How to detox safely and naturally


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How to detox safely and naturally

May 24, 2022 2 comments
How to detox safely and naturally


If there’s anything that withstands the test of time in our society today, it’s the existence of crazes.

As in, what’s the latest diet craze?  Or workout fad?  Or serum to reduce wrinkles and aging?

And right up there at the top of the craze list is: What’s the newest way to detox?!

I’m not suggesting that detoxing isn’t important because it sure is!  It’s never good to have toxins residing in your body.

But relying on the merits of some of the latest detoxes and cleanses can come back to bite you in the derriere.

To know why I say that, and to see what truly works with detoxing, you need to peek inside your body starting with...

Your laborious liver

Your liver is your primary organ of detoxification.

The liver has 2 levels of detoxification—Phase I and Phase II.   Phase I is where enzymes act on the toxins and break them up into harmless pieces.  (This is how caffeine is metabolized.)

Another Phase I strategy is to change a toxin so it can be dissolved in water.  Then it can be filtered out by your kidneys and come out in your urine. 

Also, your liver can attach a toxin to bile and whisk it off to your intestinal tract to be eliminated with your next BM.

Now, Phase I sometimes creates what’s called bioactivation—when the end result of the enzyme action is not harmless but instead creates a substance much MORE toxic than the original one! 

When this happens, Phase II steps in.  

Phase II works by adding molecules to the toxin and “handcuffing” it so it can be escorted out of your body with your urine or feces.  (Heavy metals are detoxed this way.)

The right conditions

For this awesome detox process to work effectively, you must have the right conditions.

For starters, you must be properly hydrated so your kidneys can make urine. 

Your liver must be healthy—and that means minimizing medication use and drinking alcohol in moderation. 

Getting enough fiber is crucial.  Fiber binds to toxins in your intestinal tract and helps escort them out.  If they aren’t eliminated, they can be reabsorbed into circulation.

Last but not least, your digestion must be tip-top.  If it’s not, you simply will not be able to eliminate toxins as well as you should. 

How detox products and cleanses can be dangerous

Here are the two most popular detox methods and the dangers associated with each:

Liquid-only fasts

Many toxins like heavy metals and pesticides are fat-soluble and are stored in your fat cells. 

So when you abstain from food during a liquid fast, your body quickly gets to the point where it needs to get energy by burning fat. 

But when your cells burn fat, they also release the toxins that are stored in that fat, which then seep into your bloodstream.  At this point you are at an increased risk of serious damage to your tissues, organs, and systems--especially your brain and nervous system.

Detox supplements

Many detox supplements are designed to hunt down and pull toxins out of your body's tissues. 

But as this is taking place, your liver gets bombarded!  It has to work in overdrive to carry out its Phase I and II processes and eventually may not be able to keep up. 

That means the toxins can seep back into your bloodstream or go right back in your fat cells.

Plus even if the liver can keep up with the toxic overload, if you’re lacking fiber or your digestion is poor, you won’t be able to eliminate them all.  

How to detox safely and naturally

Step one in any detox effort MUST be to eliminate the sources of toxins to begin with!

And most times, the vast majority of your toxins comes from your DIET.

Face the music here--you can't exist on junk, fast food or processed food and not expect to be toxic.  You're only fooling yourself AND harming your body.  It’s time to say goodbye to the garbage.

Here are 5 safe, natural, effective steps you can take to help make your body squeaky clean on the inside!

1)  Eat wholesome real foods & encourage sound digestion

This is vital—your body must have the nutrients and fiber from real foods that it needs, plus sound digestion to eliminate toxins. 

And the Great Taste No Pain health system can give you the guidance you need!

Great Taste No Pain teaches you the few simple principles of combining the right foods to support sound digestion and nutrient absorption. 

Not only will this help encourage regular bowel movements, but it can also help curb other digestive problems like acid reflux, gas and bloating. 

Plus the dishes in the recipe section are so delicious, you will fall in love with healthy, nutritious foods and happily say goodbye to toxic, chemical-loaded processed foods for good.

2) Drink filtered water

Water is essential for creating urine and keeping your bowels running smoothly.

Eight glasses a day should be your minimum. 

3) Supplement with probiotics

In order for your body to eliminate toxins through the GI tract, your gut environment MUST be strong and healthy.  Otherwise, you’re prone to constipation and leaky gut, which makes it oh so easy for those toxins to again make a home inside of you.

When it comes to an outstanding, potent, full-spectrum probiotic blend, nothing beats Super Shield PLUS!

Super Shield PLUS’s carefully selected variety of 15 well-studied probiotic strains will help support a healthy gut microbiome, as well as promote more regular BMs and enhance your immune system functioning as well!

4) Work up a sweat

Sweating has been shown in studies to eliminate the following toxins:

  • Persistent organic pollutants (solvents, fumigants and insecticides, including DDT)
  • Phthalates
  • Heavy metals including lead, aluminum, nickel and cadmium
  • Bisphenol A (BPA)—an endocrine disruptor found in canned foods and plastic water bottles
  • PBDEs

Two of the very best ways to get a good sweat going are regular exercise and infrared sauna. 

So put on those sneakers (after getting your doctor’s OK) and pay a visit to a sauna facility too!  (For those of you who are local in the Syracuse, NY area:  Pay a visit to our Holistic Blends store and book an infrared sauna session!)

5) Consider chelation therapy

Chelation therapy helps clear heavy metals and other toxins from your body.  It can be done by an IV solution or with oral chelators.

Now you know some of the best natural ways to detox your body!  I’m sure it will thank you handsomely.

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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  • I personally believe an IV treatment is way off the scales unless you are dying.
    Anyone with a set of healthy lungs and a pulse only needs to manage their diet and understand what garbage is.
    I’d also suggest people clue themselves up on iodine.
    This mineral is as vital as air, water, salt and food. The US and world RDI is a total joke. Those levels will see you sick until you drop dead.
    I dose well over 100x the RDI and never get sick.
    What the body does not need it will expell as it does with salt, water etc.
    Never juice (see Robert Lustig)
    Consider iodine (see Mark Sircus)
    Cancel all cereals (see Perlmutter)
    Stop using fluoride toothpastes (see William Marcus, Paul Connett)
    Always add iodine to fluoride tap water
    US bread has bromine added (toxic)
    Do adult animals drink milk? Why do we?
    Inuits never ate greens yet were disease free. How was this even possible? Read the 1930’s Stefferson-Bellvue experiment!!
    All sugar is toxic. If you feed candy to a child you may as well serve them booze. Exactly the same liver damage!!
    The most useless food item to eat is an iceberg lettuce. It’s 99% water and has zero food value. Swap it for cabbage for a 10,000% health improvement(your GI will thank you!!)
    Don’t add a mixer to spirits, you instantly double the harm.
    Just add more ice.
    cheers for now

    Ed Evans on

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