10 Smart strategies for a longer life


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10 Smart strategies for a longer life

Jan 25, 2022 4 comments
10 Smart strategies for a longer life


Here is a startling statistic to wake you up on this Monday morning.

For the first time ever, children of today are not expected to live as long as their parents.

Despite all our scientific and medical “advances,” we continue to get sicker and sicker…and eventually our life expectancy will start to decrease in future generations.

Now the begging question here is: What in the world is going on?

Well, there are many factors that are contributing to this grim fact—overuse of pharmaceuticals, environmental toxins, degradation of our food supply, and unhealthy lifestyle habits are the major ones.

But the good news is you can do a LOT to help reverse this disastrous trend and support a long, healthy life—for you and your children! 

Here’s how:

10 Smart strategies for a longer life

Long life strategy #1:  Eat real food

Your body was designed to eat real foods—not processed, packaged, chemical-laced garbage that does nothing but add to the food manufacturer’s bottom line and make you sick and fat.

“Real foods” means fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy, meats, poultry, fish, eggs and healthy fats (like butter, coconut oil and olive oil).  These are the foods that are perfect for your body’s needs.

Long life strategy #2:  Support efficient digestion

Efficient digestion is crucial to your health and life!

Digestion dictates how well you absorb vital nutrients and eliminate disease-causing wastes…so if yours isn’t going along so well (and judging by how many people use acid reducers and laxatives, that’s pretty likely), it will take its toll on you.

Efficient digestion isn’t hard to attain—all you need to do is pair foods together in your meals that are easier for your system to break down. 

My Great Taste No Pain system will show you step by step what to do.  It teaches you how to create delicious meals from wholesome, delicious foods that are a breeze for your system to digest.

Plus, it delivers on the “Great Taste” promise—ALL of my recipes are scrumptious! 

Note:  If weight loss is also a concern for you, check out my Want To Lose Weight? Stop Dieting! plan.

It provides the same smart meal advice as Great Taste No Pain, plus helps you choose the right exercise activity for you and guides you in identifying and eliminating hidden barriers to your weight loss.

Long life strategy #3: Drink 8 glasses of water a day

Water keeps you hydrated, cleanses the garbage out of your cells, eases constipation and even helps reduce pain!

Eight 8 oz. glasses of filtered water a day should be your minimum. 

Long life strategy #4: Commit to regular exercise

Now, don’t roll your eyes at me!  You may loathe exercise, but trust me, you don’t stand a snowball’s chance in you-know-where of having any measure of health if you don’t get some exercise.

But the good news is, if you use your imagination, exercise can be fun and very addicting!

Pick an activity you like or at will at least tolerate.  Brisk walking is a good choice and just about anyone can do that.  In addition, many people (especially women) love to dance, so if that includes you, sign up for a dance class! 

Make your goals realistic.  Trying to run five miles when you’ve never run farther than from your car to your front door during a rain storm is not realistic.  Start with doable goals and build up. 

Get an exercise buddy.  You’ll be less likely to skip a workout if you have someone counting on you to show up.  Plus you’ll talk and laugh the time away.

Long life strategy #5: Reduce stress

Nothing will age you and make death come knocking faster than to be under constant stress.

Stress weakens your immune system, elevates your blood glucose, impairs your mental functioning, causes you to stress eat (and gain weight) and is a factor in high blood pressure and digestive conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

There are several stress reduction measures such as counseling, meditation, yoga, prayer, exercise, deep breathing and essential oils.

Adopting a pet can help too.  I swear that my 3 cats are the best natural stress reducers I’ve ever seen! 

Long life strategy #6: Support a healthy gut microbiome

Your friendly gut bacteria help with digestion but that’s just the beginning.

They also manufacture B vitamins, improve nutrient absorption, enhance your immune system functioning, encourage normal cholesterol levels and blood pressure, support mental health and even beef up your metabolism!

To help support a healthy gut microbiome, it's important to supplement with a full-spectrum probiotic formula like Super Shield that contains strains from both the Lactobacillus (for the small intestine) and Bifidobacterium (for the colon) species.

Super Shield’s 13 well-studied probiotic strains have been helping to create healthy guts for 13 years!

Long life strategy #7: Get a good laugh

Laughter is a natural stress-reducer, it helps release endorphins (feel-good chemicals), eases depression, stimulates circulation, lessens pain and it even enhances your immune system functioning!

Take time to laugh each day by watching comedies or reading jokes or funny stories. 

Long life strategy #8: Quit the cigs (including e-cigs)

This should be obvious, but I’ll say it anyway—please, PLEASE do whatever you need to do to quit smoking, and that includes vaping. 

Vaping has been carefully positioned as a “safer” alternative to cigarettes, but that’s simply not true.  E-cigs have their own set of health dangers (including popcorn lung), so you are merely trading one poison for another. 

Acupuncture and hypnosis have both been shown to be very effective. 

Long life strategy #9: Get 7-9 hours of sleep each night

Not getting enough sleep takes its toll on you in numerous ways--it can lower your immune function, worsen depression, age you, and even cause weight gain!

So, turn off the TV, get off Facebook and get some decent rest.

Long life strategy #10: Use medications ONLY when necessary

There are times when medications are necessary.  But trust me, we have gone WAAAAYY overboard in our reliance on pharma to “create” health for us.

Plus remember, many conditions that are treated with drugs can instead be treated naturally with nutrients and herbs!

For example, Omega-3 fish oil (like VitalMega-3) has been shown to be very helpful with depression, inflammation, high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. 

The mastic gum, ginger root, licorice root and marshmallow root in Gastro BeCalm Blend have been very effective in easing heartburn and fighting H. pylori infection (the bacteria that causes most ulcers).

And ashwagandha (in our Ashwa Blend Gummies) benefits your immune system, as well as your neurological, endocrine (hormonal) and reproductive systems.  Plus it encourages better sleep!

Get going on supporting your better health and longer life now!

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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