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Can we get close and personal today?

Aug 07, 2023 6 comments
Can we get close and personal today?


I’ve been in the health and nutrition field for over 30 years and one thing I can say with full confidence is that people are inherently resistant to change. 

I can’t tell you the number of times I have consulted with a client and talked about all the wonderful health improvements they can experience… 

But as soon as I mention changing their diet, I get the doe in the headlights look. 

Or worse yet, they nod and say OK, but I can read their minds and I know darn well they’re not going to change anything. 

Change is rarely easy, my friend, but it’s worth it. 

Let’s talk about that… 

I have some questions for you 

I’m getting close and personal today and I want to ask you some questions: 

  • Are you overweight? 
  • Do you have trouble sleeping? 
  • Is your energy non-existent? 
  • Are you always fighting one sickness after another? 
  • Do you take one or more medications and suffer side effects? 
  • Are you constantly gassy and bloated? 

In other words, are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? 

I understand, I care, and I can help you. 

Because even though you may believe there’s no way out of your current health rut, or you can’t possibly feel better, or you’re too far gone, that’s simply not true.  The human body is an amazing creation, and its natural state is one of health—not sickness! 

And the great thing is, you can make a difference in how you feel just by taking a few small steps in the right direction. 

Let me guide you. 

Start with little changes to your diet 

You don’t have to do a complete dietary overhaul—even little improvements can make a big impact! 

Here are some good places to start: 

  • Eat a tossed salad every day.  You don’t have to get fancy—if all you like is lettuce and dressing, that’s OK!  Lettuce is an anti-inflammatory food, and its fiber will help ease constipation. 
  • Substitute a glass of water for one soda or sweetened drink each day.  Reducing sugar is good for your weight, blood pressure, gut microbiome, and reducing your diabetes risk, plus water helps prevent constipation.   
  • Keep your meals simpler—they’ll be easier for your system to tackle and help eliminate gas and bloating, plus you’ll have more energy with easier digestion.  Pair proteins and veggies, OR starch and veggies, in your meals.    
  • Have scrambled eggs for breakfast at least one day a week instead of cereal, muffins, toast or a bagel.  You’ll be shocked at how full you’ll stay until lunchtime. 
  • Opt for protein snacks—a handful of nuts, a cube of cheese or a hard-boiled egg—instead of chips or crackers.  This will help keep you full between meals and even out your blood sugar. 

Fill in the blanks 

In addition to the food tips I mentioned above, you can also fill in the blanks where your diet may be less-than-stellar by using Juice Plus

Juice Plus is unique in that it is derived from REAL healthy foods, picked at the peak of freshness from local farms.  Then the foods are either juiced or frozen to preserve the precious nutrients.   

After a cycle of low temperature drying, the resulting powders are placed into capsules, making them an effective, convenient way to compensate where your diet may be lacking. 

But its benefits don’t stop there.   

Because Juice Plus has also been shown to help people develop more of a taste for healthy foods because their bodies become more accustomed to those wholesome foods and the awesome nutrients they provide. 

As I mentioned above, your body’s natural state is one of health, and it knows when it’s getting good stuff! 

The Juice Plus line of products includes a Vegetable Blend, Fruit Blend, Berry Blend and Omega-3 Blend. 

Get enough sleep 

Most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep each night, so if you are typically getting fewer than that, it’s time to improve your sleep.  You can try these tips: 

Strive to go to bed at the same time each night and get up around the same time each morning.   

Avoid coffee, soda and alcohol before bed—these can all disrupt your sleep. 

Don’t watch TV before going to bed—especially avoid the news and action/violent/horror movies. 

Also, try putting the power of melatonin to work on your sleep with our Soothing Zzzz’s Blend gummies. 

Take a walk 

Taking a brisk walk a few days a week will do wonders for your stress level, help reduce aches and pains, help you sleep better, improve your mood, support your digestion, increase your energy level, and of course help you lose weight! 

Support strong gut health  

Your gut truly determines your health from head to toe—it absorbs the nutrients your body needs to survive, eliminates wastes and toxins and houses 70-80 percent of your immune system! 

But your microbiome is always taking a hit from things like sugar and refined carbs, medications, lacking sleep and stress.  Plus your friendly bacteria are not “permanent residents” to begin with—they only “vacation” inside of you for 12 days or less!   

So it’s essential to help maintain a strong and healthy gut bacteria population—and a sure-fire way to do that is with an outstanding probiotic supplement like Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula

Note that if you have chronic digestive issues and/or have been a sugar-a-holic for some time, the additional potency of Super Shield PLUS multi-strain probiotic formula may be what you need to help get your gut back into a healthier balance.   

Both Super Shield and Super Shield PLUS provide top-notch gut support with a variety of effective probiotic strains.  Super Shield has 13 strains and 7.25 billion CFUs per capsule, whereas the stronger Super Shield PLUS provides 15 strains and 20 billion CFUs.   

Be proud of yourself and ignore the nay-sayers 

This is arguably the most important tip of all. 

Celebrate every little improvement you experience and be proud of yourself.  You did this, and you are making the most important changes of your life—guiding yourself to good health! 

Ignore the nay-sayers that say you can’t make a difference, or you’re too far gone, it’s too late, you’re too old, or why bother. 

They are either ignorant or jealous or both!  Prove them wrong. 

And lastly, remember… 

You didn’t get where you are overnight 

Remember that health issues don’t POOF! come out of nowhere.  It’s typically a gradual process and happens over time—sometimes years or decades!  So reversing it will also take time. 

Don’t get frustrated when you’re trying to make changes and you don’t see instant results.    

Patience and perseverance, my friend.  That will help ensure your success! 

I believe in you and I am rooting for you.  You CAN do this.   

Your partner in great health, 

Sherry Brescia 



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  • Great advice. Super products.

    Deborah Altenhof on

  • Great reminders, thank you

    Anne F on

  • I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis about 15 years ago and I bought your book. It not only saved me but now I eat whatever I want. For some reason I thought there were 2 books and one had the what to eat with what. Again thank you for your book I lent it to someone and never got it back lol. But it must have help them 🙏

    Anita Scrimenti on

  • Thank you for your knowledge and for sharing it with all of us. I eat very healthy but you can always learn something new and make changes.

    Jean on


    EDWARD Gawlak on

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