You are being carefully manipulated—here’s how


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You are being carefully manipulated—here’s how


I rarely watch TV and if I do, it’s typically a Green Bay Packers football game or a movie DVD. 

But recently, I decided to conduct a little experiment and watch a mainstream morning news program, concentrating on the commercials. 

All I can say is that I was downright nauseated at the level of manipulation that was taking place before my eyes. 

In the short span of 45 minutes that I watched this program, I saw 10 drug commercials. 

Ten!  That an average of one every 4.5 minutes. 

Although it disgusted me, I was not surprised.  The media receives between 70-90 percent of its advertising revenue from the pharmaceutical industry…and they are most assuredly going to get their money’s worth.  

Here are my observations.  

The manipulative pattern 

Every drug commercial I saw followed a very particular pattern.   

First, an attractive man or woman would sadly express how their condition used to be so painful, or difficult and/or limit their ability to enjoy life and their time with loved ones. 

Then the camera would cut over to their significant other, children, job or whatever “tool” was being used to tug at the viewer’s heartstrings and, more importantly, help them to relate. 

Yes, that’s how I feel too! 

But then…the magic would start. 

Because lo and behold, once the person discovered the “magical” drug being advertised, their lives completely turned around for the better! 

Everyone is SOOOOO happy, smiling and feeling great now! 

And of course, the final message is that if you want YOUR ticket to happiness, ask your doctor if XYZ drug is right for you! 

Yes!  Yes!  Let me call my doctor now! 

The sneaky background content 

Advertising is all about stating a need and presenting a product to address that need.  That’s nothing new.  

But there’s one significant difference when it comes to drugs which sets them apart from ads for things like laundry detergent or cars. 

Side effects. 

The (typically only partial) list of potential side effects (which, depending on the drug, can include things like liver failure, anaphylaxis or even death) is communicated in the background by an unseen person who is speaking so fast they would put an auctioneer to shame.   

This side effect dialogue is juxtaposed with the smiling, happy, shiny people on the screen so as to divert the consumer’s attention from the fact that this crap could make them sicker or even kill them. 

And, my friend, it works like a charm. 

Ads = revenue $$$$$$ 

Did you know that in most all other countries, prescription drugs can ONLY be advertised to physicians

Direct-to-consumer advertisement of prescription drugs is only allowed in the US and New Zealand.   

And if you don’t think advertising like I described above has an impact on our drug purchases, then there’s a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you. 

Although the US comprises only 5 percent of the world’s population, we consume 75 percent of the world’s prescription drugs! 

That’s nothing to boast about. 

Plus keep in mind, most doctors don’t have time to research all these drugs—they typically rely on what the company sales rep tells them. 

And you can rest assured that the side effects and adverse reactions are seriously downplayed.  Several ex-drug rep whistleblowers have come forth telling their stories of how they were instructed to do exactly that. 

Stop being manipulated! 

If you want to stop this cycle of manipulation and instead help your body to naturally achieve health, then it’s up to you to turn off the TV and take action.   

Here are 5 of the most significant measures you can take toward preventing or saying goodbye to a sickly, diseased, medicated, side effect-suffering, and nutrient-depleted existence: 

Eat for health and better digestion 

There's no getting around it.  If you want anything that resembles health, you MUST eat nutritious real foods. 

“Real foods” are foods that do not come with a bar code and a list of chemicals you can’t pronounce.  Real foods are fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, poultry, wild-caught fish, eggs, and healthy fats like real butter (never margarine), coconut oil and olive oil.   

And if you’re frequently bothered by digestive difficulties, it can make a huge difference to switch up the foods you eat together.  

You see, when certain foods are paired together, they can be very difficult for your stomach to break down…and you can end up with heartburn, gas, bloating or constipation as a result. 

But when you instead eat foods together that your stomach can more effectively tackle, a whole new world of pain-free digestion can open up for you. 

