Embarrassed by gas? Here’s how to curb your "emissions"


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Embarrassed by gas? Here’s how to curb your "emissions"

Blasting off. Breaking wind. Cutting the cheese. Anal acoustics. Prison break. Butt trumpet. The one-cheek sneak. Backdoor breeze. Shooting the cannon. 

There are funny expressions galore for passing gas, but let’s face it—we all do it, to the tune of about 13 times a day.

The amounts can vary from a pint to a half-gallon or more.  (Please don't ask me how they measure that.)

Gas is a normal by-product of digestion, but excessive gas is another thing...and it’s usually an indicator of T-R-O-U-B-L-E brewing.

Let’s get close and personal with your gas and see where you might fall on the “gas-o-meter” as well as look at ways to “clear the air” if your butt is trumpeting a little too much.

How to tell normal from excessive gas

It’s important to know if your gas habits are normal or excessive. 

It’s easy to do.  Just use your eyes and your nose.

Excessive gas usually causes bloating and discomfort.

So if your gut frequently resembles a basketball or people ask you when you’re due (but you’re not pregnant), you're most assuredly bloated and full of gas.

Excessive gas also stinks really bad.

So if your farts clear out the room and even gag the dog, trust me, they smell bad.

Plus if you blow past the 13-fart daily average by 9:00 am, chances are good your gas is excessive.

What can excessive gas mean?

Excessive gas can mean different things:

  • Gas and belching during or immediately after eating may be a shortage of stomach acid.
  • Gas within 1 - 1 1/2 hours after eating suggests harmful bacteria overgrowth in your gut.
  • Gas with foul smelling stools may mean low digestive enzymes.
  • But generally speaking, the #1 cause of gas is your diet and poor digestion!

How to quiet YOUR anal acoustics

If you are loaded with more gas than a Sunoco station, you can help quiet your anal acoustics and become much more pleasant to be around.

Here’s how:

1- Eat meals that are easier to digest

It's no wonder so many people are gas masters.

Considering the average "Western-type" diet loaded with processed foods, soda and horribly hard to digest, nutrient-poor meals, it's easy to see why nasty cases of gas are practically the norm—not the exception.

Eating this way is also a leading cause of diverticulosis, diverticulitis, IBS and acid reflux. They're simply different ways that your body is saying, "What the heck are you doing to me?"

But that can be turned around very easily by simply eating for better digestion--like I can guide you to do in the Great Taste No Pain health system.

Great Taste No Pain teaches you why specific foods and food combinations cause digestive problems like gas, constipation and heartburn, and encourage or worsen IBS, ulcers and diverticulosis.

It's all based on simple chemistry and the way your body digests different foods.

There are also guides that show you how to put together meals that your system can break down much easier, and a collection of tasty recipes to try. You'll be shocked at how great you can feel after eating for a change (and how flat your stomach can be). 

2- Balance your intestinal flora

Nothing can make you a smelly gas bag faster and easier than harmful bacteria overgrowth (also known as dysbiosis) in your intestinal tract. 

You see, the beneficial bacteria in your gut help digest certain carbs and fiber.  So when these microscopic good guys are overcome by harmful bacteria, they can't do their job as well. 

As a result, carbs can end up fermenting inside of you instead and...

Everyone on the elevator knows for sure it was YOU!

Having a healthy, easy to digest diet is essential for a health flora balance, but even if you do eat healthy, the bacteria population in your gut can be thrown off by medications, stress, lack of sleep or environmental toxins.

That's where probiotic supplementation can make a HUGE difference in the level and frequency of your "cheese cutting."

And Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula is up to the brave task.

Super Shield contains 13 of the most feisty, effective strains of bacteria available. Studies show that a wide variety of strains is important to helping the greatest number of people, since each strain has its own "specialty" in terms of how it helps your body and smoothes out your digestion.

3- Support your body’s enzymes

Not only does the typical modern diet royally mess up your digestion, but it also uses up lots of enzymes in the process.  Eventually your body's ability to produce adequate digestive enzymes may be diminished and that can mean deficiencies.

 Enzymes are essential for your foods to be broken down like they need to be...

...because when they're not, look out. You'll clear out a room faster than if someone yelled, "Fire!"

Plus inadequate breakdown of foods leads to poor nutrient absorption, which can cause you to overeat (and pack on pounds) or develop deficiency diseases like osteoporosis.

If it's enzyme help you need, Digestizol Max is your ticket.

Over the last 50 years increasing numbers of people are suffering from enzyme deficiencies and all the health challenges they cause. This directly correlates with our increasing dependence on processed foods and fast foods.

And the thing is, once your body's ability to produce enzymes is diminished, that's it!  You can't magically crank out more.

In these cases, it can make a tremendous difference to give your body a little help with a digestive enzyme supplement.

One of the very first changes that many people report with Digestizol Max is immediately less gas! And now you know why.

Goodbye, heinous anus

Embarrassing, excessive, smelly gas does not have to be a part of your life any longer!

Take a look at what may be behind your excessive gas habits and give your body the help it needs.

Your body, your loved ones, the people on the elevator and even the dog will be forever grateful.

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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