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  New!  Great Taste No Pain Health System
Great Taste No Pain Health System

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The Easy-to-Follow Plan For Improved Digestion And Overall Health

When the average person hears the words “poor digestion,” common GI problems such as gas, bloating, constipation and heartburn usually come to mind.

Plus conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn’s disease, colitis and acid reflux can be caused or worsened by inadequate digestion too.

But here’s something you may not know.

The effects of poor digestion can reach far beyond your digestive tract and cause other problems from head to toe.

You see, when your digestion is not carried out as it should be, that may also cause poor elimination of wastes and deficiencies of certain essential nutrients, which in turn can interrupt the proper functioning of all of your body’s cells, tissues and organ systems.

Plus lacking needed nutrients can lead to frequent feelings of hunger, which can result in excess weight and obesity.

So it is crucial to help support your body’s digestive process to encourage the proper breakdown of all your foods, promote efficient elimination of wastes and absorption of nutrients, and ease the overall burden on your digestive system.

And a great place to start with this health-supporting goal is by putting the power of nutritious real foods to work for you with the Great Taste No Pain plan.
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Product Information
The Great Taste No Pain plan has been carefully constructed to stress the importance of nutrient-packed, delicious real foods, while adhering to the principles of proper food combining, which is an eating lifestyle that centers on pairing foods together that require similar digestive enzymes (acid versus alkaline) so as to make meals less taxing on the system and encourage more efficient and complete digestion.

When the digestive process can be completed more effectively, that may help ease common digestive symptoms such as gas, bloating, constipation and heartburn.

In addition, since the proper elimination of wastes and complete breakdown and assimilation of nutrients from your foods is crucial for the proper functioning of all of the body’s systems, improving the digestive process may also encourage positive changes in overall health and well-being, as well as weight loss.

Since its inception in 2007, we’ve helped tens of thousands of our clients achieve better digestion and as a result, many have enjoyed dramatic improvements in their health and their level of energy. In addition, many have reported being able to lose excess weight and keep it off.

It’s important to stress that Great Taste No Pain is not a diet. It does not require you to swear off whole food groups, count calories, rely on meal replacement bars and shakes, track points or severely restrict portions.

With Great Taste No Pain, you can still enjoy foods you love and meals that will leave you satisfied with no feelings of deprivation.

See for yourself what a difference it can make in your overall health when your digestive system is working more like it should…and you are enjoying every mouthwatering bite toward better health!

The Great Taste No Pain plan:
  • Will show you how you can take control of your digestive pain and help turn it around at a primary root cause
  • Will show you how simple it is to put together meals that are easier for your system to break down and that taste positively spectacular
  • Does not require special foods or costly meal supplements—all foods are available in an ordinary grocery store
  • Will help you gain a better understanding and appreciation for the significant role your diet plays in your health from head to toe

The Great Taste No Pain plan includes these Five Key Principles:

Principle #1: Proper food combining basics

In this section you will learn:
  • Why the typical Standard American Diet meal causes digestive disaster for most people
  • Your new “4 Food Groups” and why the old, tired nutritional advice from the past doesn’t work
  • The scientific basis behind food combining and why it helps so many people
  • What foods to pair together for tasty, satisfying meals that can leave you feeling a whole lot better after eating
  • …and much more!

Principle #2: Eating fruit correctly

This section tells you:
  • The best way to eat fruit (as well as ways you should NEVER eat it)
  • How you can make delicious healthy smoothie drinks and shakes
  • How you can enjoy dried fruits and baked fruits without pain
  • …and much more!

Principle #3: Avoiding processed food and fast food

This section will teach you:
  • All of the health-harming effects of packaged foods and fast food and why they’re far more deadly than you think
  • What GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are and why they have not been proven as safe regardless of what the commercials may say
  • The astounding amount of food additives the average American takes in each year and the price we pay with our bodies
  • Why a diet of processed food and fast food can leave you undernourished and overweight
  • …and much more!

Principle #4: How to choose carbs and fats wisely

Never has there been an area of more misunderstanding than with carbohydrates and fats!

But this section of the Great Taste No Pain plan cuts through all of the confusion and conflicting information and provides clear-cut, simple guidelines for choosing good sources of carbs and fats.

After reading this section you’ll know:
  • Why low-carb and low-fat diets are not good for you
  • The worst kind of refined carbohydrate and how to eliminate it from your diet
  • Why saturated fat is not the health-wrecking monster it’s claimed to be
  • The dangers of trans-fats and how you can unknowingly be getting them in your diet
  • Why you should always avoid margarine at all cost
  • …and much more!

