5 Ways to prevent (or turn around) insulin resistance


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5 Ways to prevent (or turn around) insulin resistance


I was in line at my local Publix grocery store recently and noticed that the line for the pharmacy was longer than any of the grocery checkout lines.

That should tell you something.

When it comes to a sickly population, the US has that covered very well. 

And what we are seeing more and more is the existence of multiple conditions and factors that combined can spell early death for many, and certainly a life filled with discomfort and pain before that.

The three most common issues here are high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes.  Having one or more of these puts you on a fast track of sickness and suffering.

We saw this play out when COVID hit. 

Once COVID emerged, one thing that became abundantly clear early on was that having underlying co-morbidities dramatically increased your risk of serious complications, hospitalization and even death. 

The common denominator

It would initially appear that hypertension, obesity and diabetes are somehow “separate” illnesses, but that’s not entirely true.

Because the common denominator underlying all three of these is insulin resistance

Insulin resistance—your cells’ refusal or inability to absorb glucose from your bloodstream—drives up your blood glucose level, triggering diabetes as well as stirring up the inflammation in your blood vessels that contributes to high blood pressure.  And insulin resistance is largely caused by a poor diet, which is also a main factor behind obesity!

See how they’re all related and intertwined?

The good news is, insulin resistance is largely under YOUR control, and you can help turn it around and encourage normal blood sugar levels. 

Here’s how:

1- Eat for normal blood sugar

Eat fresh vegetables daily (other than potatoes and corn).  Fresh fruits are also healthy but limit yourself to one serving per day due to the fructose content and choose berries as they are lower in sugar.

Include animal proteins such as red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and full-fat dairy.

Have healthy fats including real butter (never margarine), nuts, olive oil, coconut oil and avocado.

Stay away from starches and refined carbs—pasta, pastries, bread, bagels, cereals, and ALL processed foods.

Also, avoid soda and other sweetened beverages and opt for filtered water. 

If you miss the fizz in soda, you can have club soda with a splash of fresh lemon or lime.  There are also many unsweetened flavored seltzers and sparkling waters popping up in stores that you can try.  I recently tried a “Bubly” and it was very tasty!

2- Supplement with Turmeric

Research has shown that turmeric can help reduce blood glucose levels by reducing your liver’s glucose production. 

It also helps curb inflammation from high blood sugar levels, stimulates pancreatic function, and reduces insulin resistance.

Let our Optimal Turmeric Blend help in your fight against insulin resistance and the co-morbidity trifecta it causes!

Optimal Turmeric Blend provides a therapeutic 750 mg of pure, organic turmeric in every 2-capsule dose, plus an additional 5 mg of BioPerine™ (Black pepper fruit extract) to support maximum absorbency.

3- Get regular exercise

Blood sugar control is yet another of the L – O – N – G list of reasons why you should get regular exercise. 

Pick an activity you like—even walking is helpful—get your doctor’s OK and do it for at least 30 minutes a day, 4-5 days a week. 

4- Try berberine supplements

With a long history of being a staple of traditional Chinese medicine, berberine has been shown in research to help lower and regulate blood sugar, assist with weight loss by lowering body fat, and reduce your risk of heart disease!

5- Take a daily probiotic

Your gut microbiome is responsible for maintaining your metabolism and dictating how much fat you store.  Research has shown that people with obesity have a different balance in their microbiomes than thin people do.

Specifically, the Bifidobacterium species has been observed to be higher in slender people than in those who are overweight.

In addition, a healthy microbiome is essential for regular bowel movements and the absorption of nutrients—both of which are crucial to maintaining metabolism, controlling appetite and reducing inflammation.

Our Super Shield PLUS multi-strain probiotic formula can help turn around even the most topsy-turvy microbiome! 

Its 15 strains of potent bacteria (including 5 Bifidobacterium species) and 20 billion CFUs will help improve and support your microbiome balance, so it in turn can help support YOUR great health!  

Now you are on a solid path to fight back at insulin resistance and support strong cardiovascular health and a normal bodyweight!

To your health,

Sherry Brescia


Juice Plus - Sherry Brescia


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