Could this be the key to a longer life?


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Could this be the key to a longer life?

Apr 24, 2017 0 comments
Could this be the key to a longer life?

We’ve reached a very disturbing point in our existence.

For the first time in centuries, children of today are not expected to live as long as their parents did.

There are many factors that are contributing to this grim fact—overuse of pharmaceuticals, environmental toxins, and unhealthy lifestyle habits are some of the major ones.

But the good news is you can do a LOT to help reverse this trend and support a long, healthy life—for you and your children!  Here are…

Nine tips toward a longer life

Long life tip #1:  Eat real food

Your body was designed to eat real foods—not processed, packaged, chemical-laced garbage that does nothing but add to the food manufacturer’s bottom line and makes you sick and fat.

“Real foods” means fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy, meats, poultry, fish, eggs, healthy fats (like butter and olive oil) and minimally processed whole grains.  These are the foods that are perfect for your body’s needs.

Processed foods, on the other hand, not only do NOT nourish you (don’t be fooled by their flimsy added nutrients), but they also create tremendous amounts of wastes that are difficult for your body to eliminate. 

Eventually, if enough wastes build up, you become the perfect home for disease to flourish. 

Plus processed foods are notorious for being made with GMO ingredients.

Long life tip #2:  Support sound digestion

Your health and life depend on sound digestion!

Digestion is how you absorb vital nutrients and eliminate disease-causing wastes…so if yours isn’t going along well (and judging by how many people use acid reducers, that’s likely), it will take its toll on you.

Avoid eating proteins (like meat) and starches (like potatoes) together because this combination is next to impossible for your body to break down.  Protein-starch meals are responsible for most of our acid reflux and constipation, and all the acid reducers and laxatives in the world won’t change that.

Keep your meals simpler—pair proteins OR starches with vegetables and tossed salad. 

Sound digestion also requires adequate enzymes, but many people are running low in this area.  This is especially true if you are elderly, have used acid reducers, have had your gallbladder removed or have had gastric surgery (including bypass).

If you feel enzymes may be an issue, Digestizol Max enzyme formula can help pinch-hit and support your body where it is lacking.

Long life tip #3: Drink 8 glasses of water a day

Water keeps you hydrated, cleanses the garbage out of your cells, eases constipation and even helps reduce pain!

Eight 8 oz. glasses a day should be your minimum. 

Always choose filtered water—never tap water.

Long life tip #4: Commit to regular exercise

Exercise may be a dirty word to you, but you don’t stand a snowball’s chance in you-know-where of having any measure of health if you don’t exercise.

But if you use your imagination, exercise can be fun and very addicting!

Pick an activity you like or at will at least tolerate.  Brisk walking is a good choice and just about anyone can do that.

Make your goals realistic too.  Trying to run five miles when you’ve never run farther than 20 feet is not realistic.  Start with small goals and build up.

Get an exercise buddy.  You’ll be less likely to skip a workout if you have someone counting on you to show up. 

Get your doctor’s OK and get moving toward a longer life now.

Long life tip #5: Reduce stress

Nothing will make the grim reaper arrive faster than to be under constant chronic stress.

Stress weakens your immune system, encourages elevated blood glucose levels, impairs your mental functioning, causes you to stress eat (and gain weight) and is a factor in high blood pressure and digestive conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

There are several stress reduction measures such as counseling, meditation, yoga, prayer, exercise and deep breathing.

Many people have also reported that it helps to take up a hobby or adopt a pet. 

Long life tip #6: Support a healthy gut flora balance

Your friendly gut flora helps with digestion but that’s just the beginning.

It also manufactures B vitamins, improves nutrient absorption, enhances your immune system functioning, encourages normal cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and even beefs up your metabolism!

To support a healthy flora balance, it's important to supplement with a probiotic formula like Super Shield that contains strains from both the Lactobacillus (for the small intestine) and Bifidobacterium (for the colon) species.

Long life tip #7: Get a good laugh

Laughter is a natural stress-reducer, it helps release endorphins (feel-good chemicals), eases depression, stimulates circulation, lessens pain and it even enhances your immune system functioning!

Take time to laugh each day by watching comedies or reading jokes or funny stories. 

Long life tip #8: See a doctor and dentist each year

Many health problems can be caught in early stages by going for regular check-ups, and that also includes dental check-ups. 

If you shun the doctor’s office or Ronald Reagan was President last time you went to the dentist, it’s time to make an appointment. 

Long life tip #9: Get 7-9 hours of sleep each night

Not getting enough sleep takes its toll on you in numerous ways.  It can:

  • Lower your immune function
  • Trigger chronic pain
  • Accelerate the aging process
  • Worsen depression
  • Encourage overweight and obesity
  • And even cause your brain to shrink!

Get going on supporting your better health and longer life now!

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

The information in our articles are NOT intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and are not intended as medical advice.

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