Principle #5: Maintain a healthy pH

Arguably one of the most telling indicators of your level of health is your body’s pH, yet the average person has little to no knowledge of why pH is important, or how to help encourage a healthy pH level and acid/alkaline balance.

This section will enlighten you about topics such as:
  • What the ideal pH of your body should be and why it’s so crucial
  • How a pH that’s off even just a little bit can lead to sickness and disease
  • What foods create acid in your body and what foods are alkaline
  • The best and worst sources of water
  • How to check your pH and help maintain a healthy acid/alkaline balance in your body
  • …and much more!
Plus you’ll also receive:
  • Common-sense rules for desserts and snacks – you don’t have to give them up!
  • Guidelines for beverages and the best ways to enjoy them (including alcohol)
  • Tasty lunch ideas for kids and adults too
  • Hints on how condiments, toppings and dressings fit into the Great Taste No Pain plan

And The Best Part-The Delicious Great Taste No Pain Recipes!

Imagine a cookbook that embodies everything that’s GREAT about food. The Great Taste No Pain recipe section is loaded with easy-to-prepare dishes that are wonderfully rich and flavorful, as well as healthy and nutritious.

You’ll get 121 mouth-watering recipes that use foods that are easily available in your local grocery store – no hard to find, specialty ingredients.

Here’s just a sampling of the taste tempting recipes you’ll receive:
  • Breads and Breakfast Items - pumpkin, Boston brown, and orange-cranberry breakfast breads…blueberry muffins…pumpkin-apple muffins…plus favorites like pancakes, breakfast frittata, breakfast smoothies…and more!
  • Condiments - Thousand Island dressing…spicy French dressing…fresh salsa…basil pesto…and more!
  • Salads- classics like Caesar salad and Greek salad…plus Italian potato salad…lobster salad…spinach and roasted garlic salad…and more!
  • Soups - black bean soup…chicken soup…cream of mushroom soup…corn chowder…hearty minestrone…tomato soup with basil…and more!
  • Entrees – broccoli & Swiss quiche...chicken Marsala…lasagna…crab cakes…beef tenderloin with horseradish sauce…shrimp scampi…turkey meatballs…and more!
  • Vegetable Sides – Sherry’s garlic green beans…Italian cauliflower…broccoli with garlic and cheese…roasted garlic mashed potatoes…sweet potato fries…creamed spinach…asparagus with pine nuts and balsamic vinegar…and more!
  • Snacks and Entertaining – delicious hummus…bruschetta…black bean dip…along with cocktails like vodka punch, eggnog…and more!
  • Desserts – Dutch apple pie…carrot cake…raspberry bars…the best brownies ever…and more!

I am so confident that you’ll be completely satisfied with the Great Taste No Pain plan that I am offering you a risk-free 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason we will gladly refund your money (less shipping and handling) within 60 days of your purchase.

Copyright © 2015 Holistic Blends, Inc.
The Great Taste No Pain and Great Taste No Gluten programs and Blue Rock Holistics™ supplemental products, and the statements made on this page, have not been evaluated by the FDA to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. Consult your health care professional before starting this or any diet, exercise, or supplement program, and never discontinue any doctor-prescribed health regimen, including diet and prescription medication, without first consulting your health care professional. Individual results may vary.

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Great taste no pain book March 27, 2015
Reviewer: Bill Clapham from Calgary, AB Canada  
looks good and inventive !

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family health March 21, 2015
Reviewer: Mary Tyrrell from Center Harbor, NH United States  
bought for family members having health issues.Hope this helps!

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I Will Never Eat Any Other Way... March 12, 2015
Reviewer: Benilda Giasi from Stewartstown, PA United States  
I started eating the Great Taste No Pain way from the very beginning Sherry introduced the Great Taste No Pain health system--and I have never looked back.  I love eating this way and am a healthy 70-year old woman who does not take any medicines (people are amazed that at my age I don't).  Once you learn the basics of combining foods and, of course, stop eating junk food, fast foods and processed foods and see how great you feel, you never go back.  And, as Sherry suggests, I exercise from home 5 times a week using my exercise DVDs.  Thanks Sherry for introducing us to this way of eating.  Many blessings to you and yours.

Was this review helpful to you?

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Great Taste No Pain Health System March 12, 2015
Reviewer: Debbie Lane from Kingsville, ON Canada  
The information given, the recipes and guidelines are appreciated.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
book hasn't arrived yet March 11, 2015
Reviewer: Chris Laufer from Midland, TX United States  
I'd love to review the book, if only it would arrive.

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