What’s “behind” your itchy butt and how you can stop it


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What’s “behind” your itchy butt and how you can stop it

I got an email from a reader who wanted me to talk about itchy butt.

People feel comfortable discussing the most, um, “private” subjects with me.  Hey, I’m happy to help, so for all of you that frequently get the urge to scratch where the sun don’t shine, I will enlighten you on several possible reasons why your backside is irritating you, and ways you can get relief.

Then we’ll also look at other causes that you might need to see a doctor about.

Let’s start with…

5 Common (fixable) causes of itchy butt

Itchy butt (also known as “pruritis ani”) affects more people than you may think and has several common (fixable) causes. 

Here are 5 of them, along with ways you can put itchy butt “behind” you:

1-  Constipation

Constipation can stir up a whole lot of anal aggravation.

For example, chronic constipation is a great way to get hemorrhoids, because of the grunting and pushing exerted when trying to have a bowel movement that is not cooperating.  Itching is one of the most common symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Having hard constipation-induced bowel movements can also cause little tears and sores called fissures in the anal area, and these can itch like crazy.

Best ways to get relief:

With your diet:

First and foremost, to end constipation it's essential to get the fiber your body needs and to make your meals easier for your system to tackle.  My Great Taste No Pain system can help here—it shows you how to pair the right foods together to promote easier digestion, and stresses fiber-rich wholesome real foods.

Address enzyme issues:

Having enough digestive enzymes can be an issue behind constipation too.

This especially applies to the elderly, people who use acid reducers or junk food junkies, as well as people who have had gastric or gallbladder surgery.

If enzymes are a concern for you, then Digestizol Max's complete blend of 15 plant-derived enzymes can give your body an enzyme boost to help thoroughly break down proteins, fats, carbs, fiber and dairy, whatever you eat!

Support your microbiome:

With constipation, your wastes hang out in the intestinal tract longer than they should, and this can trigger an overgrowth of harmful bacteria and upset the balance of your gut microbiome.

This causes a vicious cycle because, since the friendly bacteria in your intestines assist with smooth digestion and BMs, when they're overcome by harmful bacteria, they can't do their job. 

But taking a full-spectrum probiotic supplement like Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula can help turn that around for you and restore a healthier microbiome.

2-  Going too light or too heavy

Both inadequate wiping (and leaving fecal residue behind) and wiping too vigorously can cause anal irritation and itching.

Best ways to get relief:

Try using toilet paper moistened with water if soreness is an issue or you want (or need!) a little extra cleansing back there.  Witch hazel wipes are also very helpful.

Make sure you dry the area well too.  I saw an article somewhere that suggested using a hair dryer, but I think that’s a bit much.  You’d get a lot of strange looks when you use a public toilet for sure.

3-  Antibiotic or laxative use

Antibiotics upset the flora balance in your gut microbiome, and this can impair your digestion like I mentioned in #1 above.

And laxatives (the common go-to for constipation) cause diarrhea, which can further irritate your backside when it’s already inflamed from constipation!

Best ways to get relief:

Help your body bounce back from antibiotics:

The best way to help your gut recover from the slaughter of antibiotics is probiotic supplementation, so Super Shield is the answer here too.

Fight constipation:

See number 1 above for ways to ease constipation.

4-  Yeast infections

Candida (yeast) overgrowth not only can cause an insanely itchy infection in the vaginal area (any woman in the world will vouch for this), but also in your back door. 

Best ways to get relief:

Our new Optimal Yeast Support Blend can help counter yeast (Candida) overgrowth and support healthy yeast levels in your body.

Also, avoid wearing damp, tight clothing (such as workout gear or bathing suits) for a long period of time, as this can allow yeast to move “back and forth” and cause an infection to fester.  Change into dry clothing and wear cotton underwear when possible.

5-  Certain beverages and foods

It’s a well-known fact that coffee can have a laxative effect on many people, but it can also cause your anal muscles to r-e-l-a-x, allowing stool to leak out and irritate the area. 

Other beverages and foods that may cause anal itching and irritation include soda, tea, energy drinks, beer, nuts, tomatoes, spices and dairy.

Best ways to get relief:

If you notice anal itching after any of these foods/drinks, avoid them as much as possible.

Now let’s look at…

Not-so-common causes of itchy butt:

Here are 5 less common causes of itchy butt that will likely necessitate a trip to the doctor:

  • Sexually transmitted diseases, especially infection with human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Kidney or liver problems
  • Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid)
  • Anemia

If you suspect any of these apply to you, see a doctor and get the proper testing.

Note there are natural measures that can help with all of these conditions too, but you need to see where you stand first and get treated as necessary.

Say goodbye to your itchy butt now!

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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