How to naturally fight viruses, heart disease and more!


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How to naturally fight viruses, heart disease and more!


Although the pharmaceutical industry would LOVE for you to believe that the only way to combat heart disease, viruses, and many other illnesses is with their toxic chemicals, that’s simply not true!

Because Nature has given us a plethora of herbs, spices and other plants that can either equal or most times outdo pharma’s pills, safely and effectively, without the risk of deadly side effects.

Two of Nature’s superstars that could arguably replace several drug store staples are: oregano and garlic!

Yes indeed—if you like Italian food, you can appreciate the yummy taste of both of these gems, but their ability to enhance the flavor of foods is just a tiny drop in the bucket.

Here’s how these two prizes of Nature can dramatically improve your health!

10 of the most impressive health benefits of oregano

Remedy for the common cold

Oregano possesses impressive antiseptic properties that help eliminate toxins from the body, which makes it a very effective remedy for the common cold, especially sore throats.  It also helps clear mucus and congestion from nasal passages.

Reduces viral infections

Studies have shown that oregano can protect the body against many types of viruses, including norovirus (which causes abdominal pain and diarrhea), herpes simplex virus and the flu.

Potent antioxidant to fight free radicals

Free radicals are an atom or group of atoms in the body that are missing an electron, which makes them very unstable.  Uncontrolled free radicals can be extremely destructive and cause inflammation, cell damage, DNA damage, chronic degeneration of healthy tissues and accelerated aging.

Antioxidants are crucial to controlling free radicals and preventing them from carrying out their destructive path in your body, and oregano is one of the best, most effective sources of antioxidants there is!

Protection against our top 2 killers

This is another area where oregano’s antioxidant action shines—heart disease and cancer prevention!

The inflammation caused by uncontrolled free radicals can contribute to the development of heart disease and cancer (as well as other diseases), so oregano’s antioxidant capabilities can help protect against our top 2 killers!

Relieves menstrual cramps

Oregano is an effective natural pain reliever and has been shown to help reduce the severity of menstrual cramps. 

Supports a sharp immune system

White blood cells are an essential part of the human immune system that fight viruses.  Two of the compounds in oregano--carvacrol and thymol--support the production of white blood cells which in turn helps keep the immune system sharp.

Kills harmful gut bacteria and parasites

Parasites in the intestinal tract can cause intense discomfort and distress, and harmful bacteria can upset the microbiome balance, weaken immune function and trigger attacks of diverticulitis.

The thymol and carvacrol in oregano have been shown to kill intestinal parasites, and the antibacterial action of oregano can combat harmful microbes (including small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, or SIBO).

Eases asthma attacks

Oregano is rich in carvacrol, flavonoids and terpenes, all compounds that act in a lung-clearing capacity. So, oregano can help clear the respiratory tract and bronchial tubes, giving relief from asthma attacks.

Healthy cholesterol levels

Both the naturally occurring Omega-3 fats and the anti-inflammatory properties of oregano help to support healthy cholesterol levels, increasing HDL (good) cholesterol levels and lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol.    

Boosts energy and metabolism

Oregano can help boost energy levels because it helps increase metabolic rate. Additionally, oregano helps improve blood circulation which in turn increases the oxygen levels in your cells and tissues.

Next up—the awesome health resume of garlic!

Garlic is no slouch when it comes to supporting great health!  Here are 10 of the best ways it can help improve your health.

1. Acts as a natural antibiotic

Garlic was used as a natural antibiotic long before modern antibiotics were invented, and recent studies show that garlic can kill antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria.

It also kills fungus, so it can help fight Candida overgrowth, yeast infections and athlete’s foot. 

2. Fights aging

Uncontrolled free radicals in the body can contribute to accelerated aging.  Garlic is a rich source of antioxidants which in turns fights aging by combatting free radicals.

3. Boosts the immune system

Like oregano, garlic also boosts immune function by stimulating the production of white blood cells which fight off infections. It has also been shown to help lessen the length and severity of common colds.

4. A source of essential minerals

Garlic is an excellent source of manganese, phosphorus, copper, calcium, magnesium, selenium, and other essential minerals.

5. Fights our top 2 killers

Similar to oregano, garlic also has anti-cancer properties and helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol, thereby lowering your risk of heart disease.

6. Improves liver health

Garlic works to reduce fat deposition in the liver, which helps prevent non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

7. For men: Better prostate health

As men age, they may experience prostate enlargement, or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Studies have shown that men who consumed more garlic had a 28 percent reduced risk of BPH than men who avoided garlic.

8. For women: Breast cancer prevention

A compound in garlic called allicin can induce apoptosis (cell death) in breast cancer cells. By possibly destroying cancer cells before a full-blown breast tumor can develop or spread, garlic may help with cancer prevention in women.

9. For both men and women: Boosts libido

By increasing blood circulation, garlic can help boost libido and improve sexual function.

10. Better skin

The antimicrobial properties of garlic make it helpful for combatting acne and skin infections.

How to put these 2 dynamos to work for you!

Interestingly enough, oregano and garlic are the effective ingredients in our SIBO Defense Blend!

SIBO Defense Blend

But as you can see, although the product was initially designed by me with SIBO relief for my clients in mind, this awesome formula goes WAAAYY beyond SIBO to enhance your health in so many ways!

For example, many of our clients with diverticulitis take SIBO Defense Blend to help prevent flare-ups. 

And several of our female clients that are prone to yeast infections use it to help protect against future attacks.

Still others take it to help their gut microbiome recover following a course of antibiotics. 

Why not give it a try and see what it can do for you?

At this very special offer of 50% off, it’s the perfect time to put SIBO Defense Blend to work for your good health!

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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