7 Steps to a long, disease-free life


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7 Steps to a long, disease-free life

Nov 16, 2020 5 comments
7 Steps to a long, disease-free life


I hate to say this, but if you are interested in living a long, disease-free life, our modern healthcare system is not the way to do it.

I thought this last Friday as I was walking into a local medical center for my bi-weekly acupuncture session.  All the people around me in the lobby were overweight, or could barely walk without pain, or looked like they were at death’s door.

And of course, the line for the pharmacy was nice and long. 

So I was inspired by this experience to write this blog for you today. 

Because you have the power within you to create health!   

Here’s how—first you need to:

Open your eyes as to what our healthcare system is…and isn’t

Sadly, our modern healthcare system focuses on anything BUT creating health and preventing disease.

That’s because the curriculums in most medical schools are pharmaceutical-based.

That means our doctors are not learning how to keep you healthy, prevent sickness or support your body’s natural ability to heal.  Instead they are learning what drugs to give for what conditions...and are taught to poo-poo most other ideas or approaches.

Nutrition? Baloney! It doesn’t matter what you eat!

Acupuncture or chiropractic treatment? That’s quackery!

Supplements? A waste of money.  Take this medication instead.

Sadly, many brilliant minds that entered medical school with a desire to help others are instead coming out as robots for drug companies.

And as far as health goes, forget it.  Disease management is what you’re going to get.

Want real health? It’s up to YOU

When you improve your lifestyle habits and focus your efforts on creating HEALTH, you are naturally decreasing your chances of developing a sickness or disease and lessening your need for medications!

Now, there may be times where medications are necessary, but we have gone WAY overboard and rely too heavily on medications to “create false health” for us.

So if you want to get on the road to a truly healthier you, here are 7 simple yet powerful steps to take:

Step 1: Have a healthy, fiber-rich, easy to digest diet

This is numero uno.

Nothing can ruin your health and destroy your digestion faster and easier than a nutrient-poor, processed food diet.

If you ever want hopes of living life free of disease, you MUST eat real foods that are natural sources of nutrients and fiber, and structure your meals so that they are easier for your body to break down. 

The good news is that eating to encourage great health and optimal digestion is easy and enjoyable...

When you follow my Great Taste No Pain health system, that is.

The Great Taste No Pain plan explains why it's so important to avoid certain meal combinations because they tax your stomach and intestines.  It's logical, based on simple chemistry and will make perfect sense to you.

Then Great Taste No Pain goes on to show you what GOOD meal combinations are, and how to construct meals that are delicious and a breeze for your system to digest!

And the recipe section gives you tasty ideas for enjoying good-for-you foods—you’ll be pleasantly shocked to see how delicious a healthy diet can be!

Step 2: Supplement smartly

Very few supplements are needed by everyone.  Our biochemical individuality makes us different so very seldom will two people have the exact same needs.

But there are two supplements that are the exceptions to this rule and are right for just about everyone:

Probiotics and Vitamin D.

Full-spectrum probiotics like Super Shield are pretty universally helpful because we ALL face challenges to our microbiome balance which can in turn hamper our digestion and impair our immune system functioning—two things that have a major impact on our health from head to toe!

And Super Shield’s well-researched, complete formula is up to these important challenges and more!

As far as Vitamin D goes, being deficient in this humble nutrient can have devastating consequences.

In addition to its well-known claim to fame of building strong bones, Vitamin D also helps to protect against heart disease and cancer, it helps tame the inflammatory immune responses associated with autoimmune diseases, it helps regulate blood sugar, and it’s vital for neurological health.

And get this—it’s your best bet in terms of COVID protection too!

In addition to beefing up your immune system to fight ALL viruses, recent research has shown that the risk of death from COVID is virtually non-existent for people with healthy Vitamin D levels!

Vitamin D deficiency is rampant—current estimates show that nearly 90 percent of us has a degree of deficiency—and that worsens this time of year when sunlight is limited. 

But Optimum DK Formula with FruiteX-B can fill this critical need for you.  Optimum DK Formula contains a therapeutic 5,000 IU dose of Vitamin D3, plus its important partners Vitamin K (in the forms of K1 and K2) and the mineral boron. 

All of these nutrients work synergistically to help enhance your health in so many ways as well as fight disease!

Step 3: MOVE

There is no getting around it—if you want anything that even resembles health, you must get regular exercise. 

No excuses!  You have the time. 

Ask yourself this question:  What fits into your “busy schedule” better—exercising 1 hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day?

