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The answer to a very important question

May 02, 2017 0 comments
The answer to a very important question

At a recent local women’s business association meeting, two ladies came up to me and said, “Be honest.  What’s the hype about probiotics?  Are they really necessary and do they make a difference?”

I told them I was happy to honestly tell them what they needed to know about probiotics, and here is what I said:

What’s the hype?

Your body contains 100 trillion microbes—they outnumber your total cells by an incredible 10 to 1.  That alone sounds worthy of hype to me.   

And these trillions of bacteria (80 percent of which are in your gut) pretty much control your health from head to toe.

They play a significant role in digestion, helping to curb gas and bloating, enhancing nutrient absorption and supporting regular BMs.

Plus 70 percent of your immune system is housed in your gut, so your immune system’s ability to protect you against viruses, infections and even diseases like cancer is dependent on your microbiome.

Your gut affects your cardiovascular health too—your friendly intestinal microbes help control cholesterol. 

And even your mental health is affected!  90 percent of your body’s serotonin (your happy, feel-good neurotransmitter) is produced in your gut—not in your brain like so many people mistakenly think!

Are probiotics really necessary?

About as necessary as air and here’s why:

There are both helpful and harmful species of bacteria in your intestinal tract, and it’s vital that the good ones greatly outnumber the bad (the ideal ratio is 85/15).

But the problem is there are many factors that can literally slaughter your beneficial gut bacteria, which can eventually give harmful microbes the “upper hand”...and as you would expect, your health will begin to decline from there.

Here are some of the outside forces that can crush your gut flora:

  • Antibiotics (both the ones you take, and the antibiotics in traditionally produced meat and milk)
  • Acid reducers, antacids
  • Birth control pills
  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • A diet high in sugars and refined carbs (soda drinkers, beware)
  • Tap water
  • Constipation

Since most everyone is affected by at least one of these factors from time to time, the average person could greatly benefit from probiotic supplementation—to get a helpful, ongoing, supportive dose of the friendly microbes that are so crucial to your health and well-being!

Do they make a difference?

Well, you tell me.

Here are just a few of the recent reviews we’ve gotten for Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula:

 From: Kerrie

I have been using Super shield since 2008 and I am in much better health since taking 2 capsules daily.

I don’t suffer from acid reflux anymore or bad stomach cramps since I have been on the great taste no pain way of eating. It certainly has helped me in many ways.

I fully recommend this way of eating to everyone along with the Super shield.

I thank Sherry and her team every day.

 From: Alice

I've been using these for years. I would not buy my probiotic's anywhere else.  Great service good product.

 From: Anonymous

Good stuff used it for some years now. I highly recommend it, especially when you need to be taking anti-biotics.

As good as it gets!

I’m proud to say that Super Shield really is as good as it gets!

When creating Super Shield, we carefully researched and hand-selected a variety of 13 strains from both the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species (to cover the entire intestinal tract) and this is important.

Each strain of bacteria has its own “specialty” in terms of how it enhances your health.  So that’s why a multi-strain formula like Super Shield is superior to other formulas that have only one or a few strains—greater variety means more ways it can support YOUR better health!

And don’t be fooled by large CFU numbers, because that’s not necessarily an indication of quality.  What matters is the variety of the strains and the integrity of those microbes by the time they reach your gut.  Many supplements out there with large CFU numbers contain mainly dead bacteria, which does your body absolutely no good…and wastes your money.

Super Shield, on the other hand, is carefully manufactured and handled to preserve the health of the bacterial strains, plus we’ve included FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) in Super Shield which is nourishment for those friendly good guys.

See what a difference it can make when you support optimal health—by starting with your GUT!

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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