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Do you ever feel like your body is just dragging along? Many people suffer from low energy, aches and pains, repeated infections, digestive problems and more. From the food you eat to a lack of exercise, daily stress and exposure to toxins in the environment, your body goes through a lot each day. Here at Holistic Blends, we supply some of the best natural health supplements to help support your body and encourage optimal health.

Whether you are looking to ease digestive discomfort, reduce inflammation, boost your energy level, encourage a strong functioning immune system or support sound nutrient absorption, Blue Rock Holistics has products that can help. Please browse through our product list containing some of the leading supplements for digestive health and overall wellness and choose the ones that best fit your needs today!

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Super Shield Multi-Strain Probiotic
Super Shield Probiotic
Our Price: $53.97


Super Shield probiotic supplement is packed with more than a dozen highly potent, proven-effective probiotic strains that supercharge your body to maintain long-term digestive health, improve immune-system response, and bring relief from digestive pain and discomfort. Super Shield comes encapsulated in patented DRCaps™ from Capsugel.® DRCaps are the newest state-of-the-art vegetarian capsules with unique properties that slow down capsule opening after swallowing. Each bottle contains a 90 count, 3 month supply.
VitalMega-3 Omega-3 Fish Oil
Our Price: $44.97


Pharmaceutical-Grade Omega-3 Oil provides Enhanced Health, Comfort, & Protection. VITALMEGA-3 Omega-3 Oil delivers a full 1200 mg of Omega-3s in each and every daily 2-capsule serving. . It’s made from plankton-eating fish taken from the purest Icelandic waters in accordance with Iceland’s sustainable fisheries laws, and produced by an exclusive state-of-the-art process that ensures unsurpassed purity, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)/docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) potency, and stability. Each bottle contains a 120 count, 2-4 month supply.

Digestizol Max Digestive Enzymes
Our Price: $39.97


Digestizol Max is a mealtime supplement brimming with 15 highly active digestive enzymes that promote healthier digestion, greater nutritional uptake, and relief from the pain, discomfort, and embarrassment of gastrointestinal problems that can erupt when poorly digested foods pass through your system.  Each bottle contains a 90 count, 1 month supply.
Super Core Multi-vitamin
Super Core Multi-vitamin
Our Price: $24.97


Super Core multi-vitamin formula is loaded with a wide variety of crucial vitamins and minerals that help ensure your body has the core nutrients it needs to support optimal health. Super Core is also enhanced with the power of natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories which can help fight against the damage and disease caused by free radicals and counteract the sources of health-harming chronic inflammation that are so prevalent in our world today. Each bottle contains a 60 count, 1 month supply.
Hydroxaden 2.5 B12 Spray
Our Price: $23.97


Hydroxaden 2.5 is a convenient oral spray that delivers optimal-quality vitamin B12 directly into your bloodstream! Vitamin B12 is a crucial and versatile nutrient your body needs to maintain many of its key functions, but so many of us don’t get enough B12 from food to enjoy its amazing health benefits.  Each bottle of Hydroxaden 2.5 provides 160 metered sprays—a full 32-day supply.
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