A very inspiring story that will touch your heart


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A very inspiring story that will touch your heart


I think it’s ingrained in us as human beings to embrace an inspiring story and be moved by the same. 

That’s why I share the story of my own ill health—suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) for 15 years and feeling hopeless—until I changed my diet and ended my IBS practically overnight. 

And I’m thankful to say that I’ve been able to help many others do the same with my Great Taste No Pain book and Holistic Blends nutritional supplements.     

But I came upon an incredible testimonial of natural healing that blew me away. 

Unlike me with my history of stomach pain, bloating and constipation, this particular person was three weeks away from DEATH from lymphoma, but thankfully was saved by his son with safe, natural measures.  

Here’s the story as told by his Naturopath son, Dr. Santillo: 

From death’s door to remodeling a kitchen 

It was 1980 and I was on a lecture tour, teaching herbal seminars in Denver, CO. During a break, I received a phone call from my father.  He told me his spleen had swollen to the size of a football. My mother made an appointment for him at a nearby hospital, where the doctors could not believe how large his spleen had grown--and it was still growing. 

At the end of the day, my dad called me again and said he was diagnosed with lymphoma, cancer of the lymphatic system. I was so stunned I couldn't even reply.  My throat closed up so tightly I could hardly breathe.  He felt my shock and distress and told me everything was going to be okay.  Being a naturopath and teaching people for years how to live by the laws of nature, I had to ask myself, why did this have to happen?  

I told my dad I'd be home in four days as soon as my tour was over.  By the time I got there, his doctors had already removed his spleen and started chemotherapy.  I was floored.  No questions had been asked--they just did the surgery and started pumping him full of drugs.        

After three weeks, my father had lost 40 pounds and nothing was working. The chemotherapy had failed and there was nothing more they could do. The doctor called our family together and told us my dad had no more than three weeks to live.   

After breaking the news to my dad, I asked if he'd like to try natural therapy at my clinic in Tucson, AZ where I would take care of him and he agreed.  I picked him up and carried him out of the hospital without even checking him out. 

By the time we got to Tucson, he weighed 136 pounds, and his cancer was traveling so fast through his body that he couldn't eat or drink.  How do you nourish somebody who can't eat or drink?  

I started massaging him every day with olive oil so his body would absorb the fat through his skin. He could only sip water, so I devised a plan to get more nutrients in.  I made fresh green juice with kale, parsley, and some additional liquid chlorophyll, and gave him the vegetable juices to sip.  

Fruit juices, however, made him feel ill because of their sugar. You don't want to feed cancer cells sugar because they thrive on it; plus, it acidifies the body, putting an even greater strain on a sick person's system.    

I wanted to find a way to get more concentrated nutrition into his body to increase his strength and boost his healing, and it occurred to me that if I juiced the vegetables and dried the juice, the powder would be more concentrated than the juice itself.  

I set up some small dryers in my office and found that it would take hours to dry the juice, but it worked. I'd give him tablespoons of vegetable juice powder stirred into small amounts of water daily.  

To my amazement, in two months he put on 30 pounds! There was no meat or carbohydrates other than tablespoons of dried vegetable juice in his diet.  

He then got to the point where he could also drink fruit juice powder without feeling ill, so he'd have fruit juice powder in the morning and vegetable juice powder the rest of the day.   

The results were astonishing. Within three months of my taking over his treatment, my father got out of bed and remodeled my kitchen!  He had been a carpenter his whole life and loved working with wood.  

Continuing on a nutritional program of eating large amounts of vegetables, dried juice powders, and soaked and sprouted seeds and nuts, he went back to work within six months and worked as a carpenter, surviving for another eight years.   

It's my opinion that he'd still be alive today if his doctors had not removed his spleen and given him such high doses of drugs during his hospitalization. 

From my father's recovery, I realized the hidden healing power of whole foods.  Experimenting over several months, I created one concentrated juice-powder formula with fruits and another with vegetables—searching out the most nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables on the planet.  

Soon everyone who came to my office, regardless of the problem, was given a bag of each powder. The healings that I observed were no less than miraculous; I knew I was on to something big when my patients were getting well so fast. 

The formulas I created and used in my clinical practice are now the most wonderful line of fruit and vegetable concentrates, called Juice Plus  

This is why I offer Juice Plus to my clients! 

I was already enthusiastic about offering the Juice Plus line of products to my clients because of their outstanding quality and how they naturally help “fill in the gaps” and provide better nutrition for someone with a dicey diet.  

But when I read the story of Dr. Santillo’s father’s extraordinary journey back from death’s door, I knew I had made a wonderful discovery after exploring these products at the suggestion of one of my dear clients. 

And the thing is, as much as I’d like to, I couldn’t easily make similar products myself! 

It would require years and years of research, production, testing, developing close relationships with farmers throughout the country for sources of fresh fruits and vegetables, and much more.  Juice Plus has been in inception for over 30 years and heaven knows they’ve got it down pat!    

See what Juice Plus can do for you! 

Whether you are a junk food junkie, are trying to adopt healthier eating habits and struggling, or perhaps are dealing with a health challenge and could benefit from additional nutrients, I encourage you to check out the Juice Plus line of products.   

See what the power of better nutrition can do in supporting your better health! 

To your health, 

Sherry Brescia 

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  • You better be careful to not tout this too much or became too well known or Big Pharma will come after you and find some way of shutting you down. Watch the documentary, (Cancer The Forbidden Cures) and you will see what I mean.

    Terry on

  • I would like to try some juice plus but your site doesn’t seem to sell it how do I buy some.

    Earnie Blue on

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