Are you caught in this unhealthy trap?


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Are you caught in this unhealthy trap?

Dec 08, 2017 0 comments
Are you caught in this unhealthy trap?

There is an interesting phenomenon in mainstream medicine that I call “running on the white coat treadmill.”

It occurs when you go to the doctor for a problem, maybe have some tests, receive your diagnosis and are given a prescription for a medication.

You take the drug but you don’t feel better or you start suffering side effects, so you go back to the doctor and get a second prescription.

But the second drug doesn’t help or causes side effects so you go back to the doctor AGAIN and are given yet ANOTHER drug to take...and you soon find yourself taking multiple medications, but not really feeling better and of course never addressing the underlying cause of your problem to begin with. 

Is this happening to you?  If so, you are running on the infamous white coat treadmill.

And it’s time to acknowledge that and do what you can to stop it. 

Instead of living the rest of your days sickly and needing one medication after another, start using food as your medicine and pave the way for better digestion—because being properly nourished and having sound digestion is truly the key to better health! 

Here’s why.

How lacking nutrients and poor digestion destroy your health

Lacking in one or more essential nutrients is a significant underlying factor behind most sickness and disease, so having a nutrient-poor diet of fast and highly processed foods is a sure-fire way to guarantee you’ll soon be running your heart out on that white coat treadmill.

This goes beyond the obvious deficiency diseases like anemia or osteoporosis, and even includes cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s!

Plus poor digestion stokes the fires of ill health too.

As you would expect, poor digestion initially comes out as digestive symptoms.  These include conditions like acid reflux, GERD, IBS, diverticulosis and chronic constipation. 

It can also trigger attacks of diverticulitis and autoimmune conditions such as Crohn's and colitis. 

Inadequate digestion also worsens any nutrient deficiencies you may already have going on, since your foods will not be broken down enough for your body to be able to absorb the nutrients!

Additionally, poorly digested food molecules can bully their way through your intestinal wall, get into your bloodstream, taunt your immune system and trigger food sensitivities. 

Plus inadequately digested food molecules in the bloodstream can also stir up inflammation, and inflammation is a leading contributing factor to countless diseases, including our two main killers—heart disease and cancer!

Better food + Better digestion = Better YOU!

If you want to get off the white coat treadmill for good and finally start to feel better, you must have a diet of nutritious real foods (not stuff-in-a-box or fast food) and support efficient, comfortable digestion.

Here’s how:

1)  Follow my Great Taste No Pain health system

In the Great Taste No Pain plan, I show you what foods to pair together in your meals (and what combinations to avoid!) to pave the way for smoother, better digestion.  Great Taste No Pain works with how your body is designed to digest different foods, so it is effective for EVERYONE.

Imagine not being bloated, gassy or feeling like a fire-breathing dragon after eating anymore!  And regular BMs may become your new reality too! 

Plus you'll learn about proper acid/alkaline balance, which will help keep inflammation low in your body and help prevent or reduce other seemingly unrelated conditions like headaches, muscle and joint pain, and even high blood pressure.

I’ll also teach you how to know good carbs from bad, and which fats you should be using (and which ones to avoid like the plague!)

And the best part of all is that eating the GTNP way is positively delicious!  The Great Taste No Pain recipe section is loaded with scrumptious recipes featuring nutritious, tasty real foods.  There are savory soups and stews, moist breads, fresh salads, juicy meat and chicken dishes, yummy sides, tasty snacks and more.

2)  Supplement with Digestizol Max digestive enzyme formula

If you've had digestive problems for a long time, and especially if you've been taking purple pills or other stomach drugs, chances are excellent that your body's ability to produce adequate enzymes is reduced. 

And once your enzyme-making capability is gone, it's gone!

Unlike acid reducers and proton pump inhibitors that destroy digestion and worsen GI problems, Digestizol Max is a safe, effective blend of 15 plant-derived enzymes that give your body a much-needed boost in breaking down your foods.

Plus Digestizol Max contains five healing herbs that help soothe irritation in your digestive tract.

And now is the perfect time to put Digestizol Max to work for you because it’s $10 off per bottle!  This is our biggest sale on Digestizol Max EVER!

Don't endure another minute on the white coat treadmill--spending boatloads of money on drugs, suffering side effects and not feeling better.

Do what REALLY works—eat real food and improve your digestion--and a whole new world of feeling great will open up for YOU.

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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