5 ways to get you on the road to a robust immune system!


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5 ways to get you on the road to a robust immune system!

Here are 5 ways to get you on the road to a robust immune system!

1- Limit sugars and refined carbs

Sugars and refined carbs (which turn to sugar upon digestion) feed cancer cells, harmful yeasts and parasites, and depress your immune system functioning.

So avoid the white breads, pastries, cookies, donuts, cakes, bagels, rolls, white rice, crackers and snack chips as much as possible.

And most importantly, stay far away from the #1 poison in existence—SODA. 

2- De-stress and get some rest

Both stress and lack of sleep are harmful to your gut microbiome, which houses 70-80 percent of your immune system.

Do what you must to lower stress in your life (regular exercise works wonders!), and make sure you get enough sleep each night. 

And considering how COVID-19 continues to monopolize the news, please do yourself a favor and turn off the TV.     

3- Get nutritional support with vitamin D and probiotics

Vitamin D:

Not only does vitamin D support optimal immune function, but it also helps prevent many of the chronic diseases that have been factors in the vast majority of COVID-19 fatalities, especially heart disease and cancer!

To help ensure you have optimal levels of this nutritional Superstar, it’s wise to supplement with the best vitamin D product you can find--Optimum DK Formula with FruiteX-B!

In addition to getting an impressive 5,000 IUs of vitamin D3 in each capsule (which is a health-supporting, therapeutic dose, unlike the RDA), you’ll also get the added benefit of vitamins K1 (500 mcg) and K2 (50 mcg).  Vitamin K works with vitamin D to provide bone support and prevent atherosclerosis.

Optimum DK Formula with FruiteX-B also goes beyond other vitamin D supplements by including the mineral boron, which further helps with strong bone, immune and cardiovascular health!


Since most of your immune system resides in your gut, it's essential to make sure that you have a healthy population of beneficial gut bacteria to support it! 

Supplementation with a top-notch probiotic like Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula is the single most effective step you can take to encourage a healthy gut microbiome.

Super Shield contains 13 robust, well-studied strains of beneficial bacteria that not only help support strong immune function, but also help reduce gas, bloating and constipation too!

And since it’s a whopping $10 off per bottle, now is the time to stock up!


4- Drink 8 glasses of water a day

Water is vital for cell and lymphatic system health—both of which are crucial to proper immune system functioning.

Just make sure to avoid tap water—strive to drink bottled, purified or filtered water. 

5- Nourish your gut and your body

Be sure to concentrate on incorporating meats, poultry, fish, fresh vegetables, eggs and healthy fats (like real butter, olive oil, coconut oil and avocado) into your diet.  Include some fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha for a little extra gut pampering.

Take care of your precious immune system and it will take care of you like it should.

To your health,

Sherry Brescia


The information in our articles are NOT intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and are not intended as medical advice.

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