COVID facts you probably don’t know


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COVID facts you probably don’t know

Dec 27, 2022 16 comments
COVID facts you probably don’t know


It has been said in the advertising world that sex sells, and all you need to do is stroll down 5th Avenue to see that in action. 

But you know what else sells? 


Between the two, fear is arguably the more powerful force.  When someone is in a state of fear, their ability to think clearly, independently, and rationally goes out the window. 

And at that point, it is much easier to control them and sway their behaviors.  

We have seen a lot of this over the last three years with COVID.   

Now, before I begin, I am NOT disputing that COVID can be serious.  ALL viruses can be serious, including COVID, the flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, and others. 

When COVID hit, even early on, many doctors were contending that the elderly and those with comorbid conditions were the most at risk, plus they were touting their tremendous successes in treating the condition with ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, antibiotics, vitamin D, zinc, and other nutrients.  

But did we hear anything about that on the news? 


Instead, we got a 24/7 barrage of fearmongering from the media unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime, pushing ventilators and later, shots and remdesivir as your ONLY saving graces. 

And of course, the inexpensive, well-proven drugs like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were vilified, despite the fact that several doctors were shouting its outstanding success in treating COVID from the rooftops. 

<Just as a little side note: Dr. Fauci has a vested financial interest in remdesivir, as well as several coronavirus vaccine ingredients. But I am sure that had nothing to do with his “recommendations.”   

And get this--many nurses have come to rename remdesivir as “run, death is near” because of its intense toxicity.> 

Tricky reporting 

Now, one little trick the CDC put in place was their unprecedented instruction for doctors and healthcare institutions to count deaths WITH COVID as deaths OF COVID. 

So for example, if someone died of a heart attack, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, accident or other cause, if they happened to test positive for COVID within 30 days of death, they were counted as a COVID death. 

I can’t think of a better way to inflate a death count and scare the bejeezus out of lots of people. 

Plus, the tests that were largely used are estimated to have produced up to 94 percent false positives.   

Great way to grow those case numbers. 

In recent months, the CDC has been (quietly) backpedaling on its handling of COVID, saying that the measures they suggested “might not have been as effective as they had hoped.” 

Ya think? 

The bottom line 

Another point worth mentioning is that the media receive between 70-90 percent of their advertising revenue from the pharmaceutical industry. 

So, my friend, you will never, EVER hear the complete truth on the mainstream news.     

Instead, you will hear only what drug companies want you to hear. 

So now more than ever, it is crucial that you turn off the news and explore independent sources of information—those that are not funded by pharma.   

Some good places to start are Children’s Health Defense, The High Wire with Del Bigtree, Sharyl Attkisson, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Dr. Joseph Mercola. 

Trust me, you will be astounded at what you learn.    

More ways to take charge of your health 

Here are three more ways you can see through fearmongering and search out the healthcare options that are right for you—not just those that make drug companies richer! 

Explore natural measures  

While medications may be necessary in some instances, there are many natural measures that can be just as effective…and far safer with no side effects! 

For example: 

Fish oil like VitalMega-3 has been medically proven to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol! 

Plus, the Omega-3 fats in VitalMega-3 can help ease inflammation and curb the resulting aches and pains it can cause. 

Probiotics like Super Shield or Super Shield PLUS multi-strain probiotic formula can help with a whole slew of issues, including constipation, low immune function, leaky gut, cold and flu prevention, IBS and allergies! 

And if autoimmune conditions, bone health, depression, heart disease or cancer are concerns of yours, the Vitamin D found in Optimum DK Formula can help address those conditions. 

Ask questions 

Also, do not be afraid to ask questions of your doctor! 

A doctor should be your partner in health, and there are a sizable number of them that will gladly work with you and answer your questions or concerns.  

If your doctor is not one of those, or if he/she makes you feel uncomfortable, stupid or refuses to discuss your care, find one who will. 

Eat a healthy diet and exercise 

You did not think I was going to leave this one out, did you? 

In order to pave the way for great health, a nutritious, real foods diet and regular exercise are a MUST. 

If you need some help in that regard, book a FREE 30-minute consultation with me either in person (if you are local to the Melbourne, FL area), or phone, Zoom or Messenger video! We will chat about your situation and get you on the road to feeling much better! 

Make 2023 the year you take charge of your health and refuse to be manipulated by the media. 

To your health, 

Sherry Brescia 


The information in our articles are NOT intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and are not intended as medical advice.

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  • I am a naturalist thanks to my sister-in-law and friends
    However my sister-in-law did get vaccinated since she is a heart and autoimmune patient.
    OCD, sticking by her normal routine of vitamins and wearing a mask everywhere, but still got Covid several times and this last episode was very bad, but we are THANKFUL for the vaccine as she was never hospitalized and although very sick was kept under control at home.
    I do not believe in the yearly flu shots but do believe in the vaccine as it pinpointed the specific virus
    I do like your website and posts but get annoyed as with anyone trying to promote their products. Always your ending. Thanks

    B on

  • Fear mongering is the result of a conscious attempt to inflict fear for one’s own benefit, using information that has no scientific bases. This has been clearly seen in the last approximately six years unfortunately. There is a sector of the population that is so invested in politicizing everything including medicine. Those individuals would careless what happens to those that do not follow their fanatic believes. Covid-19 and its multiple mutations has shown blatantly this glaringly. The medications you mention are those that some “doctors” have been pushing without scientific evidence of any benefits and probably some complications to those who are not properly informed about these drugs. It is terribly concerning that the sanctity of the medical science did not escape the ravages of sectarian politics

    Lino on

  • Thank you Sherry for sticking with and speaking the truth I trust you and your supplements. Please keep up the good work

    Brenda on

  • Sherry,what is. your take on pneumonia vaccine?

    Denise Gardner on

  • You’re dangerous. Please stop sending me anymore of your idiotic beliefs.

    Sharon on

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