4 questions everyone should be asking


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4 questions everyone should be asking

Aug 21, 2023 17 comments
4 questions everyone should be asking


Today’s blog is a bit different from what you typically read from me. 

My preferred blog approach is to enlighten you on a health issue (or two or three!) and provide effective, safe and natural strategies to help overcome your challenge and/or generally improve your health. 

But I threw that out the window for today. 

Instead I would like to talk about four important questions that everyone should be asking.   

These questions affect literally everyone in this country (and many others throughout the world)—regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion or political affiliation. 

They are questions that pertain to ALL Americans. 

Here they are: 

1) Why was there an unprecedented 34 percent increase in mortality in young working age Americans (ages 35 – 44)—the healthiest sector of society, by the way—in the third quarter of 2021? 

These data are not random or an educated guess—they are calculated by the Society of Actuaries and are based on life insurance claims. 

Note that the actuaries concluded that COVID did not fully explain this increase.  In addition, most of the COVID deaths were attributed to the elderly—not young, able-bodied workers. 

Lockdowns don’t explain it either.  By the 3rd quarter 2021, lockdowns were a thing of the past.  The largest increases in excess deaths occurred when there hadn’t been lockdowns in this country for at least a year or more. 

A representative from OneAmerica insurance company cited a 40 percent increase in his company’s life insurance claims among 18 – 64-year-olds in the third quarter of 2021, calling it “the highest death rate they had seen in the history of this business.” 

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of this whole topic is that, instead of doing their jobs and looking into issues such as this, the mainstream media are completely mum on the subject.  Silent.  Crickets. 

2) Why are American children becoming sicker and sicker? 

Currently a shocking 54 percent of American children are chronically ill.  So in other words, it is the norm for your kid to be sick and he’s a weirdo if he’s not.   

That 54 percent figure includes the following: 

  • 4 out of 10 kids are depressed 
  • 1 out of 5 are obese (not just carrying a few extra pounds!) 
  • 1 in 5 kids have suicidal thoughts 
  • 1 in 6 have developmental disorders  
  • 1 in 10 have anxiety and/or ADHD 
  • 1 in 12 kids have asthma, and 1 in 13 suffer from food allergies 

In addition, from 2020–21, the number of students ages 3–21 who received special education services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was 7.2 million, or a whopping 15 percent of all public school students. 

I don’t know about you, but I am old enough to remember a time where it was practically unheard of to see a kid with asthma or food allergies.  No one needed a puffer to participate in gym class.  And we all brought our peanut butter sandwiches to school for lunch and there were no worries about anyone having an anaphylactic reaction. 

And obesity?  Sure, there were a couple overweight kids in my elementary school class—but not 20 percent of the students being downright obese! 

Same goes for special education.  There was a small number of kids in my school that required extra help in reading, math or other services, but that certainly didn’t come close to 15 percent of the children. 

Yet again, the mainstream media (and the mainstream medical field for that matter) throw their hands in the air, shrug their shoulders and don’t say a word. 

3) Why are American adults becoming sicker and sicker? 

Kids aren’t the only ones for whom sickness and obesity is the norm—we adults are an unhealthy bunch too. 

Currently, 42 percent of American adults are obese—that’s nearly half of us! 

And when you combine overweight adults with that obesity figure, the total explodes to a frightening 74 percent of the population! 

In addition, 6 of every 10 American adults have at least one chronic health condition, such as heart disease, cancer or Type 2 diabetes.  

These also happen to be the leading causes of death in the US, and obesity and overweight are certainly significant risk factors for all of them. 

With a report card like that, the FDA, CDC, NIH, AMA and most mainstream doctors should hang their heads in shame because they have failed the American people miserably. 

Sure, personal lifestyle habits and choices play a role as well, so don’t think I’m ignoring that, but why is it that we apparently are so severely lacking in plausible advice from our so-called “experts” on how to not only avoid disease but also achieve optimal health? 

Aaaaand yet again, you won’t hear about any of this on the news. 

4) Why are we no longer allowed to ask questions? 

This is arguably the most compelling question of all. 

Why is it that all of a sudden, the “science is settled” or at least no longer pursued on a number of health-related topics, and those that do question “the accepted norm” are vilified, censored, gaslighted and called nut jobs, conspiracy theorists or spreaders of misinformation? 

Science, by its very nature, is NEVER settled!  It is constantly evolving, changing and developing, with new discoveries and approaches emerging all the time.  And part of that evolution requires that questions are continually allowed and investigated. 

“Silver” amalgam fillings are an excellent example here.  For decades people have been questioning the safety of amalgam fillings due to the fact they are 50 percent mercury…and mercury is the most potent neurotoxin known to man.  So how could putting a neurotoxin in your mouth be safe? 

But the ADA was always quick to squash those inquiries. 

During this same time, we have seen explosions in neurological conditions like autism, learning disabilities and dementia, so questioning mercury—which has an affinity for nestling in the brain—is certainly warranted! 

I remember asking my own dentist about the safety of amalgam fillings around 25 years ago and him looking at me like I had two heads. 

Only now is the truth emerging and the FDA has finally admitted amalgams can release mercury vapor which is dangerous to some people.  

But how much harm has been caused in the meantime because we weren’t allowed to ask questions? 

And for the thousandth time, we aren’t hearing this on the news! 

Be your own health advocate! 

If today’s blog has you a bit unsettled, I understand.  Believe me, I’m used to telling people what they don’t want to hear but need to hear. 

Now more than ever, you need to be your own health advocate.   

Question EVERYTHING your doctor tells you, especially with respect to drugs they are prescribing, tests they are recommending, or surgeries they say you need.  See if there are natural options to drugs, simpler tests, or safer, less invasive forms of treatment besides surgery.  And if he or she gets fed up with your questions and refuses to treat you, find another.  

TURN OFF THE NEWS.  I can’t say this enough.  The mainstream news is funded by pharma and special interest groups, and you will only hear what they want you to hear, and in their particular slant.  Seek out independent sources of information such as Sharyl Atkisson, the Highwire with Del Bigtree or Dr. Mercola.  Trust me, you’ll be shocked at what you learn. 

Explore local farms and farmers’ markets near you because our food supply is becoming increasingly toxic and adulterated and you can’t always count on what’s in your grocery store (or on the news to investigate it!).   

Embrace healthy lifestyle habits.  Work in some exercise, have a healthy whole foods diet (check out my Great Taste No Pain system if you need some help in that regard), quit smoking, keep alcohol consumption moderate and support strong gut and immune health with the one-two punch of Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula and Optimum DK Formula with Fruitex-B.  

Lastly, remember that people in a state of fear are easier to control.  No matter what may come down the pike in the future, keep a level head, don’t panic, and when in doubt, follow the money. 

To your health, 

Sherry Brescia


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  • Goodmorning, I 100% AGREE with every word in this article.. Our World, Nation, Families Friends are ALL IN A SCARY PLACE !!!

    Linda Scott on

  • Your right on Sherry. But what did we think the last days as described in the bible would look like. We are living it now. Everything is falling into place. Come quickly Lord Jesus it’s getting bad here on earth

    Brenda on

  • All questions I’ve been asking myself…Especially question #4!!!!!

    Leslie Warren on

  • No one regrets not taking the jab.

    Anne Moell on

  • Well said Sherry!!!! Being an advocate for your own health AND for those who can’t, like loved ones who are elderly. Choosing the place where you can hear the truth ( not main stream media) is vital to being informed about the most precious thing we can control and that is our health!!! Thanks for laying the stats out for us and I would hope everyone who reads this will forward this article on to others to read.
    Be well.

    Mary Ann on

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