Optimum D-K Formula is here!


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Optimum D-K Formula is here!

Happy New Year to you!

To ring in the New Year and get YOU on the path to better health, I’m excited to announce that our brand-new Optimum D-K Formula with FruiteX-B® is here!

Optimum DK Formula with FruiteX-B® is a state-of-the-art product that combines vitamin D with the crucial assistance of vitamin K and the mineral boron (as the patented FruiteX-B® calcium fructoborate). 

This dynamic trio of outstanding nutrients works together to provide strong bone, cardiovascular and immune support!

Vitamin D is a very common deficiency and low levels of it have been tied to depression, heart disease, osteoporosis, autoimmune disease and diabetes! 

That’s why we formulated Optimum DK Formula with FruiteX-B® to give you a therapeutic dose of vitamin D3 to ensure that your body has enough of this vital nutrient to get and keep YOU on the road to optimum health!

To your health in the New Year,

Sherry Brescia

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