Could this substance be the fountain of youth?


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Could this substance be the fountain of youth?

It’s been said that there are two certainties in life—death and taxes.

I say there are three—death, taxes, and AGING!

But many people think that our golden years are destined to be plagued with sickness, disease, and physical limitations.

Absolutely not!

And based on a recent study, there is a definite key to “aging successfully” without becoming ill, diseased or disabled along the way.

The key to successful aging

A study by researchers at the Westmead Institute in New South Wales, Australia and published in The Journal of Gerontology followed older adults for 10 years and examined their states of health throughout. 

The researchers looked at a number of variables to see what was different about the people who remained free of disease over the 10 year period versus those who became sick and impaired.

The biggest factor that jumped out way ahead of all the others was…


That’s right.  The greater the fiber intake, the healthier the study subjects were as they advanced in age.

It ain’t no surprise

The fact that fiber is truly the “fountain of youth” is no surprise…and keeping you “regular” is just a drop in the bucket.

Fiber’s impressive resume also includes these benefits:

  • Reduces your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer
  • Helps normalize your cholesterol level
  • Reduces the incidence of colon polyps and bowel diseases
  • Helps prevent obesity by slowing the release of insulin and stored glucose in your bloodstream
  • Helps prevent appendicitis, hemorrhoids and varicose veins
  • Binds with toxins and heavy metals in your intestines and helps them get eliminated with your bowel movements

We're severely lacking

Although the recommended daily fiber intake is 25-30 grams, the average person is lucky if they get a meager 14 or 15 grams a day. 

So is it any wonder we're blocked up, bloated and sickly in our old age? 

The right sources

Obviously, we need more fiber!  But deciding how to get your fiber is where people can run into trouble.

Here's how:

Trouble spot #1: “Fiber in a jar”

Rather than incorporating more fiber sources into their diet, many people opt for “fiber in a jar”—such as Metamucil®.

Metamucil® is a psyllium husk-based laxative.  Each dose contains a mere 3 grams of fiber (about the same as an apple) which is far below the recommended 25-30 grams.

And regardless of its fiber content, it is a laxative which can be habit-forming, make your intestines sluggish and eventually make it difficult to have a bowel movement without it.

Trouble spot #2: “Fiber in a box”

Walk down the cereal aisle of any store and you’ll see loads of boxes trumpeting that their contents are a “Great source of fiber!”

Here’s the truth:  Breakfast cereals are loaded with refined carbs--which contribute to insulin resistance and obesity, are nutrient poor and feed harmful microbes in your gut.

Plus even the “high fiber” varieties only contain about 3 grams of fiber—again, about the same as an apple and far less than what you need. 

The best source of fiber

Get your fiber from real foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, and legumes. 

Even small steps in the right direction can help:

  • Commit to eating a tossed salad with dinner every day.
  • Snack on carrot and celery sticks or sliced fresh fruit instead of chips or crackers.
  • If you are still hungry after you’ve eaten what’s on your plate, have seconds on vegetables.
  • Have oatmeal for breakfast instead of cereal.
  • Choose whole grain breads and pastas.
  • Add a can of cannellini, black or kidney beans to your favorite soups or stews.

But what about the GAS?

Many people shy away from fiber because it makes them gassy. 

What most people don’t realize is that your friendly gut flora breaks down fiber—but if you don't have a strong or healthy enough population of these beneficial bacteria to do the job, you can end up with gas!

But supplementation with a top-notch probiotic like Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula can help make sure your fiber gets broken down like it should…without the gas and bloating!

And of course 70 percent of your immune system also resides in your intestines…so having a healthy flora balance can go a long way in beefing up your immune system to protect you against sickness and disease!

Take advantage of Nature’s fountain of youth—FIBER—and reap the benefits well into your golden years!

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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