This can save your life—or cause your death


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This can save your life—or cause your death


In my 30 years in the health and nutrition field, I’ve had discussions with countless people about their health concerns. 

Their issues run the gamut and include being overweight, having low energy, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, allergies, eczema, back pain, thyroid problems, elevated cholesterol, you-name-it.

So most times people are pretty surprised or perplexed when the first question I ask them is, “How’s your digestion?”

Here’s why that’s the most important question I can ask.

Digestion—it can save you or kill you

Sound digestion is the "foundation" on which your health is built from head to toe.

When your digestion is poor—in other words, if diarrhea, heartburn, constipation, gas and/or bloating visit you on a regular basis—it’s only a matter of time before your body starts to break down, and very serious illnesses pop up.

But the average person pays little to no attention to the signs of poor digestion.  Or worse yet they shrug them off as “normal” and pop acid reducers, gas remedies, stool softeners and laxatives like candy!

But eventually the health problems become so serious (or deadly) that you can't ignore them.

And they'll stem from one of these three things...

The 3 harmful results of poor digestion

When your foods are not properly broken down enough to be used by your body for nourishment, one of three very undesirable things can occur:

1)  Undigested food particles that are too big to pass through your gut wall will rot in your intestinal tract.

2)  Food particles that can pass through the gut wall but are still too big for your body to use for energy will wreak havoc in your bloodstream.

3)  Not having foods properly broken down for your body to use for nourishment will lead to nutrient deficiencies.

None of these is good and here's why:

Scenario #1: Something’s rotten in Denmark

When your foods aren't properly digested and are too big to be used for nourishment, they move down your intestinal tract and cause a cascade of problems.

These food particles begin to rot (a process called putrefaction) and feed harmful yeasts and bacteria in your microbiome, throwing your flora balance out of whack. 

As your foods rot, toxic chemicals are formed that irritate the lining of your colon and eat away at it, making it too porous (leaky gut).

When your gut wall is leaky, toxins can seep into your circulation and target specific organs, causing pain and inflammation and compromising their functioning.

The inflammation can manifest itself as conditions like arthritis, migraines, asthma, thyroid goiter, eczema, psoriasis, low back pain and high blood pressure.

Also, the harmful bacteria overgrowth that's occurring in your gut weakens your immune system functioning, making you more susceptible to infections, viruses and diseases of all kinds.

Scenario #2: Big bullies in the bloodstream

Food particles that are small enough to be absorbed into your bloodstream but are still too large to be used for energy are called "circulating immune complexes" (CICs).

When your immune system sees these CICs cruising around in your blood, it doesn’t recognize them as “food”—instead it thinks they are a dangerous invader and may launch an inflammatory response. 

This is how food sensitivities and autoimmune conditions are created. 

Scenario #3: Deficiency disaster

When you’ve got nutrient deficiencies, you can expect just about anything to happen. 

Nutrient deficiencies are a leading contributing factor to literally EVERY sickness and disease, including our top 2 killers—heart disease and cancer.

None of your body’s systems can work properly without the nutrients they require, so every time you’re unable to get nutrients from your food because of poor digestion, you are rolling out the red carpet for disease. 

It’s just a matter of time.

Stop ignoring those digestive problems!

As you can see, when you get heartburn, gas or constipation, there's a LOT more going on than you realize.  These should not be thought of as just annoyances or worse yet, normal consequences of eating!

Your body is telling you that there's something seriously wrong.

It’s time to listen and do something about it!

Here are two simple steps you can take to pave the way for smooth, comfortable digestion and an end to your digestive woes!

1- Make your meals easier to digest

When you make your meals inherently easier for your body to tackle, your system can accomplish comfortable, complete digestion like it should.

And the good news is, all it requires is a few simple adjustments to the foods you eat together!

My Great Taste No Pain health system will show your exactly what to do.

Great Taste No Pain teaches you what foods “play nice” together in your system, and which combinations to stay away from.

Now don’t worry—you’ll still be able to enjoy those favorite foods of yours!  You just need to be a bit more careful about what you eat with what, and I spell everything out for you. 

Since I first wrote Great Taste No Pain back in 2007, it has helped literally HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people worldwide to enjoy more efficient digestion.  See what it can do for you!

2- Support a healthy microbiome

The friendly bacteria in your microbiome support a strong gut wall, as well as assist with digestion and keep harmful bacteria under control.

The ideal flora balance is having at least 85 percent beneficial bacteria and no more than 15 percent harmful.

The problem is most people are walking around with the complete OPPOSITE of what they should have! This is not only due to poor digestion, but also environmental toxins, medications, stress, refined carbs and sugars and lack of sleep.

So it's essential to give your gut a helping hand with a top-quality probiotic supplement like Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula.

Super Shield contains potent, proven, well-studied strains of 13 friendly bacteria that will help repopulate your supply of intestinal good guys.  A good strong microbiome is better able to fend off harmful bacteria, keep digestion smooth, support your immune system and make gas, bloating and constipation a thing of the past.

Take care of your body’s foundation of health—your digestion—and it will take care of you in countless ways for years to come.

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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  • I really wish your supplements weren’t so expensive. I’m on social security as my only income and have to watch my pennies My husband died 6 years ago so I list his SS but my bills are the same. I read your blog daily. So much common sense. I create all my meals at home buy Organic and only eat wild caught fish make homemade soup and put together my salads which I try to eat one a day. I have GYNP and strive to eat sensibly. However I have bowel problems and often I am large painful and blocked or diarrhea. Neither is acceptable. Help
    Marion wilfong

    Marion Wilfong on

  • Super Shield !! Wonderful !! been using it for years.

    Joan Kidd on

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