Make it fun—do something you like, and if you don’t like any form of exercise, then at least walk.  Just about everybody can do that.  Be sure to get your doctor’s OK first.

Step 4: Nix the soda

The ONE thing to give up that will make a the most significant difference in your health is SODA.  It is a health abomination of untold proportions, and will singlehandedly guarantee that you will live your days overweight and sick—most likely with Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and/or fatty liver.

Don’t even dare to ask me if diet soda is any better.  Aspartame is as deadly as high fructose corn syrup, so you’re just trading one poison for another. 

Step 5: Get some decent rest

Getting adequate sleep is vital. 

Regularly having fewer than 7 hours of sleep per night:

  • Increases your risk of accidents at work and on the road
  • Reduces your immune function, making you far more susceptible to viruses and infections
  • Raises your risk of overweight or obesity by increasing levels of appetite-increasing hormones
  • Increases your risk of Type 2 diabetes by as much as 56 percent
  • Impairs your brain function and increases your risk of memory loss
  • Raises your risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer

Try to get into a healthy sleep routine by going to bed the same time every night.  Also, avoid caffeine, sugar and alcohol before bed, as they all can disrupt your sleep. 

Step 6: Reduce stress

Chronic stress can suppress your immune function, ruin your digestion, keep you awake at night, cause weight gain, stir up inflammation and cause your adrenals to wave the white flag of defeat.

Do whatever it takes to lower stress in your life—keeping in mind that regular exercise does wonders for lower stress levels.

Step 7: Demand alternatives

Remember this: Your doctor works for you—not the other way around.

So if all your doctor wants to do is push medications at you, won’t listen to you or answer your questions, or gets annoyed if you inquire about natural options, it’s time to find another doctor.

There are many wonderful doctors out there who are happy to be your partner in healthcare and find the best possible regimen for you.

Seek out an integrative physician—one who is trained in both traditional and holistic protocols.  If you happen to be in the greater NYC area or Fairfield, CT area, Dr. John Salerno (my personal physician) is the best.

Now you are truly on a path to real health—not a lifetime of disease management.

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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  • Sherry, Your GTNP book and your regular blogs are my bible. However you suggest to find a Dr who is on the holistic side. In a community of five thousand souls we are lucky to have kind of Dr. Thanks.

    Ray on

  • I’ve been using your vitamins for awhile now , even longer for the probiotics. I am 70 1/2 and take no meds. I got Covid last month but except for one day of being too tired, I was able to walk or jog at the lake path ( of course not getting near anyone). Texas weather this year has been mostly sunny and I know the vitamin D from the sun protected me. When my back was seriously bad about 12 years ago to the point where a doctor recommended surgery, I got a form of accupuncture and a natural injection called prolotherapy and now to this day, I haven’t needed more help.
    Only God knows the number of my days but to live my days with quality of life is why I follow what Sherry has said here. I have 14 grandchildren and 7 great so to have active fun with them is such a blessing.
    Whoever reads this snd is still young, you can enjoy a lot more years naturally if you just don’t allow the medical profession to label you with something so they can treat you with meds. Find natural solutions as much as possible.

    Janet Klumb on

  • Hi Sherrie,
    You are like a breath of fresh air, and it’s music to my ears reading your philosophy! I’ve been following you for over 10 years now and I practice most of your advice (I may miss some emails).
    No where on tv or elsewhere do ‘they’ show or advise us to eat healthy, sleep well, exercise and generally have a life without pharmaceutical drugs, or vaccines! I always love your advice and moreover I believe it!!! I also practice it too! Thank you 🙏

    Lynn on

  • Sherry, each and every one of the seven suggestions you provided are like “golden words of wisdom” when it comes to retaining good health or regaining it. While reading this blog, I was gorging myself on a platter of steamed organic Bok Choy, with sliced Shitake mushrooms, lightly drenched with organic extra virgin olive oil. With it I enjoyed two roasted organic chicken drumsticks. And all of it was lightly seasoned with pink Himalayan sea salt. Now how is that for a healthy lunch-Lol😆???

    Robert Hill on

  • Thanks for the 7 Commandments for a healthy life Sherry. No child should be able to leave school without learning this. No mother should leave the maternity hospital without a leaflet on why breast feeding is vital and these 7 rules of health.
    As you say the moneymakers prefer us to dependent on the drugs. However our local GP surgery has recently taken on an expert in physical fitness and diet wirh a new gym next door to the surgery and athletics track to try and reduce the number of chronically dependent patients. All is not lost!
    Keep up your good work
    Chris Retallack
    Tywardreath, U.K.

    Christopher Retallack on

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