The deadly health threat that you never hear about


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The deadly health threat that you never hear about


This probably won’t surprise you, but I’ve long stopped watching mainstream media news because it disgusts me.  Talk about fear mongering, sensationalism and drama—some of these well-groomed puppets ought to win Academy Awards. 

And the thing is, they will only talk about what their pharma and special interest sponsors allow them to report…so many times a truly imperative issue is slanted or swept under the rug because it would ruffle the wrong feathers. 

Well, currently there is a danger facing all of us that is getting far less press than COVID and all its variants or RSV (both of which most people recover from without issue), and that is a bloody disservice. 

Perhaps the reason we’re not hearing about this other threat is that there’s not a profitable vaccine for it, but that’s just my guess. 

The threat I’m talking about is… 

Antibiotic resistance. 

Here is what you need to know: 

It started with recklessness 

Over the last several decades we’ve been downright reckless with antibiotics.  

They’ve been over-prescribed, used inappropriately (when a bacterial infection was never confirmed and/or for viral infections), and even used long-term to prevent infections (like ear infections in children). 

Plus topical antibiotic formulas have been a popular treatment for acne.  (Yours truly used antibiotic acne lotion back in the 1980s before I knew better!) 

This recklessness has also continued onto our farms. 

Over 25 million pounds of antibiotics are administered to livestock in the US every year for purposes other than treating infection—instead they are used to make the animals grow larger faster (larger animals = more meat, milk and profits). 

And the residue from those antibiotics ends up in the food products from those animals, and eventually in your body. 

Similar comments may be made about chicken.  Currently, companies that produce conventional chicken meat are getting the meat from “super chickens.” These are unnaturally large chickens whose growth results from a steady flow of antibiotics in small doses. 

Antibiotics don’t play favorites 

Antibiotics work by destroying dangerous infection-causing bacteria in your system…but they also kill off your body’s beneficial bacteria too. 

Your gut microbiome is where 80 percent of your immune system resides, and when it’s slaughtered by antibiotics, it’s not a temporary minor hit.  Instead it can take your gut up to a YEAR to recover from just one course of antibiotics. 

Having an unhealthy microbiome balance leaves you susceptible to repeated infections (and other illnesses and diseases).   

By the way, I’m convinced my use of topical antibiotics was a factor in my development of IBS when I was young. 

In addition, long-term use of antibiotics and the resulting destruction of your microbiome is linked to the development of autoimmune conditions like Crohn’s disease, lupus and MS.   

But wait!  There’s more! 

Overuse of antibiotics has also been linked to: 

Higher risk of heart disease.  The New England Journal of Medicine published an article that found taking Erythromycin, a commonly prescribed antibiotic, increases your risk of dying from a cardiovascular complication by a whopping 250 percent. 

Increased cancer risk.  Studies have found a link between higher antibiotic use and increased cancer risk, particularly with breast cancer.   

Higher risk of allergies in children.  Some studies now indicate that use of antibiotics in children increases their risk for allergies, asthma and eczema. 

Bacteria are pretty sharp cookies 

One thing that we’ve repeatedly ignored is that bacteria are extraordinarily intelligent.  As such, they can change and evolve and become resistant to antibiotics. 

Bacteria can also neutralize the antibiotic, pump it out of your body, or up and move the location of their planned attack. 

So far, bacteria have found a way around every single antibiotic we’ve developed, and we’re at the point now where they are causing deadly infections that even our most potent drugs can’t touch! 

What makes this worse is that drug companies are not interested in developing any new antibiotics.  Instead they are pouring money into vaccines—a lucrative product for which they are completely exempt from liability in the US for any harm or death caused by the shots. 

It’s up to YOU 

Here is where you need to take the bull by the horns and minimize your risks.  Our “magical wonder drugs” are quickly becoming useless, and there are no more in the pipeline.   

It’s up to YOU. 

Here are some very effective measures that can help: 

Have a healthy diet of real foods 

This is step one.  Make sure you are eating real foods—not “stuff-in-a-box.”  Avoid processed foods, fast food, refined carbs, rancid vegetable oils and margarine and soda of all kinds. 

Wholesome real foods will help provide the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and fight illness. 

