Too pooped to pop? Here’s 7 possible reasons why


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Too pooped to pop?  Here’s 7 possible reasons why

One of the most common complaints people report to their doctors is that they lack energy.

The causes of low energy can run the gamut and include lacking sleep, low-functioning thyroid, certain medications and drinking too much alcohol as some of the common culprits. 

But there's a sneaky cause of low energy that I bet has never occurred to you or your doctor.

Your “healthy” diet!

Let’s look at why many people's version of "eating healthy" can sap your energy faster than the speed of light.

6 ways your "healthy diet" can leave you dragging

1) You've given up carbs

Carbohydrates are the most misunderstood type of food on the planet.

People say they're “giving up carbs” but in reality, if you did that, you would die...and most assuredly have very low energy before you kicked the bucket.

Carbohydrates provide glucose which is needed by your body to create energy.  So you MUST have them to survive. 

The key is to know the good from the bad. 

Bad carbs include any type of refined carb like white bread, rolls, pasta, pastries, cakes and cookies and anything made with high fructose corn syrup—especially soda. 

Good carbs are fresh vegetables, legumes and whole grains, plus fresh fruit in moderation (1-2 servings a day).

2) You’ve sworn off red meat

Red meat has taken a bad rap because it contains saturated fat, and saturated fat has been associated with heart disease.

But all saturated fats are not created equal!

Saturated fats are needed by your body to make hormones, they cushion your nerves and even support your heart!  (How’s that for a kicker?)

The truly deadly type of saturated fat is trans-fats.  Although they are being phased out of our food supply, they are still found in several packaged foods so read labels carefully. 

Red meat in moderation is a great source of vitamin B12--and being deficient in B12 can cause your energy to drop through the floor.

If you're vegetarian, then being low in B12 may be an issue for you.  This is also true of people who use acid reducers, the elderly and people who have had gastric surgery.

Plus even if you’re eating red meat, B12 is tricky and isn’t always absorbed easily in the GI tract.

To make sure you have enough of this crucial nutrient AND that you’re actually absorbing it, an oral B12 spray like Hydroxaden 2.5 is your ticket.

Hydroxaden 2.5 provides an energy-creating 2.5 mg. of vitamin B12, as well as vitamins B2, B3 and B6.  This outstanding blend of crucial B vitamins not only supports high energy levels, but also enhances immune, brain and nervous system health too.

And with an oral spray, the precious B12 is absorbed through the mucus membranes under your tongue, so any absorbency issues with the GI tract are avoided!

3) You think low fat is where it’s at

Many people think all fats are bad and avoid them like the plague.

But what they don't realize is that fats create energy!  They're a crucial player in your body's ability to create adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is your main form of energy.   

Again, you must know the good from the bad. 

Bad fats include all sources of trans-fats, fake fats, vegetable oils and margarine.

Good fat sources are real butter, lard, olive oil, coconut oil, meat, eggs and dairy (preferably organic), fish (preferably wild-caught) and unrefined oils.   

(By the way, pay no attention to the demonization of coconut oil by certain medical associations.  Their bread is buttered by the vegetable oil industry, so their “recommendations” will be appropriately tailored.)

4) You eat 3 meals a day

You may be thinking you're doing the right thing by eating 3 meals a day.

But your body may be thinking otherwise.

Fact is, some people experience a drop in blood sugar within 2 hours after eating and if you don't have a snack, that can cause your energy to plummet. 

Now, this isn't a green light to attack the vending machine for chips or candy!  Choose smart snacks like fresh fruit, vegetables, a small chunk of cheese, a handful of nuts, a hard-boiled egg or a small piece of leftover meat, chicken or fish.

5) You’re a salad maniac

Salad can be a very healthy food choice, but some people overdo it--to the point where they lack essential nutrients (especially proteins).

And guessed it...are needed for energy production too!

If you love salads, great, but make them as nutritious as possible to ensure your body is getting what it needs to keep YOU going.

Smart, tasty additions to salads include:

  • Sliced cooked chicken or beef
  • Grilled shrimp or salmon
  • Cheese
  • Chopped almonds or walnuts
  • Hard-boiled egg slices
  • Chick peas

And while we're on the salad topic--stay far away from reduced fat or fat-free dressings!  (If you’re wondering why, go re-read #3 above.) 

6) You eat the typical balanced meal

This is far and away the biggest dietary energy zapper.

The typical smorgasbord-type meals that most people eat are VERY difficult for your body to break down efficiently.

Nothing the human body does demands more energy than digestion, so if you have fireworks down below after eating, you can count on being exhausted too. 

But my Great Taste No Pain health system can turn that around for you—fast!

Great Taste No Pain shows you how to pair foods together in your meals that are much easier for your system to break down.  When you make your system’s job easier, you pave the way for better digestion, less gas, bloating and constipation, and…


Plus Great Taste No Pain teaches you all about good vs. bad carbs and fats, explains proper acid/alkaline balance, and gives you a collection of positively luscious recipes that you’ll LOVE!

Another thing to consider—STRESS

Chronic stress can cause your adrenal glands to repeatedly secrete stress hormones which can eventually result in adrenal exhaustion.

And when your adrenals are exhausted, trust me, so are YOU!

Being in a prolonged state of stress depletes your body of its vitamins and minerals, and causes harmful changes to your gut microbiome, which weakens your immune system function.

Do whatever you need to do to de-stress—even taking a brisk walk can help. 

Now you are on your way to strong, consistent energy levels all day long!

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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