Discover what’s causing your IBS—and end it for good!


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Discover what’s causing your IBS—and end it for good!


Let’s play an imagine game for a moment. 

Imagine that you get gassy and bloated pretty much every time you eat. 

Imagine almost never having a normal BM—you frequently have constipation, diarrhea or go back and forth between the two. 

Imagine having cramps and abdominal pain no matter what you eat, and your pain is only relieved by passing volumes of gas or having a BM. 

Imagine that all of the above have a significant impact on your quality of life, to the point where you avoid social situations and public places because of the discomfort and embarrassment. 

Imagine your doctor giving you medications for your symptoms that don’t work well or at all, plus you suffer side effects on top of all of your other problems. 

This little “imagine” game is not a game at all, because I’ve just described to a T what it’s like to live life with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). 

I would know, because I had it.  And I suffered for many years without answers. 

But no more. 

Because I ended my IBS back in 1992—31 years ago!—and I’ve since made it my life’s work to help others do the same. 

So if you are one of the 16 million people in the US (90 percent of which are women) that are suffering too, your days with IBS are about to be over. 

Let’s get started. 

So what is IBS? 

IBS is considered a “functional disorder” meaning your digestive system is not “functioning” like it should to properly carry out digestion.   

But the tricky thing is there is no deformity or specific disease process present in IBS—it is diagnosed based on your symptoms and frequency thereof, and when all other causes (such as intestinal cancer, Crohn’s disease or colitis) are ruled out. 

So what makes IBS difficult is you have to play detective and figure out what is so immensely destroying your digestion.  Once you do that and addess those factors, you too can see incredible relief. 

Here are some things to consider: 


FODMAPs is the acronym for fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols.  

As their description implies, FODMAPs are short-chain carbs that are highly fermentable in the gut and can cause gas and bloating in certain people.  As such, they have emerged as a cause of IBS. 

FODMAPs include things like fruits, honey, dairy, wheat, garlic, onions, legumes and sugar alcohols like xylitol.  (Save, View, Print the full listing of high and low FODMAP foods below for your reference.)


But not everyone is sensitive to FODMAPs, or some people may be sensitive to only a few of them. 

So some experimentation is necessary on your part to see what (if any) high FODMAP foods are causing your symptoms.   

2- Caffeine  

Caffeine stimulates the intestines and can stir up IBS symptoms. 

So if you’re a coffee lover, try to switch to half-caf and eventually decaf and see if that makes a difference.  Same goes for tea. 

Also, this should be obvious but in case it’s not, this is another reason to say goodbye to soda—it’s typically loaded with caffeine.  And even if you drink caffeine-free soda, you’re still taunting your gut with the sugar or aspartame. 

Plus the carbonation can trigger gas and bloating to boot! 

3- Imbalanced gut microbiome 

Having a healthy population of beneficial bacteria in your intestinal tract is crucial for proper digestion. 

But the problem is many factors can upset the delicate bacterial balance in your gut, leading to gas and bloating.  These include smoking, using antibiotics or birth control pills, stress, lacking sleep, drinking tap water, or environmental toxins (especially the weed killer RoundUp). 

In addition to addressing or avoiding those factors that may be destroying your microbiome, it’s vital to help repopulate and support your friendly gut inhabitants with probiotic supplementation.    

And Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula is up to this vital task! 

Super Shield contains 13 of the most feisty, well-studied, effective strains of bacteria available. 

One of Super Shield’s strains, Lactobacillus plantarum, has been shown to be particularly helpful with IBS-D (diarrhea).   

And its Bifidobacterium bifidum can help with a variety of IBS symptoms! 

Plus its 11 other potent strains will help support a more optimal microbiome balance and pave the way for improved digestion and nutrient absorption.   

4- Lacking Vitamin D 

Research shows that 75 percent of people with IBS are low in vitamin D, and about 70 percent report improvement when taking vitamin D supplements! 

It’s no wonder when you consider vitamin D’s role in taming inflammatory responses, especially in the gut! 

And for the very finest in vitamin D products, look no farther than Optimum DK Formula with FruiteX-B

Optimum DK Formula contains a therapeutic dose of 5,000 IUs of vitamin D3, plus its partners vitamin K and the mineral boron, which work together synergistically to help counteract inflammatory actions, encourage strong immune and cardiovascular health and support strong bones too! 

5- Stress 

Stress and IBS go hand in hand and there are 2 reasons why. 

First, there is a series of chemical and electrical signals between your brain and gut (called the brain-gut axis) and what affects one affects the other.  So if you experience IBS symptoms when you’re stressed, worried or upset, this is why. 

In addtion, stress causes harmful changes to the protective mucosal barrier inside your intestines, making it less effective at fighting dangerous bacteria. 

So do whatever you need to do to de-stress!  There are many things you can try—meditation, deep breathing, prayer, counseling, adopting a pet (if you’re an animal lover) or using essential oils (lavender is especially helpful). 

And keep in mind that regular exercise is one of the best stress reducers there is!  Plus exercise helps tone the muscles around your GI tract and supports healthy peristalsis (the muscle contractions that move food through your intestinal tract)—good news for IBS sufferers! 

Just be sure to get your doctor’s OK first—I’m sure he or she will be thrilled. 

6- Eating a typical modern diet 

When you look at what the average person eats today, it should be no surprise that IBS is so common. 

Considering our typical diets loaded with processed foods, fast food, soda and horribly hard to digest meal combinations, it's easy to see why so many people suffer digestive disaster every day. 

But that can be turned around very easily by simply eating for better digestion--like I can guide you to do in the Great Taste No Pain health system! 

Great Taste No Pain shows you why specific foods and food combinations cause digestive problems like gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea—all the classic IBS symptoms! —plus heartburn and acid reflux too.  

It's all based on simple chemistry and the way your body digests different foods with different enzymes. 

There are also guides that show you how to put together meals that your system can break down MUCH easier, and a collection of delicious recipes to try. You'll be shocked at how great you can feel after eating for a change (and how nice and flat and quiet your stomach can be).   

By the way, this is what ended my IBS 31 years ago.  I made just a few simple tweaks to my meals and my symptoms literally disappeared overnight. 

Come on over to my world! 

I will never forget the horrible suffering I endured with IBS, so if you are suffering too, I understand and know how you feel.   

But when you pinpoint what’s triggering your IBS—then you can finally get relief! 

I look forward to you coming over and joining me in the IBS-free world!  Get started now. 

To your health, 

Sherry Brescia 


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  • Wow. I had no idea I had IBS. Every day is a struggle with bms. I look
    forward to once again starting with your ideas and recipes. How do I start??? I was on your recipes and vitamins several years ago and had no issues . somehow I didn’t stay on it. Please let me know how to start and how soon. I’m ready

    Marion Wilfong on

  • Are there any equivalent products that can be obtained in UK
    Suffering from extreme pain every night so very little sleep.lots of stress.

    Lynda on

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