An amazing story for Women’s History Month


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An amazing story for Women’s History Month


March is Women’s History Month.

And there is no shortage of inspiring women who have overcome tremendous odds and made a difference in their life and the lives of others.

Trisha is one of those women.

Trisha is a client of mine who underwent a major health transformation in the period of a year.

During that year, she was able to wean off two dangerous prescription medications--drugs that she thought she'd have to take for LIFE--and avoided surgery!

I'll let her tell you all about it herself. 

Trisha’s amazing story

Dear Sherry,

Before I found you and your writings, I had suffered for about 20 years with acid reflux. 

In addition, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis about 15 years ago.  The colitis was so bad when the doctor did a colonoscopy, he said he was afraid that he was going to tear my colon before he could finish the test. 

I was given Prednisone for 4 months.  I begged him not to give it to me.  He told me that I had a choice – take it and live, or don’t take it and die. 

After I had been on it for 4 months and gained 40 pounds, he began weaning me off of it, and I began taking Asacol (6 pills/day).  The doctor told me I would have to take them the rest of my life. 

Over the last 2 years, my doctor told me 3 times that I needed to have surgery for the acid reflux, but I kept refusing.  It was getting worse, and I began considering the surgery...

That is, until I found your Great Taste No Pain plan. 

I am so happy I did! 

It began working after just 4 days, but I was still taking my acid reducer.  After a few more days, I stopped taking the medicine.  For the first time in 20 years, I didn’t need it anymore! 

I was feeling so much better, but I kept taking the Asacol for the colitis for a couple of months because I was scared to quit taking it.

Then I thought, “I’m going see what happens.  If this doesn’t work, I can always take the medication again.” 

I began feeling so much better, and, for the first time in 20 years, my body began eliminating correctly.  I haven’t taken another of those pills since! 

I do have another problem, though.  About a year after I found out that I had ulcerative colitis, I began to have joint pain.  When it got so I couldn’t stand it any longer, I went to a Rheumatologist. 

After about a hundred questions and some tests, he told me I have ankylosing spondylitis, which is a rare form of arthritis.  I found out that the bones of my back and other joints could fuse together, causing me the inability to be flexible at all! 

So I consented to take Humira injections, which have helped, but I was also told that the Humira could destroy my immune system, and can have many other side effects. 

At that time, I had already begun taking your Super Shield Probiotics and was taking them daily.

When I found out the Humira could destroy my immune system, I began taking them twice a day. 

My doctor warned me to come see him immediately if I got the slightest cold or infection in any part of my body. 

Well, since then, I have had just 2 minor colds, both of which lasted about only about 2 days!!  I could not believe it, because I have always suffered with colds that lasted up to 2 weeks. 

The Super Shield Probiotics are working, and I have not needed any antibiotics!  I cannot say enough about them.  They have saved me from untold problems and pain! 

Also, I am hoping that one day, I might be able to stop the arthritis medications, too!

I would like to join the ranks of all the people who have thanked you for their health!  You are amazing, and I am so thankful that God has blessed your research and given you so much knowledge, and you have been able to help so many people! 

I just wish the doctors would tell all these people who are suffering so badly, that they don’t have to suffer, if they use nutrition as medicine!  It is such a simple solution! 

Thank you, again, so much!


Sherry’s comments

Trisha didn't point this out in her story, but I will: 

Both ulcerative colitis and ankylosing spondylitis are autoimmune diseases—wherein the immune system goes haywire and launches an inflammatory response on healthy cells, tissues and organs, impairing their functioning.

And once your immune system becomes hypersensitive, it can continue on its warpath in many directions—that’s why it’s very common to see people with multiple autoimmune conditions like Trisha.

Unfortunately, it appears that Trisha’s doctors only offered her medications, and did not examine WHY her immune system was overreacting to begin with, and what she could do about it!

Here is what she should have been told about underlying causes of autoimmune disease.

4 Common triggers of autoimmune disease:

1) Impaired natural barriers

Your body has several natural barriers that prevent dangerous molecules from seeping into your bloodstream, including your saliva, stomach acid, bile, mucus and your friendly gut flora. 

Lacking in any of these can open the door for these antigens to get absorbed into circulation and taunt your immune system.

Think about this:  Trisha used acid reducers for YEARS—and was disabling one of her body's most important barriers (stomach acid).

2) Leaky gut

Having a gut wall that’s too porous (known as leaky gut or intestinal hyper-permeability) can allow harmful substances to enter your bloodstream and provoke your immune system.

Leaky gut can be caused by infections, medications (especially NSAIDs), stress, aging and poor digestion.

Trisha has helped pave the way for better digestion with Great Taste No Pain, so she’s fighting back at this autoimmunity trigger.

3) Dysbiosis

Dysbiosis is an intestinal environment where dangerous bacteria have the “upper hand” over the friendly, helpful bacteria in your gut microbiome.

Numerous studies link dysbiosis to autoimmune diseases.

But Trisha has helped to create a healthy, more balanced microbiome with Super Shield!

4) Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency has now reached epidemic proportions, thanks to our exaggerated fears of the sun and slathering on sunscreen whenever we walk out the door.

Vitamin D helps calm excessive inflammatory actions of your immune system, so without its protective efforts, your immune system is more likely to “misbehave.”

In that light, I would recommend that Trisha incorporate Optimum DK Formula into her supplement regimen, as well as Optimal Turmeric Blend to help counteract the inflammation that her body is dealing with.

OK, now how about you?

Did you see yourself in any of Trisha’s words?

Are you suffering, taking one medication after another and not really feeling better?

Why don’t you see what a tremendous difference it can make when you naturally help your body through the power of the right diet, sound digestion and proper supplementation?

What have you got to lose?

A whole lot of misery (and probably some weight too), that’s what!

Come on over to Holistic Blends and see what a difference we can make together.  My nutrition-based books, outstanding supplements and exclusive line of essential oils have been helping people achieve better health since 2007! 

Let us help you too.

To your health,

Sherry Brescia


The information in our articles are NOT intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and are not intended as medical advice.  

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  • Hi just a quick question as to alopecia hair loss is there a supplement that I could be lacking that would help my hair to start growing again? thanks

    Daphne on

  • There is so much information regarding diabetes. I am most interested in getting off medication. Please advise in eliminating all medication for diabetes and being healthy.

    Patricia on

  • Need urgent help as my daughter suffers with ulcerative colitis

    Shalini Virdi on

  • I began taking your probiotic in 2006 because I was diagnosed with diverticulosis. I found your website and got started taking Super Shield Probiotic in 2006 – and 13 years later I am still taking it! Three years ago, I had a colonoscopy and the doctor told me that he could not expect to see a colon healthier than mine at my age (70). I have no more pain. I am careful with food combinations, plus I rarely have a cold or flu. I thank you so much for your products and your wisdom.

    Susanne Wilson on

  • Thank you for today’s post about Trisha! My husband has Crohn’s and lives by Great Taste No Pain! He also sees a Naturopathic doctor who has helped him nutritionally! He is doing very well, and is not taking any medications for Crohn’s. Thank you for your good work!!

    Joyce on

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