Are you finally ready to end your IBS?


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Are you finally ready to end your IBS?

Dec 27, 2021 7 comments
Are you finally ready to end your IBS?


If you’ve been a reader of mine for a while, you are probably aware that I used to suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Looking back, I can say that my (former) condition was both a curse and a blessing.

A curse, of course, because I suffered for many years with regular gas, bloating and anything-but-normal bowel movements.

But it was also a blessing because, since I was able to eradicate my condition with diet changes and supplementation, it inspired me to help others do the same.

And that, my friend, is why I hung up my CPA hat 20 years ago and earned my Master’s in Nutrition so I could practice as a Nutrition coach specializing in digestion.

Now my question to you is….

Are you finally ready to end your IBS like I did?

If so, read on because I’m going to tell you how to do exactly that, but first we’ll start with...

Why what you’ve tried so far hasn’t worked

You’ve probably been told to try several IBS treatments and haven’t seen one bit of difference in your condition.

I know.  That happened to me as well.

You think this one thing might help….and then it doesn’t.  Then you try something else and wait and hope…but it fails you. 

So you begin to feel hopeless, right?  I know I sure did.

Let’s look at some of these treatments:

Trigger foods:  Most practitioners will tell you to try to identify “trigger foods”—foods that trigger your IBS attacks.  Then just avoid those foods. 

Easy, right?  WRONG!  Very few people can pinpoint a certain food that triggers their symptoms every single time! 

Going gluten-free:  You can go gluten-free, but if you don’t have a gluten sensitivity to begin with, avoiding it might not make much difference in your symptoms.

Plus remember that gluten foods also are refined carbs—which turn to sugar upon digestion, feed harmful bacteria and yeasts in your gut, and stir up gas and bloating. 

So many IBS sufferers that think going gluten-free is working for their IBS are actually getting relief due to fewer refined carbs in their diets.

FODMAPS: FODMAPs stands for fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols.

As their description implies, FODMAPs are short-chain carbs (mainly sugars) that are highly fermentable in the gut and can cause gas and bloating.

FODMAPs include things like fruits, honey, dairy, wheat, garlic, onions, legumes and sugar alcohols (like xylitol).

But not everyone is highly sensitive to FODMAPs, or some people may be sensitive to only a few of them, so avoiding them is not a universal answer.

Medications:  Medications for IBS are of limited benefit, and what’s even more concerning is the potential side effects.  Here’s what I mean:

  • Long-term use of laxatives can cause your colon to become “lazy” and you can get to the point where you can’t “go” without them! And it’s a long, arduous process to “retrain” your bowel if you do get off laxatives.
  • SSRI antidepressants can cause suicidal thoughts and depression.
  • Rifaximin can cause diarrhea—the very thing it is intended to treat.
  • Viberzi (for constipation) can cause potential fatal pancreatic inflammation.

Now let’s talk about… 

Ending your IBS for good!

The key to ending IBS is to support super-efficient digestion, balance your gut microbiome, fight back at SIBO, and ease inflammation in your GI tract.   

1- Eat for better digestion

When you look at what the average person eats today, it should be no surprise that IBS is so common.

Considering our typical diets loaded with processed foods, soda and horribly hard to digest meals, it's easy to see why so many people suffer digestive disaster every day.

But that can be turned around very easily by simply eating for better digestion--like I can guide you to do in the Great Taste No Pain health system!

Great Taste No Pain shows you why specific foods and food combinations cause digestive problems like gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea—all the classic IBS symptoms! —plus heartburn and acid reflux too.

It's all based on simple chemistry and the way your body’s enzymes digest different foods.

There are also guides that show you how to put together meals that your system can break down MUCH easier, and a collection of delicious recipes to try.

You'll be shocked at how great you can feel after eating for a change (and how nice and flat and quiet your stomach can be). 

2- Balance your microbiome

Many studies have identified differences in gut microbes between those with IBS and the control group, with the IBS sufferers seriously lacking in both Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria.

So keeping those microbe populations healthy is a MUST for people with IBS!

Having a nutritious diet is essential for a well-balanced gut microbiome, but even if you do eat well, the bacteria population in your gut can be thrown off by medications, stress, lack of sleep or smoking.

That's why probiotic supplementation is so important to help maintain a strong gut microbiome.

And Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula is up to this vital task!

Super Shield contains 13 of the most feisty, well-studied effective strains of bacteria available, including both the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species which are so crucial for IBS sufferers.

3- Fight back at SIBO

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is now being recognized as a leading underlying cause of IBS.

SIBO occurs when bacteria that normally colonize in your large intestine “swim upstream” and get into the small intestine, causing gas, pain and bloating.

Up until now people with SIBO had only one treatment option—antibiotics—which can further disrupt an already topsy-turvy microbiome and make you vulnerable to recurrences!

Well, things have finally changed for the better because now there’s SIBO Defense Blend!

SIBO Defense Blend provides two of the most effective, yet safe antimicrobials found in Nature—oregano oil and garlic extract!

Oregano oil has been shown to be comparable in strength to antibiotics, but the difference is it’s safer and gentler to the friendly bacteria in your intestinal tract! 

And garlic has been used since the dawn of time to fight infections and viruses.

4- Supplement with Omega-3 fish oil

Omega-3 fish oils like VitalMega-3 have been shown to inhibit the inflammation associated with IBS and help ease the pain that frequently occurs.

Come on over to my IBS-free world!

I speak with expert authority about IBS…because I suffered from it for over 15 years, and it has been the primary focus of my nutrition practice. 

I will never forget the horrible suffering I endured with IBS, as well as the medication side effects, and trust me, life is very SWEET indeed when you can finally close the door on it.

Come on over and join me in the IBS-free world and see how great you can feel.

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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  • Hello Rachel,

    Thank you for reaching out to us. We encourage you to check out this chart to show the comparison between the Plus formula and the standard formula of Super Shield, to help you decide:

    I’d also suggest that you schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation with Sherry so that you can discuss your concerns with her and see what customized recommendations she has for you:

    Please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any other questions!

    Kind Regards,
    Client Support

    Melanie at Holistic Blends on

  • Hello Sherry, can IBS be expressed by gas mostly with no odor? also pain in my upper tummy but not only there, some times in other abdominal areas. also I have pain in my shoulder blade and back, like someone is pushing force inside all the area. Also can IBS cause insomnia, light headedness, tiredness? I don’t have constipation nor diarrhea But i do feel my stools is several times acidic, as i have a burning sensation in anus after evacuation. I do suffer those symptoms for many years and every day i have some of those symptoms. this is interrupting my well being. .
    my GP says that this is my problem IBS as he didn’t find something else, but i am not sure. what do you think? also i wish to take again the super shield and i wonder which one to choose – super shield or the Super shield +

    Rachel on

  • Hello Gene,

    Thank you for your inquiry! Check out this article on colon health:

    Melanie at Holistic Blends on

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