Support strong immune function  

The stronger your immune system is, the less likely it is that you will need antibiotics to begin with.  When it comes to immune support, nothing beats Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formulaIts 7.25 billion CFUs and 13 strains of potent beneficial bacteria will help repopulate your supply of friendly intestinal flora, which is vital for a strong functioning immune system. 

Note that if you’ve been on antibiotics in the recent past, your microbiome may be seriously challenged, in which case the additional potency of Super Sheild PLUS may be your ticket.  Super Shield PLUS provides 15 strains of helpful bacteria and 20 billion CFUs per dose.    

Get enough vitamin D  

Vitamin D is crucial for robust immune function, and it has emerged as a superstar in fighting COVID.  Unfortunately, many of us are deficient in this vital nutrient.   

In addition to spending time in the sun unprotected (20 minutes or so), a top-notch supplement like Optimum DK Formula with FruiteX-B can help ensure you have healthful levels of vitamin D, as well as its partner vitamin K. 

Talk to your doctor  

If you are on long-term antibiotics, talk to your doctor about other, safer options.  If he asks why, show him this article. 

If you get sick and go to the doctor, make sure you have a bacterial infection versus a virus!  Insist on being tested.   

And most importantly, use antibiotics only when necessary and other measures (such as rest, vitamin C, garlic and lots of fluids) have not been enough to help you overcome a bacterial infection. 

Buy organic meat, poultry, dairy and eggs 

This is the only way you can be sure you are getting antibiotic-free food. 

Reduce stress   

Chronic stress can damage the friendly flora in your microbiome, thereby weakening your immune system and increasing your susceptibility to illness. 

Keep in mind that regular exercise is the #1 best stress reducer there is!  Just make sure to get your doctor’s OK first.    

Get enough sleep  

Studies have shown that even one night of poor sleep can depress your immune functioning by up to 30 percent! 

If you have trouble sleeping, here are some measures you can try: 

  • Darken your room. 
  • Avoid watching violent or upsetting shows (or the news!) on TV prior to bed. 
  • Take a warm bath. 
  • Avoid sugar, caffeine or alcohol in the evening. 
  • Try melatonin found in our Soothing Zzzz’s Blend Gummies
  • Check your meds.  Some medications like bronchodilators for asthma and certain antidepressants can trigger insomnia.  Talk to your doctor about alternatives. 
  • Try tryptophan supplements.   

Now get busy supporting that precious immune system of yours and make it far less likely that antibiotic resistance (and sickness and disease in general) will be an issue for you! 

To your health, 

Sherry Brescia


Juice Plus+ - Sherry Brescia

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  • What you have said in this article is so true. And while you will have a number of people who just refuse to acknowledge the sad reality of, not only the overuse of antibiotics, but the outright greed of the pharmaceutical companies and the overall damage they cause to so many people. I myself lost a 20-year-old nephew to the COVID-19 vaccine(s). And of course, his family will NEVER be compensated for this tragic loss. That experience just reinforces my determination to stay away from conventional med treatments as much as possible and follow the advice you provide, namely, to let your (whole foods) be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.

    Bobby Hill on

  • Hi Sherry,
    Thanks for sharing your helpful articles.
    I’m just wondering if you have any suggestions for parkinson’s disease?

    les on

  • The advice given is good BUT the section on sleep includes a DARK room. I hate a dark room to sleep, I love to sleep out-of-doors and to be alert to the rising of the sun (and setting at night too). My family and I live in the country and do not use curtains so we sleep without dark rooms. Then, I observe so many parents provide night lights for their children – that seems ironic to me – dark room and then lights (often fluorescent)??!!
    The requirement for a dark room is a great puzzle to me. Can anyone explain?

    Helen Samujh on

  • Great info Sherry…
    Another action people partake in, and it’s not on the news enough is taking NSAIDS!!!
    Wow… If people only knew the long term damage and the fatalities from complications of using these OTC pain relievers, they might think twice about popping these pills like they are tic-tacs.

    Mary Ann on

  • My husband is a cattleman, & they do not use antibiotics to help cattle grow.Only when there is an infection, & then sparingly. Our son is a vet, & keeps a close eye on things. Some cattlemen give their animals hormones for the growth factor. I totally agree with you on the antibiotics, as well as the hormones.

    Cholly Johnson on

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