That is the basis of my Great Taste No Pain program.  It shows you exactly what to pair with your favorite foods to help your stomach carry out its job thoroughly and effectively.   

And I’m proud to say I’ve helped tens of thousands of people all over the world to achieve better digestion.    

Including myself!  This is how I ended my IBS back in 1992, and I have been completely symptom- and medication- free ever since.   

Maintain a healthy microbiome balance

Processed foods and refined carbs (which are so prevalent in our typical diets) are murder on your gut microbiome, as are many medications. 

Since your gut houses 70-80 percent of your immune system, the protection of these intestinal inhabitants is NOT something you can afford to be without! 

A full-spectrum, multi-strain probiotic supplement like Super Shield can help ensure your body has a health-supporting population of these helpful microbes. 

Super Shield’s carefully selected blend of 13 potent, robust probiotic strains helps support your friendly flora population so it can better protect you, as well as encourage more regular BMs and less gas and bloating. 

Get a move-on 

It’s crucial to get some form of exercise on most days—even a brisk walk counts!   

You can also squeeze in exercise by taking little measures such as parking far from the door at the mall (as long as it’s safe, of course), taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, or even walking around your office perimeter every hour or so. 

Just get your doctor’s OK if you haven’t exercised in a while (or ever). 

Reduce stress

Stress is harmful to your health in countless ways, including destroying your friendly intestinal microbes! 

Do whatever you need to do, keeping in mind that exercise is an excellent way to reduce stress. 

Keep inflammation low

Inflammation is a cause or contributing factor to a whole slew of diseases and conditions, so it’s crucial to fight back at it and keep it at bay. 

Having a nutritious whole foods diet is a great start, and you can also embrace the awesome power of turmeric!  

With its unique, powerful anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric has shown itself to help with as well as prevent a wide variety of serious, chronic conditions that plague many Americans.  

Here are some highlights from its impressive resume: 

  • Turmeric has outperformed aspirin and ibuprofen in terms of reducing inflammation. 
  • It has been more effective than NSAIDs in easing arthritis pain, without the risk of GI bleeding or other side effects of NSAIDs. 
  • It helps combat depression and has even been shown to be as effective as Prozac in easing depression symptoms—with NO side effects. 
  • It has been shown to be more effective than Metformin against Type 2 diabetes. 
  • It encourages healthy cholesterol levels—without dangerous statins! —and thereby reduces your risk of heart disease. 

To take advantage of this miracle of Nature, experts suggest choosing formulas that are made from organic turmeric, and contain up to 95 percent curcuminoids, plus black pepper extract for better absorbability. 

And our Optimal Turmeric Blend fits the bill! 

Optimal Turmeric Blend provides a soothing, therapeutic 750 mg of pure, organic turmeric in every 2-capsule dose, plus an additional 5 mg of BioPerine™ (Black pepper fruit extract) to support maximum absorbency. 

You CAN make a difference! 

Sad as it is to say, our current state of "health" is NOT health at all!  Over-reliance on prescription drugs to create false health is more like it. 

But you CAN make a huge difference and help to create awesome real health from within. 

Do it now—you’ll never regret it. 

To your health, 

Sherry Brescia 

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  • Drug companies aren’t the only ones that manipulate us. The main stream media does it every day! Those that control the media control the masses.

    Mel on

  • What is one to do if allergic to Turmeric? I wanted to start including it in my diet but just a pinch in my food sent me running to the bathroom sick as a dog. I’ve tried several times and now understand why I love curry but it makes me deathly sick.

    Mona on

  • I was taking approx. 1200 mg of tumeric a day and two blood tests showed a nitrogen of 2+ in my urine. I have never had any kidney problems. I recently read an article where a patient, on high doses of tumeric, and had a high amount of protein in his urine. Based on this, I stopped taking my daily tumeric and on the next blood test (approx. 3 weeks later) my urine showed only a trace of protein in my urine. Any ideas on how this is possible?

    Evelyn Smith on

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