinal inhabitants, you’d be deep-sixed in a flash.

Here are some specific ways your gut supports your health and life:

Tip-top digestion

Your gut microbiome breaks down starches and fibers that you eat, thereby reducing gas and bloating and encouraging regular bowel movements.

Better digestion and BMs can also lead to improved blood sugar control and weight loss. 

Complete immune protection

Between 70-80 percent of your immune system resides in your gut.

In addition to fighting off infections and viruses, your immune system also protects you against diseases like cancer.

Plus having a proper-functioning immune system means you are less likely to suffer from allergies, food and environmental sensitivities, asthma and autoimmune conditions.

Proper nutrition

Having a healthy population of intestinal bacteria helps to enhance your absorption of nutrients from your foods and supplements.

It also helps produce vitamins for you!  Your gut flora is directly involved in the production of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, D and K.

Ulcer prevention

Studies have shown that the beneficial bacteria strains L. acidophilus, L. salivarius and L. casei can slow and even help kill H. pylori (the bacteria that causes most ulcers).

Blood cholesterol control

Friendly bacteria can help reduce blood cholesterol by creating acids that counter excess cholesterol production.

In addition, having regular bowel movements can help your body to better eliminate cholesterol from the intestinal tract (instead of risking reabsorption into your bloodstream).

Food cravings

Each species of bacteria in your gut (both good and bad) has their own “dietary preference.”

Depending on which species has the “upper hand” in your gut at any time, the microbes can influence your food choices and cravings by releasing signaling molecules into your gut. 

And the preferred food of harmful bacteria and yeasts is sugar!  So if you crave sweets, that’s a sign your gut flora isn’t as healthy as it should be.

Inflammation signaling

Your gut is the starting point for inflammation throughout your body—it’s the “gatekeeper” for your inflammatory responses.

Inflammation is a significant contributing factor behind most diseases, so helping to keep it under control with a healthy gut environment is a must.

Mental health

Research has shown that problems in your gut can directly impact your mental health, eventually leading to issues like anxiety and depression.

But the opposite is also true—better, healthier bacteria can help encourage better mental health!

Plus 95 percent of your body’s serotonin is manufactured in your gut, so if it’s unable to do its job, depression can result…and all the antidepressants in the world can’t change that.

Now let’s look at the flip side…

Factors that assault your gut microbiome

For your gut microbiome to keep you alive and free of sickness, there must be a large enough population of helpful bacteria, and they must be healthy—otherwise harmful bacteria, yeasts and/or fungi can “have the upper hand” and wreak havoc with your health.

And that’s where so many people run into trouble…because there are many factors working against you including:

Not getting enough sleep

When you sleep your body produces melatonin, and this causes your white blood cell production to increase.  These white blood cells in turn attack and kill the unfriendly bacteria in your gut. 

White blood cells also increase production of your immune system’s T cells and natural killer cells, which both also destroy harmful bacteria.

So when you don't get enough sleep you're missing out on your body's natural nighttime attack against bad bacteria.


Chronic stress causes unhealthy changes in the protective lining of your intestines and makes it so your system can't control and crowd out unfriendly bacteria like it should.

You body is also less able to defend itself against other pathogens like E. coli and salmonella! 

Sugar and refined carbs

Sugar feeds unhealthy yeasts in your gut which causes them to proliferate and overcome your healthful bacteria. 

In addition, refined carbs like breads, pasta, pastries, breakfast cereals, cookies, cakes, muffins, crackers and snack chips turn to sugar upon digestion and therefore have a similar harmful effect on your microbiome.

Chlorinated water

Chlorinated water (which includes the tap water that comes out of your faucet at home) kills the beneficial bacteria in your intestinal tract. 


Although antibiotics are necessary at times, they not only kill the infection-causing microbes in your body, but the friendly ones as well. 

This means that after a round of antibiotics, your gut is in turmoil and the harmful bacteria have an opportunity to overcome your friendly flora.

Other medications

Other medications besides antibiotics can also disrupt your population of helpful gut inhabitants. 

Especially guilty are birth control pills, antacids, acid reducers, NSAIDs and laxatives. 


When you inhale smoke, it enters your stomach and intestines.  Once it reaches the intestines, the nicotine and 6,000 other chemicals destroy your helpful bacteria and make it difficult or impossible for them to survive and multiply. 

Lacking exercise

Exercise has been shown in several studies to produce positive changes in your gut environment (in addition to its numerous other health benefits!).

Give them a fighting chance with the BEST there is!

To give the population of beneficial bacteria in your gut a fighting chance, in addition to avoiding the gut wreckers I mentioned above as much as possible, it's ESSENTIAL to supplement with probiotics. 

Contrary to what you might think, your beneficial microbes are not “permanent residents”—they only reside inside of you for about 12 days.  So it’s essential to continually support a healthful population of them!

Give your body the best possible defense against intestinal flora imbalance (dysbiosis) and all the health problems it can cause with Super Shield

Super Shield’s full-spectrum formula includes 13 strains of outstanding quality, well-studied bacteria from both the Lactobacillus species (which reside in your small intestine) and Bifidobacteria (which inhabit your colon).  This complete formula ensures your entire intestinal tract is covered!

Results speak for themselves.  And our Super Shield has been enhancing the gut health of our satisfied clients for nearly a DECADE!

See what it can do for YOU.  Since it’s now a whopping $10 off a bottle, it’s the perfect time!

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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  • Hello Jim! Thanks for reaching out.

    Each bottle of Super Shield contains 90 capsules and has 13 different pharmaceutical grade strains for you to benefit from. The typical dose is 1-2 per day.

    They are shipped in a heat shield envelope with an ice gel pack via 2-3 day shipping methods of your choice.

    We hope this information helps! Please email us at if you have any other questions.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Melanie at Holistic Blends on

  • Is your probiotics only 7.5 billion? How many strains is it? How many capsules are in a bottle? Is it ok to receive them by mail, I thought they had to be refrigerated to
    Keep the cultures alive?

    Jim oliver on

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