Are you brainwashed like this too?


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Are you brainwashed like this too?

Aug 29, 2018 6 comments
Are you brainwashed like this too?

I’ve been told that I’m very easy to talk to, and when you’re in the health field like me, that’s a good thing.

Because I want people to open up to me, without sugar-coating anything.  I don’t judge, and knowing someone’s complete history allows me to be the most helpful health coach and nutrition coach that I can be!

But I’ve got to tell you, a lot of what I hear is really distressing.

We are at a point in our existence where health problems are viewed as normal and even expected…and it’s frightening that so many people are like brainwashed sheep and don’t even realize something’s terribly wrong. 

Here’s what I mean:

Health atrocities that are viewed as “normal”

These are the top 3 health atrocities that I hear about most often that literally make me cringe.

Gaining weight as we age is “normal”

While metabolism does slow as we age and hormonal changes kick in, that is no excuse for packing on the pounds. 

If your weight is creeping up, time to look at your diet and exercise level.

And don’t blame your weight on the fact that you’ve had children.  If your “baby” is now 15 years old, you are no longer carrying around “baby weight”—it’s “regular weight.”

If hormones are playing a part in your poundage, seek out a practitioner who provides bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

Being medicated is “normal”

Seven out of 10 of us take at least one prescription drug every day, so it’s easy to see why being medicated can seem normal.

Although there are some instances where medication is necessary, it is not normal for the average person to live their life relying on chemicals!

There is always an underlying cause behind something that’s wrong in your body, and many problems stem from poor nutrition or inadequate digestion. 

But unfortunately, instead of looking to see why we hurt, have heartburn, are depressed or can’t sleep, we are bombarded with drug ads EVERYWHERE telling us if we have this problem, we should ask our doctor if XYZ drug is right for us.

At the same time, our doctors have been trained to recommend pharmaceuticals as the primary treatment option (since drug companies basically design our medical schools’ curriculums), yet they take only one basic course in nutrition.

Having a disease is “normal”

This is the worst one.

We spend our days eating nutrient-poor processed and fast foods, drinking soda, smoking cigarettes, exercising too little, drinking too much alcohol, being stressed out, sleeping too little and relying on medications to make us feel better.

In other words, rolling out the red carpet for disease.

At the same time, the drug industry has influenced the medical community to change the parameters under which people are diagnosed with a disease (and of course medicated).

For example, hypertension used to mean blood pressure that exceeds 140/90, and if you were between 120/80 and 139/89, you were considered “pre-hypertensive.”


The new blood pressure guidelines designed by the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology define hypertension as 130/80.

And you know what that means—even MORE people medicated, while at the same time our heart disease rates continue to rise!

The only winners I see here are drug companies.

Here’s another example:  It used to be that people who ate too much or indulged in rich foods would pay the price and get heartburn…and hopefully learn to make wiser food choices.


They are diagnosed with acid reflux disease for which daily drugging with a PPI medication that shuts down your stomach’s acid production is the “normal” answer.

Never mind the fact that shutting down your stomach acid opens up a Pandora’s Box of other health issues, including raising your risk of dementia, fractures, kidney disease, death, heart attack, B12 deficiency and more.

Am I the only one who sees something wrong here?

What SHOULD be normal—great health!

Your body’s natural state is one of HEALTH—not overweight, diseased and drug-dependent!

And the wonderful thing is, you can do so much to help your body revert to its well-deserved state of health—it’s never too late to feel better!

Here are 5 ways to get on the road to feeling great:

Your diet is number one

If you eat garbage, expect to feel like garbage.  But if you eat wholesome real foods, expect to be nourished and healthy. 

Good digestion is also crucial.  Unfortunately, the meals that most people eat create digestive fireworks down below. 

But it can make a HUGE difference in your digestion when you pair foods together in your meals that your system can break down much easier.  

That is the basis behind my best-selling Great Taste No Pain system!

Great Taste No Pain is not a “diet”—instead it is a plan that simply shows you how to create meals that are a snap for your GI tract to break down. 

When you help pave the way for easier digestion, you can say goodbye to gas, bloating, heartburn and constipation, and hello to regular BMs, better nutrient absorption and no more sleeping propped up on pillows.

Supplement wisely

Most people can benefit from a full-spectrum probiotic formula like Super Shield because our friendly intestinal flora populations are always taking a hit from pollutants, stress, poor food choices and medications, among other things.  Your gut microbiome houses most of your immune system, so it’s vital that you ensure your population of intestinal helpers is strong and healthy. 

And if you’re not always consistent about making healthy food choices, a complete daily multi-vitamin like Super Core can help fill in the blanks for you in terms of nutrients.  Plus Super Core contains natural antioxidants that can fight disease-triggering free radicals, and anti-inflammatories that can counteract harmful inflammation.

Work in some form of exercise

Even if you have physical limitations or are “not a spring chicken,” there is always something you can do. 

When I ran the Empire State Marathon in 2016 (at age 54), there was a 71 year-old man who finished 30 minutes ahead of me!    

Now what’s your excuse?

Drink enough water

Being dehydrated can increase levels of pain, cause mental confusion, sap your energy and make you constipated, among other things. 

Eight 8 oz. glasses a day should be your minimum. 

Talk to your doctor

Your doctor works for you—not the other way around.  As such, he or she should be your partner in healthcare—not a bully.

Ask him or her about reducing your medication, opting for less strong medication or exploring natural remedies, such as vitamins B12 and D for depression, or acupuncture for pain relief. 

If he or she is unwilling to talk about your concerns, get a new doctor.  There are plenty of wonderful doctors out there who will listen and help you, and they deserve your business. 

And if you happen to be in the New York Metropolitan area, check out Dr. John Salerno of the Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine in Manhattan.  He is truly what a doctor should be. 

See how great you can feel when you stop accepting health atrocities as normal and start supporting real health in YOU!

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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  • Hi Sherry, is there a way to order your Great Taste No Gain manual? I gave mine to my daughter :)
    Love it!
    Shelley Smyka

    Shelley on

  • hi sherry,when you cook cod is it safe to eat it say 5 hours later the food will be cover over ,what is good to eat with cod thank you again gerald

    gerald hogan on

  • I can not buy your book anywhere great taste no pain in the UK

    Chris Hannaby on

  • I would like you to research your information on amount of water needed a day. According to my research, your excessive figure could cause adverse effects to the body.

    Richard on

  • I agree with with everything you say but I had a heart attached 2 years ago and I have 3 tablets ion a morning and one at lunch time an 2 at night I was trying to reduce them an replace with fruit and vegetables .I was told by my doctor I had to have the for life .they make me tired dizzy and really unwell .I left the off once only the night one but was told I must take them for my own good .itrust my doctor he is a lot better than some of them but I really would like to reduce some of the medication

    Celia Allsop on

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